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  • Inheriting Clutter : How To Calm The Chaos Your Parents Leave Behind


    Everyday hundreds of adult children become middle-aged orphans when their elderly parents pass away, leaving behind more than just memories.

    You’ve heard the horror stories: arguments over stuff, an inheritance lost forever when easily deceived parents are scammed, siblings estranged, an adult heir taken from daily responsibilities for months because of the enormous task of clearing out a childhood home. It doesn’t have to be that way.

    The Estate Lady, professional estate liquidator Julie Hall, knows what to do. Whether your parents are still living or you’re caught in the middle of a crisis, Inheriting Clutter: Dealing with a Lifetime of Your Parents’ Stuff has solutions. Hall provides trustworthy counsel on how to:
    *Divide your parents’ estate with peace of mind
    *Minimize fighting with siblings during the estate settlement process
    *Clear out the family home in ten days or less
    *Identify potential items of value in the home
    *Have that conversation with your parents
    *Prepare your own children for the future

    The Estate Lady offers guidance for any executor, heir, or beneficiary, sharing some of her most fascinating stories as well as helpful checklists of the things that need to be done now and at the time of your loss.

    Inheriting Clutter gives you practical, effective steps for liquidating and distributing your parents’ assets in a way that both honors them and promotes family harmony for generations to come. Continue Reading Inheriting Clutter : How To Calm The Chaos Your Parents Leave Behind

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  • Parenting Your Parents


    Help and Hope for the Hard Road Ahead

    If you are currently providing care for your aging parents or facing the prospect of doing so in the near future, you are definitely not alone. Dr. Grant Ethridge and his wife, Tammy, have been there, having given care during their dads’ last days. They know the stress and uncertainty you face.

    Through their story and those of other caregivers, Grant and Tammy share research and practical tips to aid you in dealing with everyday caregiving struggles and situations. You will learn how to decide which care is best, prepare legal documents, handle family disputes, and much more.

    They will also share encouragement and advice from the Bible. You’ll discover that with God’s help, you can make it through even the most difficult days in your journey.

    Looking after an elderly or sick parent is a physically and emotionally draining experience. Let this book give you the tools you need to be successful without giving away your peace of mind in the process.

    And remember, as you give care to your parents, your Heavenly Father is always caring for you. Continue Reading Parenting Your Parents

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  • In The Lingering Light


    Alzheimer’s is a particularly cruel disease. It robs us of the people we love–slowly, subtly, but unrelentingly. Our love for them is tested as their needs increase and their recall decreases, and our own needs suffer neglect as more and more of our time and attention is given to our loved one. Cynthia Fantasia is a caregiver. In this deeply understanding and empowering work she walks you through the landscape of caregiving–for your loved one and for yourself. She introduces you to friends and fellow travelers who offer their own words of empathy and insight. And she slowly, subtly, but unrelentingly empowers you to live well as you care for your loved one in the lingering light. Continue Reading In The Lingering Light

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  • Bring Each Other Home


    Walk with him was the heavenly command the author received after her beloved mate was diagnosed with dementia. Let this caregiver take you along on her trek through a puzzling maze of challenges where she receives assistance and encouragement. This book offers inspiration, enlightenment to those caring for someone with a long-term illness.
    Continue Reading Bring Each Other Home

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  • New Every Day


    Alzheimer’s. It barges into your life, breaks your heart, bewilders your mind, disrupts your plans, impacts your finances, and consumes enormous amounts of time and energy. When someone you love has Alzheimer’s, you need more than just information on the disease–you need a break. You need a laugh. You need a friend by your side who knows exactly what you’re going through.

    Award-winning humorist Dave M. Meurer is that friend. Packed with practical information–like how to get the DMV to take away the car keys or how you shouldn’t insist on correcting your loved one’s misperceptions–and plenty of true stories from his own experiences navigating life with a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s, New Every Day offers hard-earned wisdom and even some badly needed comic relief for readers journeying down this difficult road. With compassion born of experience, Meurer helps caregivers develop the ability to relax, adapt, and even sometimes laugh again. Continue Reading New Every Day

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  • When Words Fail


    More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease today-a number expected to triple in the next 30 years. Many more experience other forms of dementia. For faith communities, this represents a crucial opportunity for ministry and practical care-one that many aren’t adequately prepared for.

    Amidst mental and physical decline, those suffering from dementia diseases still deeply need human connection and spiritual nourishment. Sadly, as memories fade and the ability to communicate weakens, those with dementia may find themselves neglected or forgotten by the larger community. Despite good intentions, oftentimes when words begin to fail for people with dementia, they also fail for those around them, who don’t know what to say or what to do.

    When Words Fail will equip those in ministry to reach out to people living with dementia and offer person-centered spiritual care-ministering to the mind, body, and soul. This book is rich with practical examples and tools designed to meet these emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, and devotes particular attention to ways of communicating even after words have failed. Taken together, these tools give pastoral workers a better understanding of how to visit and support not only people living with dementia but their caregivers, too. Continue Reading When Words Fail

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  • Daily Companion For Caregivers


    Serving as a caregiver for a family member, friend, or any person takes abundant wisdom, patience, courage, and the help of God. These Scriptures or quotes, reflections, and prayers for each day are for those who, by nature, circumstances, or profession, are immersed in tending to the physical, emotional, and/or financial needs of others. Nurses, doctors, police, fire, and military personnel-as well as anyone caring for a loved one-will keep this prayer book close at hand to strengthen their compassion and mercy to heal and to suffer with whomever they help. Continue Reading Daily Companion For Caregivers

