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Church Administration

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  • Spiritual Direction : A Guide For Sharing The Fathers Love


    The need for spiritual direction-or the accompaniment of a spiritual guide-is becoming more prominent in a world where so many are suffering from so many wounds. With a harmonious integration of both timeless spiritual wisdom from the Catholic Church’s tradition of prayer and direction, and the insight of the psychological sciences, Fathers Thomas Acklin and Boniface Hicks offer a comprehensive guide for all who provide or seek spiritual direction.

    Spiritual Direction: A Guide for Sharing the Father’s Love fortifies priests, religious, and lay faithful who embrace the ministry of spiritual direction and accompany the wounded, assist men and women in hearing the voice of God, and model the love and mercy of the Father for the many who are seeking Him but do not know Him or have false images of Him. This book also shows how various aspects of the spiritual life can emerge from and be fostered by a one-on-one relationship with a spiritual director.

    Together with concrete guidelines and numerous examples from personal experience, this book refers extensively to Sacred Scripture as the foundation for spiritual direction. Furthermore, since the practice of spiritual direction goes back to the first centuries of the Church, the authors turn for guidance to the Doctors of the Church, the writings of the saints, and the papal magisterium in developing and supporting their insights.

    Spiritual Direction will call spiritual directors to deeper holiness even as they assist others in growing closer to the Father through His loving gaze of mercy. Continue Reading Spiritual Direction : A Guide For Sharing The Fathers Love

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  • Wounded Churches Wounded People


    With sexual abuse prevelant in some of today’s churches, the author exposes some of the common symptoms and solutions for today’s church.

    A pastor of thirty years deals with abuse within the church on a daily basis. He offers ideas and solutions that have helped him and throughout his ministry. He invites you to walk the path he and many others have chosen to offer hope and healing to the hurting. Continue Reading Wounded Churches Wounded People

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  • What About The Church


    Throughout the long history of the church, men have searched in vain to discover the ideal model for the corporate structure of the church. No hierarchy is clearly spelled out in the Scriptures except what the Spirit says through Paul in the letter to the Corinthians or the Ephesians. Nevertheless, throughout the age of the church, many individuals and groups involved in wars and with blood on their hands have not hesitated to attempt to build the temple of the Lord in the form of a given denomination, group, or organized movement. These attempts resulted in building dead monuments instead of joining living stones that would be a light unto the nations. Man measures success according to the criteria of this world, the number of participants, or some other outward measurement, while God measures success by righteousness in the heart and obedience to His Word by those who have learned His ways.

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  • Emails For Growing Churches


    More and more people are using the Internet to find and share information through web sites and E-mail. From the retiree who daily looks forward to peering into the electronic mailbox to the school-age child who has learned to use the computer and navigate the information highway, E-mails are popular. Why not take advantage of this modern communication tool to build your church through strengthening believers and reaching the lost! With E-mails you can: Provide ministry opportunities for young and old. *Open a door of communication with shut-ins, former members, newcomers, and regulars. *Make it easier for shy people to respond to requests and participate in ministry. *Reach people faster and cheaper with E-mail than with traditional mail. *Keep people up to date on current happenings within your church community. E-mails for Growing Churches provides 144 sample E-mails that you can personalize for your own church and use to encourage the faithful, announce special events, introduce your ministry to others, contact people who have not attended for some time, welcome newcomers, share prayer requests, recruit volunteers, and more. Use these E-mails or develop your own based on these ideas..

    Includes: 85 pages with instruction on using the e-mails and 144 sample E-mails in print and on disk!

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