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  • Character Carved In Stone


    Overlooking the Hudson River on the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point are 12 granite benches, each inscribed with a word representing a key leadership virtue: compassion, courage, dedication, determination, dignity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, service, and trust. These benches remind cadets of the qualities that lead to victory and success, not just on the battlefield, but in all of life.

    With his signature enthusiasm and insight, Pat Williams shares the incredible stories of West Point graduates who exemplified these traits, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. He shows readers of all backgrounds how to develop these 12 essential virtues in their lives, whether they are in the corporate world, the academic world, the military, the church, or in some other sphere. Continue Reading Character Carved In Stone

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  • No Pain No Gaines


    Chip Gaines likes to sweat.

    That’s been true ever since he was a little pint-sized hustler selling candy and Capri Suns down at the public tennis courts in northeast Texas. You’ve probably seen him sweat on his television show, Fixer Upper. Deep in his bones he has always known that hard work yields great results, even when there’s little observable evidence of it. On the cusp of launching into what might be the hardest work he and his wife, Joanna, have ever done-building a television network-Chip realized that he’s as proud of the man he’s become as what he’s achieved, and that man would not exist without his network of people.

    Call it a network, a community, a home team. We’ve all got one, including you. Today it might be made up of your family, your neighbors, the people you work with. But if you want a network that will pull you into a life of meaning, a life of joy and connection, you need to be intentional about choosing the people in it. People who are enlivened and electrified by the power of living according to their purpose, who are always in pursuit of lifelong learning, and who have a sincere belief that relationships are more than transactions. Chip Gaines has been building that kind of network his whole life, and he can tell you, it doesn’t come easy.

    To say it requires sweat equity would be an understatement. It requires faith in people. It requires hope. And it requires a willingness to grow even when it hurts. In No Pain, No Gaines, through hard-won lessons and personal stories, Chip will coach you on how to build a network of your own that will make your life richer than you’ve ever imagined. Continue Reading No Pain No Gaines

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  • Crush Your Career


    We all know someone who is dissatisfied with their career but feels trapped in their current trajectory. What’s not always clear is how they got there or, more importantly, how we can avoid the same fate as we develop our own careers. In a competitive job market, we need concrete, field-tested advice to help us ace the interview, land the job, and launch a career we love.

    Enter Dee Ann Turner. After more than three decades leading teams and coaching staff members at Chick-fil-A, she knows what it takes to build a fulfilling career. In this practical, hands-on book she reveals the secrets of:

    – finding a job
    – preparing for an interview
    – conquering the first 90 days
    – managing work relationships
    – overcoming mistakes
    – adding value to your team
    – and so much more

    Anyone entering the job market or hoping to make a transition in their career–along with the parents, teachers, college counselors, or career counselors who coach them–will find invaluable, hard-won advice on how to create a work life you love. Continue Reading Crush Your Career

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  • Crisis Y Oportunidades


    Nadie esta exento de pasar por crisis, unas a causa de situaciones individuales y otras provocadas por circunstancias ajenas a nuestro control, como la pandemia que atravesamos. Cualquiera que sea la causa, Efren Ruiz Arregui abre la puerta de la oportunidad pues, como asegura, por cada problema que enfrentamos hay una solucion. Cada capitulo plantea una crisis, y a traves de diferentes experiencias personales, aplicacion de principios y frases de sabiduria, el autor propone puertas hacia caminos diferentes que te guiaran para abrir tus propias puertas y resolver asuntos del pasado y del presente, o para plantearte un futuro en especifico. Esta habil propuesta para examinar tus crisis esta diseada para que encuentres tus soluciones y veas tus oportunidades en 30 dias.

    No one is exempt from going through crises, some due to individual situations and others caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as the pandemic we are experiencing. Whatever the cause, Efren Ruiz Arregui opens the door of opportunity because, as he assures, for every problem we face there is a solution. Each chapter raises a crisis, and through different personal experiences, application of principles and phrases of wisdom, the author proposes doors to different paths that will guide you to open your own doors and resolve issues of the past and present, or to consider a specific future. This clever approach to examining your crises is designed to help you find your solutions and see your opportunities in 30 days. Continue Reading Crisis Y Oportunidades

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  • Cambie Su Mundo


    Dos de los lideres mas respetados hoy en dia y que han cambiado al mundo, el experto en liderazgo John C. Maxwell y el lider de desarrollo global Rob Hoskins, comparten sus experiencias en el mundo real ayudando a transformar millones de vidas, comunidades y empresas en todo el mundo para mostrar a la gente como ser el cambio que el mundo necesita y ayudar a otros a hacer lo mismo.

    Vemos la pobreza, la falta de vivienda, la violencia, las enfermedades mentales, la corrupcion y la desintegracion de la familia, y pensamos: Por que nadie hace algo? Las instituciones de las que hemos dependido no estan haciendo del mundo un lugar mejor de la manera que pensamos que podrian y deberian. Asi que ahora depende de nosotros.

    La buena noticia es que USTED puede cambiar su mundo.

    En Cambie su mundo, John Maxwell y Rob Hoskins guian a los lectores a traves de todo el proceso. Estos dos lideres han hecho un impacto positivo durante decadas, transformando millones de vidas, comunidades y empresas en todo el mundo con un sentido de mision y respeto por la dignidad humana.

    Y ya sea que usted influya en una sola persona o sea el lider de una gran organizacion, usted tambien puede lograr un cambio positivo y duradero.

    A lo largo de estas paginas, Maxwell y Hoskins comparten sus experiencias en el mundo real y animan a los lectores a marcar la diferencia basandose en las necesidades que ven a su alrededor y los deseos de su corazon.

    Change Your World

    Two of today’s most respected world-changers, leadership expert John C. Maxwell and global development leader Rob Hoskins, share their real-world experiences helping to transform millions of lives, communities, and businesses around the world to show people how to be the change the world needs and help others do the same.

    We see poverty, homelessness, violence, mental illness, corruption, and the breakdown of the family, and we think, Why doesn’t somebody do something? The institutions we’ve depended on aren’t making the world a better place the way we thought they could and should. So now it’s up to us.

    The good news is, YOU can change your world.

    In Change Your World, John Maxwell and Rob Hoskins guide readers through the entire process. These two leaders have been making a positive impact for decades, transforming millions of lives, communities, and businesses around the world with a sense of mission and regard for human dignity.

    And whether you influence only one other person or you’re the Continue Reading Cambie Su Mundo

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  • Institutional Intelligence : How To Build An Effective Organization


    Institutions matter. But we often view them somewhat cynically, perhaps as a necessary evil.

    In truth, institutions remain essential to human flourishing. They are the very means by which communities thrive, individual vocations are fulfilled, and society is changed for the good. We all must learn the wisdom of working effectively within institutions-what Gordon Smith calls institutional intelligence.

    In this book Smith unlocks the essential elements of how institutions function in a productive, healthy manner. Focusing on the nonprofit sector, he shows how team leaders, directors, executives, board members, key stakeholders, and employees can avoid what is often their greatest source of stress on the job-working with the institutional character of their organizations.

    Church staff, educators, and those in service agencies can all thrive by understanding these dynamics instead of fighting against them. By developing institutional intelligence, we and those around us can not only flourish personally but also fulfill a larger mission. Continue Reading Institutional Intelligence : How To Build An Effective Organization

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  • Lo Que Los Exitosos Piensan


    Tu puedes ser uno de ellos… Dejame develarte sus secretos. He atendido a miles de personas en los ultimos aos. He tenido el gusto de ver como crecen y aprenden, asi como algunos se detienen y fracasan. Pero he visto patrones iguales en los que tienen exito, para lo que piensan, hacen, buscan y disfrutan. Tu podras ver como las personas exitosas usan una matriz de pensamiento antes de actuar.- Hector Teme

    En Lo que piensan los exitosos, el autor te mostrara profundidades desde la cima. Entre muchas cosas mas aprenderas que las personas exitosas:

    Ya no piensan en acciones, sino en estrategias.