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  • His Love Carries Me


    DeLayne and Chris Haga’s lives change in an instant when he is diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. He never smoked. Get a glimpse through a caregiver’s eyes on the six-year roller coaster of challenges and learn from her experiences as she proactively advocates for her husband to save his life. This brutally honest personal story lets us know we aren’t alone in our struggles while facing a life-threatening condition. Join this spiritual journey as faith, hope, and love carry the Hagas through the difficult times. Read how Chris gains victory over cancer and achieves No Evidence of Disease three times. Witness the miracles and many blessings they receive as God continues to put the right people in the right place at the right time in answer to prayer. Their story will inspire caregivers, patients, family, and friends affected by a devastating diagnosis, while showing the importance of planning ahead and dealing with end-of-life issues. Their testimony shows us we can find strength through hope and faith as we experience trials of our own. Continue Reading His Love Carries Me

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  • Finding Grace In The Face Of Dementia


    A diagnosis of dementia in a loved one can be both frightening and frustrating. Only a biblical foundation fuels a Christian response that both honors the patient and glorifies God. Drawing on years of professional experience working with Alzheimer’s patients, Dr. John Dunlop wants to transform the way we think about dementia. Rooting his vision of care in the inherent dignity that stems from the fact that all people are made in the image of God, He explains biblical principles, describes the experience of dementia, and answers common questions about the condition. With a plan for how to care for patients with compassion and respect, this book helps caregivers, family members, and anyone else affected by dementia honor God as they improve the quality of care to patients. Continue Reading Finding Grace In The Face Of Dementia

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  • Caring For Our Aging Parents


    In Caring for Our Aging Parents, Michele Howe provides practical and necessary guidance to help readers navigate the uncertain and emotional territory of caring for elderly parents. This book addresses the mental and emotional aspects of growing older, and offers sound biblical advice on how to care for your loved ones with positivity and respect.

    Caring for Our Aging Parents will guide adult individuals who are facing the obvious and subtle changes that take place as their parents age. It addresses a variety of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual areas of decline. Readers will learn how to deal more effectively with their own emotional responses to these ever altering shifts in their parents’ personalities with good grace and by utilizing sound biblical principles.

    This resource offers real life stories of individuals who have found positive and life-affirming methods to communicating respectfully and lovingly to their aged parents. Readers will also be heartened to find practical suggestions for mending broken relationships and gaining new ground with their parents, even when their past has been checkered by pain and difficulty.

    Chapters Include: They’re My Parents Too, Love and Respect Defined, When Finances Become Deal Breakers, Learning to Let Go of the Past, Focusing on the Eternal When the Temporal Feels Too Painful, Seeing Older Parents Through the Lens of Grace, Recognizing Your Parents’ Personalities May Completely Disappear, Gently Challenging Parents to Keep Using Their Gifts and Talents, Sharing Your Faith with Unbelieving Parents, and many more. Continue Reading Caring For Our Aging Parents

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  • Being There : How To Love Those Who Are Hurting


    Countless people spend their lives selflessly serving loved ones who are suffering. However, these caregivers-not just the cared for-suffer in their own unique ways, often in silence and without much support from others. Writing from the unique perspective of one who needs care on a daily basis, Dave Furman offers insight into the support, encouragement, and wisdom that people need when helping others, month after month, year after year. Furman draws on his own life experiences, examples from the Bible, and wisdom from Christians throughout history to address the heart and ministry of caregivers-the silent sufferers. Deeply personal and powerfully pastoral, this book points readers to the strength that only God can provide as they love those who are hurting. Afterword written by Gloria Furman, the author’s wife and primary caregiver. Continue Reading Being There : How To Love Those Who Are Hurting

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  • Reluctant Caregiver : Navigating The Turmoil Of The Sandwich Generation


    Some say courage is fear that has said its prayers.

    Bobbi may be married with two grown children, but the child inside still fears and resents the attacks and tirades of her ninety-year-old mother, now afflicted with dementia. While still a teenager, Bobbi was disowned by her mother. How can she now take on the role of caregiver?

    Bobbi seeks escape from the task, but gradually realizes that Jesus has a greater goal in mind than teaching her to be a caregiver. Crisis after crisis forces Bobbi to turn to Jesus for help, all the while testing to see if his promises can be taken literally. Is he in charge? Will he work things out? Is his plan perfect?

    Nancy’s erratic behaviour and moods punctuate the ensuing year. Stripped of any illusion that she can cope on her own, Bobbi finds her faith rewarded in unpredictable ways. Her journey of anxiety and failure also comes with insights and small but important victories. She tells the story candidly, often humorously, as she comes to a deeper understanding of dementia, her mother, and most of all, Jesus.

    Read and weep. Laugh and pray. Gain courage and perspective of your own! Continue Reading Reluctant Caregiver : Navigating The Turmoil Of The Sandwich Generation

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  • Struggles Of Caregiving


    Caregiving is a demanding task that takes a huge toll on the person providing care – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Nell Noonan, speaking from her own experience as caregiver for her husband, describes caregiving as a cataclysmic spiritual experience.

    Noonan says it’s critical for caregivers to practice self-care so they can cope with their situation. Paying attention to their spiritual health is especially important.

    The 28-Days format (4 weeks of brief daily readings that include scripture and prayer) provides an accessible way for caregivers, typically stressed and pressed for time, to devote a few minutes to their spiritual health.

    Noonan’s honesty and faith are hallmarks of her writing. Speaking from her own experience and that of others, she does not avoid difficult situations and the feelings that accompany them. She witnesses to the strength she finds as she continually turns to God, even in her darkest moments.

    Caregivers will appreciate these devotions that are both forthright and uplifting. Continue Reading Struggles Of Caregiving

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