    No piensan en conocerlo todo, sino que viven comprometidos con entender y caminar en el aprendizaje constante.

    No piensan desde la circunstancia, sino desde la conviccion.

    No piensan desde la solucion de los problemas, sino desde la busqueda de oportunidades para ampliarse en el medio de la duda.

    No piensan solamente en como van a accionar o reaccionar a lo que esta pasando, sino en como van a hacer para que lo que este pasando los lleve a la vision extraordinaria.

    Los exitosos son antes de hacer, vuelan antes de caminar, hablan antes de pensar.

    You can be one of them…. Let me reveal their secrets. I have served thousands of people in the past few years. I have had the pleasure of seeing how they grow and learn, as well as some who stop and fail. But I have seen the same patterns in which they succeed; what they think, do, seek, and enjoy. You will be able to see how successful people use a thinking matrix before acting. -Hector Teme

    In What Successful People Think, the author will show you depths from the top. Among many other tips, you will learn that successful people:

    Do not think about actions but about strategies.

    Do not think about knowing everything but live committed to understanding and walking in continual learning.

    Do not think from circumstances but from conviction.

    Do not think from the solution of problems but from the search for opportunities to expand in the midst of doubt.

    Do not only think about how they are going to act or react to what is happening, but also about how they are going to make what is happening lead them to an extraordinary vision.

    Are before they do; fly before they walk; speak before they think. Continue Reading Lo Que Los Exitosos Piensan

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  • Your Message Matters


    Are you one of the many people who long to ditch the cubicle and go to work for yourself, on your own terms? What’s holding you back? Self-doubt, fear, technology challenges, the feeling that there are already too many other people doing what you want to do? It’s time to face those things head-on and transform your passion into a thriving business. Why? Because your message matters.

    In this uplifting and practical book, blogger, speaker, and business coach Jonathan Milligan gives you a simple 4-step framework to rise above the noise and build a real business. He shows you how to believe, define, craft, and market your message so that you can fulfill your unique purpose in this life. With plenty of helpful assessment tools and proven strategies–including how to create 7 perpetual income streams in 12 months from just one message–this is your go-to guide for living your dreams and impacting the world for good. Continue Reading Your Message Matters

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  • 7 Perspectives Of Effective Leaders


    According to CEO and executive coach Daniel Harkavy, effective leadership boils down to just two things: your decisions and influence. Good decisions lead to strong results, which in turn increase your influence. If you get these two things right, your leadership effectiveness improves.

    But as all leaders know, it’s not that easy, especially in today’s fast-paced, complex, and connected environment. To make the best decisions and have maximum impact, you need to see your business from seven perspectives:
    – current reality
    – long-term vision
    – strategic bets
    – the team
    – the customer- your role
    – the outsider

    Drawing upon his 25 years of experience as a successful CEO and executive coach, and including conversations and thinking from more than 20 well-known business and organizational leaders, Daniel Harkavy unpacks a proven framework you can implement for immediate results in your organization’s culture and performance. If you’re looking to improve your leadership, this book will give you a straightforward framework to do so. Continue Reading 7 Perspectives Of Effective Leaders

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  • Sticking Points : How To Get 5 Generations Working Together In The 12 Place


    Updated with new findings on Gen Z!

    With five generations in the workplace at once, there’s bound to be some sticking points. This is the first time in American history that we have five different generations working side-by-side in the workplace: the Traditionalists (born before 1945), the Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Gen X (born between 1965-1980), Millennials (born 1981-2001) and Gen Z (born 1996-present). Haydn Shaw, popular business speaker and generational expert, has identified 12 places where the 5 generations typically come apart in the workplace (and in life as well). These sticking points revolve around differing attitudes toward managing one’s own time, texting, social media, organizational structure, and of course, clothing preferences. If we don’t learn to work together and stick together around these 12 sticking points, then we’ll be wasting a lot of time fighting each other instead of enjoying a friendly and productive team. Sticking Points is a must-read book that will help you understand the generational differences you encounter while teaching us how we can learn to speak one another’s language and get better results together. Continue Reading Sticking Points : How To Get 5 Generations Working Together In The 12 Place

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  • Aprovecha El Poder De Las Tens


    La palabra tension proviene de la palabra latina tendere, que significa estirar. No es malo estirarnos en nuestras carreras, nuestra crianza de los hijos, nuestros ministerios o nuestro liderazgo. Sin tension, nos estancamos y dejamos de crecer. De hecho, podriamos decir que la tension es inevitable y, en muchos casos, deseable en la vida y el liderazgo.

    En Aprovecha el poder de las tensiones: estirado pero no roto, el consultor internacional de liderazgo, Sam Chand, examina la tension a medida que surge en y entre los ambitos de negocios, iglesia y familia. La presencia de tension no es un defecto en ti o una amenaza de los demas. No es un problema para resolver, sino un recurso para utilizar. Cuando desarrolles esta perspectiva y encuentres tension, estaras menos confundido y te sentiras menos culpable porque entiendes que la tension no es el resultado de un error o un fallo tuyos. Experimentaras menos presion para resolver todo y menos compulsion para resolverlo rapida y completamente.

    Cuando aceptamos la tension como una realidad de la vida, ganamos confianza y claridad mental ante ella. Nuestro objetivo no es deshacernos de la tension, sino usarla para crear algo mejor que antes. No caminamos sobre cascaras de huevo, por miedo a decir algo incorrecto. Aprendemos cuando hablar, cuando hacer preguntas, cuando escuchar y cuando dejar ir las cosas. A medida que nos relajamos en medio de la tension, vemos a las personas y las situaciones mas claramente, e invitamos a nuestras familias y equipos al proceso de utilizar creativamente la tension en la vida y el liderazgo.

    The word tension comes from the Latin word tendere, which means to stretch. It’s not a bad thing to be stretched in our careers, our parenting, our ministries, or our leadership. Without tension, we become stagnant and stop growing. In fact, we might even say that tension is both inevitable and, in many cases, desirable in life and leadership.

    In Harnessing the Power of Tensions: Stretched but Not Broken, international leadership consultant Sam Chand examines tension as it arises in and between the arenas of business, church, and family. The presence of tension isn’t a flaw in you or a threat from others. It’s not a problem to solve, but a strain to be used. When you develop this perspective and you encounter tension, you’ll be less confused and feel less guilty because you understand that tension isn’t the result of your error or flaw. You’ll experience less pressure to figu Continue Reading Aprovecha El Poder De Las Tens

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  • Harnessing The Power Of Tension


    The word tension comes from the Latin word tendere, which means to stretch. It’s not a bad thing to be stretched in our careers, our parenting, our ministries, or our leadership. Without tension, we become stagnant and stop growing. In fact, we might even say that tension is both inevitable and, in many cases, desirable in life and leadership.

    In Harnessing the Power of Tension: Stretched but Not Broken, international leadership consultant Sam Chand examines tension as it arises in and between the arenas of business, church, and family. The presence of tension isn’t a flaw in you or a threat from others. It’s not a problem to solve, but a strain to be used. When you develop this perspective and you encounter tension, you’ll be less confused and feel less guilty because you understand that tension isn’t the result of your error or flaw. You’ll experience less pressure to figure everything out and less compulsion to resolve it quickly and completely.

    When we accept tension as a reality of life, we gain confidence and mental clarity when we encounter it. Our focus isn’t on getting rid of tension, but using it to create something better than before. We don’t walk on eggshells, afraid to say the wrong thing. We learn when to speak up, when to ask questions, when to listen, and when to let things go. As we relax in the middle of tension, we see people and situations more clearly, and we invite our families and teams into the process of creatively using tension in life and leadership. Continue Reading Harnessing The Power Of Tension

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  • John C Maxwell Signature Planner Gray Black Leatherluxe


    Fill your schedule with the things that matter and pave your way to success with this undated LeatherLuxe(R) 810 planner from New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell.

    The secret of your success is largely determined by your daily agenda. Now New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell has produced a planner to help you achieve your goals.

    With inspiring quotes from his bestselling books and presentations, this planner shares Maxwell’s system for compounding greatness daily. It offers both month-at-a-glance and weekly planning layouts in an easy-to-use lay-flat binding.

    Ellie Claire’s LeatherLuxe(R) material on a custom burnished and foil-stamped folio creates a stunning, classic design. The rich feel of leather is finished with round corners to make this undated planner and extraordinary gift for any time of year.

    *Includes inspiring quotes from John C. Maxwell’s books and presentations
    *Custom debossed and foil stamped folio
    *LeatherLuxe(R) 8 x 10 planner
    *Month-at-a-glance calendar that can be used for any month
    *Weekly planning
    *Lay-flat design
    *Rounded corners Continue Reading John C Maxwell Signature Planner Gray Black Leatherluxe

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  • Lemonade Life : How To Fuel Success, Create Happiness, And Conquer Anything


    The secret to an extraordinary life starts with five simple changes that anyone can make.

    No matter who you are, where you come from, what you do for a living, or how much money you have, everyone has a shot at greatness.

    Zack Friedman has inspired millions with his powerful insights, including more than fourteen million who have read his advice in Forbes.

    In his ground breaking new book, The Lemonade Life, Friedman starts with a fundamental question: What drives success? It’s not only hard work, talent, and skill. The most successful people have one thing in common, the power to flip five internal switches. We all have these five switches, and when activated, they are the secret to fuel success, create happiness, and conquer anything.

    The Lemonade Life is filled with inspirational and practical advice that will teach you:
    *Why you should write yourself a $10 million check
    *Why your career depends on the Greek alphabet
    *Why you need ikigai in your life
    *How Judge Judy can help you have better work meetings
    *How these twenty questions will change your life

    Learn from the entrepreneur who failed 5,126 times before becoming a billionaire, the fourteenth-century German monk who helped reinvent Domino’s Pizza, the technology visionary who asked himself the same question every morning, the country music icon who bought more than one hundred million books, and the ice cream truck driver who made $110,237 in less than one hour.

    With powerful stories and actionable lessons, this book will profoundly change the way you live, lead, and work. Your path to greatness starts with a simple choice. Everyday, you’re choosing to live one of two lives: the Lemon Life or the Lemonade Life. Which life will you lead? Continue Reading Lemonade Life : How To Fuel Success, Create Happiness, And Conquer Anything

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  • Sync Or Swim


    Working with a discouraged, disorganized, cynical team? Learn how to turn it around.

    Sync or Swim is a small tale with enormous insight on ways you can empower, engage, and energize employees or volunteers facing discouragement or cynicism.

    Sam, the new CEO, was ready to hit the ground running. But his team members-and Mother Nature-had other plans.An ambitious yet naive sheepdog is called upon to lead Monarch Enterprises, a troubled organization on a beautiful isle. Confronted with broken systems and challenging personality types, Sam must learn how to marshal his team before the imminent storm washes everything away. Along the way, he gleans valuable lessons from an unlikely mentor: a wise, old puffin.

    This delightful, quick read will:

    *Teach you communication techniques that enhance teamwork and productivity
    *Bring to life the principles used by hundreds of successful organizations
    *Provide relevant, practical insights based on real-world experiences
    *Stimulate lively and positive interaction (discussion guide included)

    Based on the principles successfully used by major corporations, health organizations, over 250 colleges and universities, government agencies, churches, and non-profits Continue Reading Sync Or Swim

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  • 25 Biblical Laws Of Partnership With God


    A dynamic writing team draws on years of biblical study and business experience to present the Bible as the best success manual ever written to help Christian business people pursue excellence in life and work. Continue Reading 25 Biblical Laws Of Partnership With God

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  • Hijos Que Prosperan


    Sobre la base de la importancia de llevar a los hijos por el camino de la prosperidad integral, el autor presenta un mapa, una guia, una brujula para los padres, y hace enfasis en que el trabajo debe comenzar desde la niez.

    A manera de temas o capitulos explica una lista de doce caracteristicas que los hijos deben poseer para asi alcanzar la prosperidad integral. Estas son: la responsabilidad personal, el amor al trabajo, la perseverancia, el orden, la moderacion, el ahorro, el amor a la libertad, la humildad, la integridad personal, el respeto a Dios y al projimo, la generosidad y, finalmente, la sabiduria y el crecimiento continuo.

    Para explicar estas caracteristicas, el autor sigue el mismo formato: presenta una historia ejemplificativa del tema que se va a tratar, hace preguntas para pensar en familia, presenta principios de vida, y al final coloca actividades practicas para educar a nuestros hijos y ensearlos a ser mas sabios.

    Por ultimo, explica el concepto de prosperidad integral, que no se circunscribe a la esfera economica, sino a todas las areas de la vida: el negocio, las finanzas, el trabajo, la relacion de pareja, los hijos, etc.

    Con la lectura de este libro, el lector obtendra las herramientas para encauzar a sus hijos hacia la prosperidad integral, para animarlos a que tengan su Norte claro en cuanto a lo etico y moral, y a que se enfoquen en adquirir sabiduria por sobre la inteligencia. Continue Reading Hijos Que Prosperan

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  • Ventaja Del Introvertido


    Un vendedor introvertido? No es eso un oximoron? De ninguna manera. Las ventas son una habilidad como cualquier otra, que cualquier persona puede aprender y dominar, incluido el introvertido que se siente mas comodo solo que en el campo de las ventas. Al igual que en cualquier tipo de exito, se trata de aprender como aprovechar las fortalezas naturales de uno mismo.

    A los extrovertidos rara vez les faltan palabras, y sus conversaciones y charlas promocionales nunca les parecen cursis. El mundo de las ventas es natural para los extrovertidos. Pero los introvertidos no se sienten comodos con las tacticas tradicionales, como presionar agresivamente un producto o pasar por alto las objeciones de un cliente. Lo que hace que La ventaja del introvertido sea tan poderoso y practico es que explica como el introvertido puede sentirse igualmente comodo y sincero en el mundo de las ventas, !sin cambiar quien es! Dentro de estas paginas, !el introvertido puede aprender a encontrar confianza natural, prepararse para cada situacion, evitar objeciones que de otra manera expondrian su incomodidad, solicitar la venta (sin preguntar), beneficiarse de un proceso que no depende de la personalidad, y simplemente disfrutar de las ventas! El vendedor introvertido ya no es un oximoron, !es una receta para el exito! Continue Reading Ventaja Del Introvertido

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  • Your Hidden Superpower


    Kindness isn’t merely about getting along with people and being nice. It’s a game changer in business, the door opener to fulfillment, and the key to authenticity and confidence. It’s also a superpower that can be honed through developing a daily practice of kindness as a lifestyle and is especially important in these divisive times.

    Whether it’s the current political climate, family matters, or workplace dynamics, everything in our world appears to be more intense lately. Social media is a forum for debates and name-calling. Many feel frustrated and powerless. The person next to you might be on the verge of quitting or cracking under pressure.

    Is something as simple as kindness really the answer?

    Through years of talking to friends and colleagues about her kindness practices, Good Morning America correspondent and anchor Adrienne Bankert has heard story after story confirming the unlimited power of kindness.

    Adjusting our perspective from being closed off and self-centered to a mindset of kindness ripples into a staggering amount of personal fulfillment and development. Kindness is universally understood in every culture. No matter our age or ethnicity, where we come from, or how much money we make, any one of us can be kind. Any one of us can be the difference maker. As a bonus, we achieve our unique destiny day by day by being kind. Your Hidden Superpower will help you
    *See the many layers of benefits that simple acts of kindness can bring to people who commit to practicing it in their lives
    *Learn how to make kindness a habit in your own life and feel the joy, fulfillment, and inspiration that comes from helping others
    *Make kindness one your differentiators at work and experience the remarkable opportunities and direction that this brings
    *Feel the power of kindness as a force to reconnect you to your authentic self, replenish your passion and creativity, and find your voice Continue Reading Your Hidden Superpower

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  • Secuencia Hacia El Exito


    Todos llegamos a algun lugar en la vida debido a tres cosas: alguien nos observa, forma una opinion sobre nosotros y decide darnos una oportunidad… o no. Nosotros hacemos lo mismo con los demas. Las personas han jugado este papel esencial en nuestras vidas, y nosotros lo jugamos en la vida de quienes nos rodean, y no importa cuanta habilidad tengamos, podemos jugar aun mejor.

    La secuencia se aplica en los negocios, la iglesia, los matrimonios, la paternidad y las amistades. A menudo evaluamos a otros en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Percibimos instintivamente la expresion de la cara de alguien, el tono de voz o el lenguaje corporal que es consistente o diferente de sus palabras. Reaccionamos a nuestra observacion, pero rara vez nos detenemos a analizar antes de responder; simplemente sucede inmediatamente. Observamos y tenemos una opinion, y en base a lo que hemos determinado en ese segundo, le damos a la persona una oportunidad de relacionarse con nosotros, o cerramos la puerta y permanecemos vigilantes.

    Secuencia del exito es un libro de liderazgo, pero no se limita a las empresas, presidentes, directores generales o pastores principales. Es para todos los que tienen una posicion de influencia en la vida de otra persona, y eso nos incluye a todos. En este libro, Sam Chand saca a la luz nuestras suposiciones subconscientes. Con mas perspicacia y confianza, tomaras mejores decisiones para avanzar a las personas que te rodean… o tal vez mostrarles la puerta. Estos principios tambien te ayudan a ser mas consciente de que las personas te estan observando y formando opiniones sobre ti, abriendo o cerrando puertas de oportunidad.

    Every one of us gets anywhere in life due to three things: someone observes us, forms an opinion about us, and decides to give us an opportunity…or not. Likewise, we do the same with others. People have played this essential role in our lives, and we play it in the lives of those around us–and no matter how skilled we’ve become, we can play it even better.

    This sequence applies in business, church, marriages, parenting, and friendships. We often assess others in the blink of an eye. We instinctively notice the look on someone’s face, their tone of voice, or their body language as consistent or different from the words being spoken. We react to our observation, but we seldom stop to analyze before we respond–it just happens. Immediately, we observe and form an opinion, and based on what we’ve determined in that split s Continue Reading Secuencia Hacia El Exito

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  • Better Life : Slowing Down To Get Ahead


    The founder of Better Life Bags, Rebecca Smith, teaches us how to take little steps, say yes when God calls, and follow the passion He has given us.

    Let love stretch you. As the founder of one of the most popular custom handbag companies in the country, Rebecca Smith knows a thing or two about business. A highly successful entrepreneur in a world where the focus is on scalability, brand strategy, and global marketing, Rebecca Smith also knows the truth: that every success she’s experienced at Better Life Bags has been the result of very small, very ordinary, very obedient steps of faith.

    Moving from Savannah, Georgia, to Hamtramck, Michigan, was culture shock enough for Rebecca. But trying to feel at home in a city where twenty-six different languages were spoken and most of the inhabitants were immigrants seemed downright impossible. It was only when Rebecca recognized that God had called her to this specific neighborhood at this particular moment in time that his plans began to unfold for her. Stepping forward into the place God had called her – a place that seemed messy and uncomfortable and unfamiliar – Rebecca discovered the true secret to success: when we slow down, pay attention, and trust that still, small voice of God to guide us, we just might change the world.

    Though Rebecca never set out to build a brand or create an empire, God saw Rebecca’s heart for others, and began to multiply her efforts in ways she could have never imagined, creating a company where women from different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds work together for the good of others – for a better life.

    As you read this inspiring story, you will discover how to hear and follow God’s voice for yourself as you slow down, take one small step at a time, and make a difference in the world right where you are. Continue Reading Better Life : Slowing Down To Get Ahead

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  • Conviertete En Un Exito Fracas


    En algun tiempo de la vida, nos enfrentaremos a un fracaso. Tendemos a desalentarnos, y muchos llegan a creer que ese es el fin de su futuro. Pero lo importante no es lo que te pasa, sino como te relacionas con lo que te pasa, y el tipo de observador con el que mires el fracaso. Este libro que desafiara al maximo tu mirada, te enseara que el aprendizaje esta en la brecha entre el fracaso y el exito, y que el fracaso es la materia prima del exito. Aprenderas como mirar la vida como posibilidad, y ver las oportunidades en medio del fracaso, para que obtengas lo mejor de cada paso que des, y te conviertas en un exito… !fracasando!

    At some point in life, you will face failure. You will become discouraged and start to believe that this is the derailment of your future plans. At this point, the most important thing is not what happens to you, but how you react to what happens to you and how you view failure. This book will challenge your preconceived ideas by suggesting that true learning lies in the gap between failure and success, and that failure is the raw material that leads to success. You will learn to see what is possible in life and recognize opportunities in the midst of failure in order to benefit from every step you take. Become a success…by failing! Continue Reading Conviertete En Un Exito Fracas

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  • Uniquely You : Transform Your Organization By Becoming The Leader Only You


    For young professionals and entrepreneurs, there is no shortage of gurus, processes, and quick-fix formulas to chase in the quest to grow their business, lead their team, and find personal fulfillment. In fact, there are so many out there that it’s exhausting. Wouldn’t it be better to realize that the leadership lessons we need to learn are not out there somewhere, but in here, in our own lives? That instead of becoming a knock-off of someone else, we can be uniquely ourselves?

    That’s exactly what Ron Kitchens learned, and it’s what he wants to share with today’s emerging leaders. Sharing his own journey of discovering what his life was trying to teach him through both trials and triumphs, Kitchens equips readers to mine their own stories for the relationships and life lessons that have made them into the unique individuals they are today. He then shows readers how to leverage those unique experiences into their own personal leadership style that is authentic, one-of-a-kind, and effective in building businesses and leading teams. Continue Reading Uniquely You : Transform Your Organization By Becoming The Leader Only You

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  • Drive : 9 Lessons To Win In Business And In Life


    Just like a racecar as it takes to the track, each of us needs a certain amount of fine-tuning for our journey through life. In Drive, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, daughter of Dale Earnhardt Sr. and sister to Dale Jr., opens up about growing up in the world of NASCAR, sharing the lessons she learned about being a successful business leader and what she discovered, often the hard way, about winning in life.

    Kelley never felt she was winning at anything until she began to deal with the thoughts and feelings that were driving her decisions and taking her in the wrong direction. Her journey of transformation is what empowered her to run the family business in an entirely different way than she had previously and to lead people not only with her head but also with her heart.

    Drive offers nine important lessons learned about winning in business and in life, given not as a formula for greatness but as insight from a fellow traveler on a journey that is sometimes difficult, painful, unexpected, or confusing and sometimes exhilarating and joyful:
    *Be Authentic and Approachable
    *Manage Your Emotions
    *Succeed Using Strengths
    *Let Go to Move Forward
    *Customize Your Communication
    *Know How to Make Decisions
    *Aim for the Win-Win
    *Show Kindness
    *Live a Balanced Life

    Become a stronger person and a more effective leader by facing the truth about your own life in a healthy way and then drive to the win! Continue Reading Drive : 9 Lessons To Win In Business And In Life

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  • Sequence To Success


    Every one of us gets anywhere in life due to three things: someone observes us, forms an opinion about us, and decides to give us an opportunity…or not. Likewise, we do the same thing with others. People have played this essential role in our lives, and we play it in the lives of those around us–and no matter how skilled we’ve become, we can play it even better.
    The sequence applies in business, the church, marriages, parenting, and friendships. We often assess others in the blink of an eye. We instinctively notice the look on someone’s face, the tone of voice, or the body language that’s consistent or different from the words being spoken. We react to our observation, but we seldom stop to analyze before we respond–it just happens, and it happens immediately: we observe and have an opinion, and based on what we’ve determined in that second, we either give the person an opportunity to engage with us or we close the door and remain guarded.

    The Sequence to Success: The Three O’s That Will Take You Anywhere in Life is a leadership book, but it’s not limited to corporate presidents, CEOs, and lead pastors; it’s for everyone who has a position of influence in another person’s life–and that includes all of us. In this book, Sam Chand brings our subconscious assumptions into the light. With more insight and confidence, you’ll make better decisions to advance the people around you…or perhaps show them the door. The principles also help you become more conscious that people are observing you and forming opinions about you that will open or close doors of opportunity. Continue Reading Sequence To Success

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  • Vision Driven Leader


    Having a clear, compelling vision–and getting buy-in from your team–is essential to effective leadership. If you don’t know where you’re going, how on earth will you get there? But how do you craft that vision? How do you get others on board? And how do you put that vision into practice at every level of your organization?

    In The Vision-Driven Leader, New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt offers six tools for crafting an irresistible vision for your business, rallying your team around the vision, and distilling it into actionable plans that drive results. Based on Michael’s 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive, backed by insights from organizational science and psychology, and illustrated by case studies and stories from multiple industries, The Vision-Driven Leader takes you step-by-step from why to what and then how. Your business will never be the same. Continue Reading Vision Driven Leader

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  • Love Works Updated And Expanded Edition (Expanded)


    Harness the meaning of love, the verb, to improve your corporate culture and bottom line with the help of Joel Manby, former President and CEO of both SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and Herschend Enterprises. Joel won the respect of America with his appearance on the CBS reality TV series Undercover Boss.

    A highly successful corporate executive, Joel Manby is unlike most other CEOs. As the 18 million viewers of Undercover Boss witnessed, Manby has a unique style of leadership–servant leadership–which has a profound impact on his employees.

    In this updated and expanded edition of Love Works, Manby demonstrates that leading with love is effective even in extremely difficult business environments, which he experienced at SeaWorld. With an all-new introduction and two additional chapters, Manby shares more of his own leadership and personal stories, giving insight that will help you become a more effective leader by:
    *Cultivating a culture that builds improved employee engagement and long-term success
    *Outlining seven time-proven principles that break down the natural walls within the workplace
    *Overcoming personal failures at work and home
    *Empowering your managers and employees
    *Disarming difficulties in the workplace

    Discover the truth of the power of love to change the course of your business and your life today! Continue Reading Love Works Updated And Expanded Edition (Expanded)

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  • Dolor Del Liderazgo


    Quieres ser un mejor lider? Incrementa tu capacidad para el dolor.

    Quieres que tu iglesia crezca o que tu negocio alcance metas mas altas? La renuencia a enfrentar el dolor es tu mayor limitacion.

    No hay crecimiento sin cambio, no hay cambio sin perdida, y no hay perdida sin dolor.
    En pocas palabras: si no te esta doliendo, no estas liderando.

    Este libro no es un tratado teologico sobre el dolor. En El dolor del liderazgo Samuel Chand, autor de exitos de ventas, reconocido como el lider de lideres, nos provee un entendimiento concreto del dolor que experimentamos, para ayudarnos a interpretarlo con mayor precision y aprender las lecciones que Dios tiene para nosotros.

    Chand es extremadamente honesto y altamente practico al examinar los principios que hacen de nuestro dolor un medio para cumplir los propositos divinos para nuestras iglesias, comunidades y nosotros. Este tesoro de liderazgo incluye:

    *Poderosas historias personales de algunos de los mejores lideres del mundo, como Craig Groeschel, Benny Perez, Lisa Bevere, Mark Chironna, Dale Bronner, Phillip Wagner y Michael Pitts y muchos otros.

    *Perspectivas reveladoras sobre el crecimiento que se produce a traves del dolor en los roles de liderazgo

    *Ejercicios practicos para ayudarte a aplicar los valiosos principios que estas aprendiendo

    Do you want to be a better leader? Raise the threshold of your pain. Do you want your church to grow or your business to reach higher goals? Reluctance to face pain is your greatest limitation. There is no growth without change, no change without loss, and no loss without pain. Bottom line: if you’re not hurting, you’re not leading.

    But this book is not a theological treatise on pain. Rather, in Leadership Pain, Samuel Chand–best-selling author recognized as the leader’s leader–provides a concrete, practical understanding of the pain we experience to help us interpret it more accurately and learn the lessons God has in it for us.

    Chand is ruthlessly honest and highly practical as he examines the principles and practices that make our pain a means of fulfilling God’s divine purposes for our churches, communities, and families. Included in this leadership treasure trove:

    POWERFUL personal stories from some of the greatest leaders in the world, such as Craig Groeschel, Benny Perez, Mike Kai, Lisa Bevere, Mark Chironna, Dale Bronner, Philip Wagner, Michael Pitts, and numerous others.

    REVEALING INSIGHTS into the growth that occurs t Continue Reading Dolor Del Liderazgo

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  • Thinking Like A Boss


    With over 11 million female-owned businesses in the US today, more women than ever are taking the reins to create their own success. Maybe you feel the pull to start a business but deep down you’re afraid that you don’t have what it takes. Maybe you have a great idea but wonder if you’re actually qualified to make it happen. Or maybe you want to expand your business, but you’re worried about how it will affect your family. If that’s you, it’s time to start thinking like a boss.

    In this practical and encouraging book, Kate Crocco exposes the 12 limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential, such as:
    – I should have it all together and I don’t
    – I’m not ready or qualified to start
    – I don’t have enough time
    – It’s already been done before
    – and more

    With plenty of inspiring true stories and actionable steps you can take–starting now– Thinking Like a Boss will help you turn your limiting beliefs into limitless opportunity. Continue Reading Thinking Like A Boss

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  • Successful Speaker : Five Steps For Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, And Buildin


    Do you have a message you want to get out into the world? Have you ever dreamed of speaking for a living? Is there something you have to say but just aren’t sure what to do next? The Successful Speaker is a proven, easy-to-follow guide to helping you do just that.

    Whether you want to speak at your next board meeting or community gathering, start making some extra money on the side, or become a full-time professional speaker, Grant Baldwin knows how to get you from here to there. Why? Because he’s done it himself and has coached over 2,000 speakers.

    In The Successful Speaker, you will learn the five-step road map to start and scale a speaking business from the ground up, including:
    – how to hone your message and know exactly who it’s for
    – the preparation process to help your next speech move an audience to action
    – what it takes to establish yourself as an in-demand expert
    – practical steps to finding and booking paid speaking gigs
    – how to know when it’s time to grow your impact and income

    In each chapter, you will get specific action steps and case studies from professional speakers (including some of the most successful communicators in the world) to put you on the fast track to booking gigs, getting paid, and building your speaking platform. Continue Reading Successful Speaker : Five Steps For Booking Gigs, Getting Paid, And Buildin

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  • ServiceMaster Story : Navigating Tension Between People And Profit


    The ServiceMaster Story, written by faith and business expert Albert M. Erisman, examines how the first five leaders of ServiceMaster (a cleaning and restoration service company) managed to develop and give deeper purpose to their employees, while also growing into a financially successful organization.

    From 1929 to 2001, ServiceMaster grew from a few people making their living in Chicago to a publicly traded company with revenues of $6 billion, in forty countries–with five different leaders. Each leader built on the work of the previous leader, focusing on helping workers to develop as people. Their number one goal was to honor God in all we do. ServiceMaster was considered by employees at all levels as a great place to work and was selected by Fortune magazine as the most admired service company in the world, both in the 1980s and 1990s.

    How did ServiceMaster manage to develop and give deeper purpose to employees doing menial jobs like cleaning floors and toilets– and at the same time grow financially? This book explores the way the five early leaders collaborated, complemented each other, and adapted to changing economic and cultural environments, while creating value for workers, shareholders, and customers alike. Continue Reading ServiceMaster Story : Navigating Tension Between People And Profit

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  • Leaders Greatest Return


    In The Leader’s Greatest Return, Maxwell shares the most important lessons he’s learned about the leadership development process over the last quarter century, from identifying high-potential leaders to coaching leaders to develop others.

    What is the greatest return on a leader’s time? After leaders have invested in their own leadership growth, what is the best way to accomplish their vision and grow their organizations? Develop leaders! The more leaders an organization has and the better equipped they are to lead, the more successful the organization and all of its leaders.

    Number one New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell is often identified as the most influential leadership expert in the world. In the last twenty-five years, he has grown from equipping a handful of leaders in one organization to developing millions of business, government, and nonprofit leaders in every country around the world.

    In The Leader’s Greatest Return, Maxwell shares the most important lessons he’s learned about the leadership development process over the last quarter century. He instructs readers in how to:
    *Know what potential leaders look like
    *Attract leaders by creating a leadership table
    *Work themselves out of a job by equipping and empowering leaders
    *Position leaders to build a winning team
    *Coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves

    This is where leaders really experience the compounding value of developing leaders and go to the highest levels of leadership themselves.

    Anyone who wants to take the next step in their leadership, build their organization or team today, and create their legacy for tomorrow needs to read The Leader’s Greatest Return. Continue Reading Leaders Greatest Return

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  • Raise Your Game


    Performance coach Alan Stein Jr. shares the secret principles used by world-class performers that will help you improve your productivity and achieve higher levels of success.

    High achievers are at the top of their game because of the discipline they have during the unseen hours. They have made a commitment to establish, tweak, and repeat positive habits in everything they do. RAISE YOUR GAME examines the top leaders in sports and business and proves that success is a result of the little things we do all the time.

    The basic principles provided in RAISE YOUR GAME are simple, but not easy. We live in an instantly downloadable world that encourages us to skip steps. We are taught to chase what’s hot, flashy and sexy and ignore what’s basic. But the basics work. They always have and they always will.

    RAISE YOUR GAME will inspire and empower you to commit to the fundamentals, create a winning mindset, and progress into new levels of success. Continue Reading Raise Your Game

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  • Ignore Your Customers And Theyll Go Away


    Discover how to create exceptional customer service and a superior customer experience, learning from the greatest companies of our time.

    When it comes to delivering great customer service and customer experience, many companies miss the mark. But there’s no reason this should include you and your company. Ignore Your Customers (and They’ll Go Away) spells out, step by step, how to craft a customer service culture and customer experience so powerful that they’ll transform your organization and boost your company’s bottom line.

    You’ll enjoy inspirational, often hilarious, tales from the trenches as author Micah Solomon, one of the world’s best-known customer service consultants, relates hands-on adventures about assessing and improving customer service in various industries.

    You’ll spend time behind the scenes with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and discover how the company delivers wow customer service. From Richard Branson, you’ll learn how Virgin brands deliver authentic customer service (avoiding what Branson calls Stepford Customer Service) and Branson’s secrets for turning social media attackers into brand promoters.

    Drawing on a wealth of stories personally assembled from today’s most innovative and successful companies, including Amazon, Cleveland Clinic, Drybar, USAA Insurance, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Solomon reveals what it takes to turn a ho-hum customer interaction into one that drives customer engagement and lifelong loyalty. Continue Reading Ignore Your Customers And Theyll Go Away

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  • Do It Speaking


    Discover the principles, practices, and insider secrets of paid professional speaking success. You’ll get 77 instant-access micro chapters to help you market your smarts, monetize your message, and dramatically expand your reach and revenue as an expert speaker.

    For thought-leading CEOs, executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs, the true test of your personal brand comes down to one simple question: When you open your mouth, do people listen?

    Regardless of the speaking venue–in person, via livestream, in broadcast media, on podcasts, or at national conferences and industry events–the powerful articulation of your value, relevance, and impact is what makes experts stand out. But where do you start when you’re trying to build your speaking platform?

    Do It! Speaking shows you the inside track on marketing, positioning, packaging, prospecting, outreach, sales, and how to land more and better speaking gigs on behalf of your company, your brand, and yourself–without the marketing monkey work you hate.

    This book is the definitive guide on how to develop your speaking-driven revenue streams, and how to quickly commercialize your knowledge in today’s economy, which values thought leadership over pitches, hype, and ads.

    You’ll not only bolster your visibility, credibility, and bank account–you’ll also become a more effective messenger of your company’s message and dominate your marketplace. Continue Reading Do It Speaking

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  • Restoring The Soul Of Business


    A global marketing-innovation visionary reveals the high cost of an overreliance on data and shows leaders how they can restore the soul of their businesses by reclaiming the human creativity, insight, and relationships essential to competing and winning in the new economy.

    Businesses great and small, from old-fashioned bricks-and-mortars to cutting-edge startups, are moving into uncharted territory, as they determine how to transition from an analog past to a digital future. But here’s a startling and often unacknowledged truth: The promise of digital transformation can only be realized when we find a way to balance it with the promise of people.

    Named by TIME magazine as a top five marketing innovator, Rishad Tobaccowala draws on research and interviews, as well as his thirty-plus years of experience as a digital pioneer, business operator, and thought leader, to describe how digilog companies–ones where digital tools and analog people are integrated expertly–develop a hybrid consciousness and learn to be proactive when they see warning signs that human traits are being subordinated to digital factors.

    Restoring the Soul of Business provides practical tools and techniques that every organization can and should implement, and challenges readers to move forward with the kind of balance that catalyzes transformation and produces one great success after another. Readers will: Understand how to unleash the significant benefit that can by realized by combining emotion and data, human and machine, analog and digital.

    Spot the warning signs of data-blinded companies: cold cultures with little human interaction, poor innovation stemming from stifled employees not encouraged to contribute ideas or insights, an overreliance on numbers versus instinct, and poor customer service due to automated, robotic processes that cause frustration and hurt the brand.

    Explore how organizations of various sizes and from different industries, from Walmart and IBM to Netflix and Google, have successfully reoriented their thinking on how to fuse technology and humanity.

    Gain skills to become an expert in connections critical to growth and success, including the connection between being creative and using technology, between succeeding today and thriving tomorrow, and between leveraging networks and creating new ideas and approaches.

    Anyone with a hand in developing an organization’s culture will find penetrating observations, fresh insights, and practical gui Continue Reading Restoring The Soul Of Business

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  • Success From The Inside Out


    In Success from the Inside Out, corporate executive and leadership speaker Nona Jones takes you on a personal journey to discovering the difference between success that empties, and success that fills. Many of us aspire to achieve position, wealth, and notability in the hopes that those things will erase the pain of the past. But for those like Nona Jones who have experienced trauma, success requires more than a changed mindset–it requires repairing a broken spirit.

    Nona was appointed to an executive role with a Fortune 100 company at only 23 years old. Since then, she has led award-winning initiatives in public affairs, brokered multi-million dollar business deals, addressed the United Nations, and championed juvenile justice and education policy reform in the halls of Congress–all under the age of 35.

    Then in one of the largest wake-up moments of her life, Nona realized that her past battles were waging a present war. Though she tried to push away the memories, her childhood trauma continued to affect her emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically–until she made a pivotal decision.

    Success from the Inside Out charts the course of Nona’s breakthrough–a course that can also lead you out of the storms of your past or present. Through her own remarkable story and insights, Nona helps you:
    *Claim victory at the place where the defeat happened
    *Recognize ways you use work to cover up inward brokenness
    *Still the voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough
    *Choose not just empty success but fulfilling success
    *Map your mile-markers toward your biggest goals
    *Push through from brokenness to breakthrough

    As Nona writes, I’ve discovered that the only thing stronger than the power trauma has to change you is the power you reclaim when you acknowledge its effect on you. Success from the Inside Out is an empowering guide to finding healing from the past so you can move with freedom and hope into the future. Continue Reading Success From The Inside Out

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  • Leaders Greatest Return Workbook (Workbook)


    What is the greatest return on a leader’s time? Once leaders have begun investing in their own leadership growth, what is the best way to accomplish their vision and grow their organizations or team? Develop leaders! The more leaders an organization has and the better equipped they are to lead, the more successful the organization and all its leaders.

    In this new workbook, based on the title of the same name, New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell takes the process of developing leaders to the next level by relating some of the key principles he has learned over the last quarter century. He especially instructs readers in how to . . .
    *Know what potential leaders look like
    *Attract leaders by creating a leadership table
    *Work themselves out of a job by equipping and empowering leaders
    *Position leaders to build a winning team
    *Coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves

    As John has discovered, most competent leaders are able to lead followers, good leaders have the capacity to lead other leaders, and great leaders can not only lead but also develop other leaders. But it is only the very best leaders who are able to develop leaders who themselves, in turn, develop other leaders. This is where reproduction, transformation, and compounding occur.

    Any leader who wants to take his or her game to the highest level today and build a legacy for tomorrow needs to become a leader who develops other leaders.

    1. Identifying Leaders: Find Them So You Can Develop Them
    2. Attracting Leaders: Invite Them to the Leadership Table
    3. Understanding Leaders: Connect with Them Before You Lead Them
    4. Motivating Leaders: Encourage Them to Give Their Best
    5. Equipping Leaders: Teach Them to Be Great at Their Job
    6. Empowering Leaders: Release Them to Reach Their Potential
    7. Positioning Leaders: Place Them Where They Best Help Others
    8. Mentoring Leaders: Coach Them to Their Next Level
    9. Reproducing Leaders: Show Them How to Develop Leaders
    10. Compounding Leaders: Receive the High Return of Developing Leaders Continue Reading Leaders Greatest Return Workbook (Workbook)

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  • Overcome : Crush Adversity With The Leadership Techniques Of America’s Toug


    Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman divulges how to triumph over adversity using proven Special Operations habits and mindsets.

    Adversity can often catch you by surprise and leave you struggling with what to do next. What if you could confront any adversity, from the biggest challenges-the loss of your job, divorce, health issues, bankruptcy-to normal daily challenges-a late flight, a disappointing phone call, a missed promotion, a bad day-and not just survive it, but thrive afterwards?

    Redman was horrifically wounded in Iraq in 2007 when he was shot at close range through the face and arm. After 40 surgeries, including extensive facial reconstruction and skin grafts, he came back from this experience stronger than ever-despite carrying scars and injuries he will have for the rest of his life. Redman went on to launch two successful companies and speaks all over the country on how to build better leaders through his Overcome mindset.

    Overcome is based on extensive research and interviews with America’s toughest warriors-including retired 4-star Admiral William McRaven, retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, retired 4-star General Stanley McChrystal, and others. In this book, Redman teaches:
    *How to survive any life ambush
    *How to move from defense to offense using the proactive techniques of SEAL teams
    *How to strengthen your endurance during long-term trials
    *How to rediscover and thrive in your life purpose
    *How to lead your team (whether in business or family) to success
    *How to compete with the top 1% in your field
    *How to stay the course even when you want to quit
    *And more

    Some people move through adversity and others fall underneath it. Learn how you can be counted among those who will Overcome. Continue Reading Overcome : Crush Adversity With The Leadership Techniques Of America’s Toug

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  • Social Media Success For Every Brand


    Apply the seven universal elements of powerful stories to dramatically improve how you connect with customers and grow your business through social media channels.

    Thousands of marketing and brand practitioners have adopted the StoryBrand model of marketing messaging and brand-building from the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. The StoryBrand team gets hundreds of questions during workshops and online seminars about specifically how to apply the StoryBrand model in specific communication channels: social media, web sites, direct mail, etc.

    Social Media Success for Every Brand tells readers the core principles of Storybranding, then shares roll-up-your-sleeves practical guidance on the SHARE model for building your social StoryBrand:

    Social Media Success for Every Brand doesn’t require the reader to be familiar with Building a StoryBrand, but provides enough foundation in StoryBrand messaging concepts to prepare the reader for practical success in social media content development and customer engagement to build the organization’s brand and revenues. Continue Reading Social Media Success For Every Brand

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  • Shut Up And Listen


    For entrepreneurs ready to reach the next level of success, small business owner turned multibillionaire Tilman Fertitta shares the commonsense principles that have rocketed his worldwide hospitality empire to the top.

    For aspiring entrepreneurs or people in business, this book will help you take your company to the next level. When you put this book down, you’ll know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong to operate your business, and if you’re just getting started, it will help set you up for success.

    Tilman Fertitta, also known as the Billion Dollar Buyer, started his hospitality empire thirty years ago with just one restaurant. So he knows the challenges that business owners face, as well as the common pitfalls that cause them to go under. Over the years he’s stayed true to the principles that helped him scale his business to what is believed to be the largest single-shareholder company in America, with over $4 billion in revenue, including hundreds of restaurants (Landry’s Seafood, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, Morton’s Steakhouse, Mastro’s, The Chart House, Rainforest Café, and over forty more restaurant concepts) and five Golden Nugget Casinos. He’s also sole owner of the NBA’s Houston Rockets. In Shut Up and Listen!, he shares the key insights that made it all possible.

    When entrepreneurs appear on Billion Dollar Buyer, the biggest obstacles they often face are ones they don’t suspect: not knowing your numbers, not knowing your strengths and weaknesses, or not being willing to go that extra mile with your customers. Fertitta has seen it all. He knows that what you aren’t paying attention to can either sink your business or become the very things that launch you to the top. As Fertitta says:

    You might think you know what you’re doing, but I’m going to show you what you don’t know.

    Fertitta shares straight-talk Tilmanisms around six key action items that any entrepreneur can adopt today:
    *Be the Bull
    *No Spare Customers
    *Change, Change, Change
    *Know Your Numbers
    *Follow the 95/5 Rule
    *Take No Out of Your Vocabulary

    A groundbreaking, no-holds-barred book, Shut Up and Listen! offers practical, hard-earned wisdom from one of the most successful business owners in the world. Continue Reading Shut Up And Listen

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  • Know What Youre FOR


    Your organization – business, church, or nonprofit – will experience unprecedented growth when you close the gap between these two game-changing questions: What are we known for? What do we want to be known for?

    In Know What You’re FOR, entrepreneur and thought leader Jeff Henderson makes it clear that if we want to change the world with our products or our mission, then we must shift the focus of our messaging and marketing. Rather than self-promoting, we must transform our organizations to be people-centric. This sounds like a no-brainer, but looking closer shows just how little this is true and how impactful the change would be if it were. Whether you’re a business leader, a change advocate, or a movement maker, Know What You’re FOR will help you – and your organization – thrive.

    It’s what happens when you create an organization focused on who it is FOR. This is the future. Thriving organizations will be more concerned with becoming raving fans of their customers than they are trying to convince customers to become raving fans of the organization. This isn’t theory. Jeff Henderson has experienced it.

    Working with companies like Chick-fil-A and the Atlanta Braves, then serving as a pastor for 15 years at one of the country’s largest and most influential churches, North Point, Jeff knows what success looks like for healthy organizations and healthy lives. With fascinating stories from a host of entrepreneurs and Jeff’s remarkable career, Know What You’re FOR equips you with a simple strategy and the tools for extraordinary growth. You’ll discover how to:
    *Work FOR your current and future customers with a new, effective method
    *Be FOR your team and help your people reach full potential
    *Create a ripple impact by being FOR your community
    *Live and work your best by caring FOR yourself

    In a hypercritical, cynical world, one that is often known for what it’s against, let’s be a group of people known for who and what we’re FOR. It’s a powerful strategy for business. But more importantly, it is a revolutionary way to live. Continue Reading Know What Youre FOR

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  • Bet On Talent


    Chick-fil-A’s first female officer and former HR operations manager helps leaders discover the impact of hiring extraordinary talent and how to create and build a compelling culture within their teams and organizations. Continue Reading Bet On Talent

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  • Boss Up : This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book


    Stay-at-home mom turned multimillion-dollar-producing business owner Lindsay Teague Moreno doesn’t just have a passion for entrepreneurship. She has a deep passion for helping women of all walks of life gain the confidence and skills to tap into their ambition and achieve success in their own business endeavors.

    In Boss Up! Lindsay helps women gain the confidence to know that having ambition doesn’t make them bad mothers or wives. That it’s okay to have a desire for something more than endless sippy cups, clean-ups, Band-Aids, and groundings. That no matter their education or experience levels, women can tap into their passions and create businesses that give them increased flexibility, fulfillment, and financial security.

    And Lindsay doesn’t just do this through commiserating but, instead, through giving women the tools for change. Using the lessons she learned on her own path to success, Lindsay shares real, solid business principles in four distinct sections that readers will encounter on the journey to entrepreneurship: defining the brand of you, learning to use the un-sales tactic, building on authenticity, and understanding the truth about hard work.

    Boss Up! will help women put businesses on the map and ideas they’ve previously only dreamed about into the marketplace. It will help them overcome their fears and guilt to find a fulfillment that changes them and their families for the better. And it will help them break free of the hard and boring and allow them to have fun along the way. Continue Reading Boss Up : This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book

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  • Comunicacion Inteligente


    Debido a los lenguajes, en todas sus facetas, podemos vivir en paz o ir a la guerra. Cantamos canciones en armonia, o gritamos insultos en colera. Experimentamos conexion o desconexion. Trabajamos juntos en paz o con dolor. La eleccion es nuestra. – Anna Kendall

    De vez en cuando, nos encontramos con personas con quienes nos resulta dificil comunicarnos. Es como si estuvieramos hablando lenguajes diferentes. Nos frustramos cuando intentamos entender su punto de vista o hacerles entender el nuestro. El famoso consultor en gerencia, Peter Drucker, afirmo que el 80 por ciento de los problemas administrativos son resultado de una comunicacion defectuosa. La mala comunicacion tambien causa conflictos en las relaciones personales.

    Nos urge conocer el lenguaje de comunicacion de cada uno de nuestros asociados de negocios, amigos y familiares… porque cada uno de ellos se comunica mejor de una manera especifica segun su personalidad, !y nosotros tambien! Cuando conocemos ese estilo propio, la comunicacion laboral y personal nos permite influenciar, liderar y motivar a las personas de manera efectiva, y desarrollamos relaciones mejores y mas fructiferas.

    Fred y Anna Kendall invirtieron 30 aos de investigacion profunda y nos aportan en este libro la manera probada y demostrada cientificamente que tenemos que conocer para influenciar, liderar y motivar a las personas, tanto en nuestro ambito empresarial como en el personal y familiar. Aqui descubriras como las personas prefieren comunicarse y que metodos utilizan para hacerlo. Ya el programa de Lenguajes de Vida Kendall (Kendalls’ Life Languages) ha sido utilizado con exito por decenas de miles de personas en todo el mundo.

    En Comunicacion inteligente, los Kendall comparten las tres categorias de comunicacion inteligente: cinetica/ accion, emotiva/sentimental y cognitiva/pensante, y los siete lenguajes de vida: autor u originador, hacedor, influyente, respondedor, moldeador o formador, productor y contemplador. Cada Lenguaje de Vida tiene un filtro a traves del cual uno ve la vida y la comunicacion, la necesidad que provee sentimientos de aceptacion y amor cuando se cumple, la fortaleza clave del caracter, el estilo de aprendizaje y otros rasgos. El libro nos capacita a aprender el Lenguaje de Vida de los demas para comunicarnos mejor con ellos, a la vez que adquirimos una mayor conciencia de nosotros mismos en cuanto a nuestras propias fortalezas y pasiones.

    By languages, in all their facets, we c Continue Reading Comunicacion Inteligente

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  • Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur


    You have the creative edge!

    Imagine walking into a boardroom, sales meeting, or investor presentation sustained by the peace of the Lord, driven by profound joy in His presence, and empowered by a hopeful expectation of His blessing.

    Through the indwelling of Holy Spirit, followers of Jesus possess the greatest power in the universe! With this amazing power comes a profound responsibility: to lead the forefront of modern business and innovation for the glory of God. Startup Revival will help you do just that.

    This book is a personal boot camp for Christian entrepreneurs and business people. Matt Bell, [founder of Bell Interactive and… other credentials], takes you through Biblical principles that are essential for every business owner to know and practice. Each section includes prayers and exercises to activate your faith and unlock revelation for the marketplace.

    This book will impart useful Biblical insights on your role as an entrepreneur, igniting your spiritual passion and fueling your business pursuits. Continue Reading Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur

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  • Covert Cows And ChickFilA


    The longtime chief marketing officer for Chick-fil-A tells the inside story of how the company turned prevailing theories of fast-food marketing upside down and built one of the most successful and beloved brands in America.

    During his thirty-four-year tenure at Chick-fil-A, Steve Robinson was integrally involved in the company’s growth–from 184 stores and $100 million in annual sales in 1981 to over 2,100 stores and over $6.8 billion in annual sales in 2015–and was a first-hand witness to its evolution as an indelible global brand. In Covert Cows and Chick-fil-A, Robinson shares behind-the-scenes accounts of key moments, including the creation of the Chick-fil-A corporate purpose and the formation and management of the now-iconic Eat Mor Chikin cow campaign.

    Drawing on his personal interactions with the gifted team of company leaders, restaurant operators, and the company’s founder, Truett Cathy, Robinson explains the important traits that built the company’s culture and sustained it through recession and many other challenges. He also reveals how every aspect of the company’s approach reflects an unwavering dedication to Christian values and to the individual customer experience. Written with disarming candor and revealing storytelling, Covert Cows and Chick-fil-A is the never-before-told story of a great American success. Continue Reading Covert Cows And ChickFilA

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  • Piensa Diferente Vive Diferent


    Nuestros procesos de pensamiento son tan familiares, tan arraigados, que no podemos imaginar pensar de una manera nueva. Es como si nuestras mentes estuvieran ejecutando un software anticuado que es lento, con muchas fallas y que es improductivo, pero es todo lo que hemos conocido. !Necesitamos actualizar el software en nuestras cabezas!- Sam Chand

    Algunas personas pensaban que estaban haciendo a Sam Chand una oferta que no podia rechazar cuando lo invitaron a hablar en un evento de dos dias en el extranjero. Despues de todo, estaban pagando por vuelos en primera clase y alojamiento tanto para Chand como para su esposa, ademas de pagar un generoso honorario. Pero el no aprovecho la oportunidad. Chand tan solo estaba interesado en el impacto existencial a largo plazo en los asistentes. El pregunto: Todas las actividades me daran la oportunidad de influir en personas influyentes? Puedo ser parte de una experiencia que deje una marca en el liderazgo, en lugar de tan solo un evento de liderazgo? . En lugar de ganar dinero, Chand estaba interesado en construir relaciones. El estaba pensando de una manera diferente a como ellos pensaban.

    Chand seala que nuestras percepciones y patrones de pensamiento determinan nuestras emociones, valores y creencias, lo que influye en como respondemos a las personas y los eventos. A veces, ni siquiera somos conscientes de las razones detras de lo que decimos y hacemos, porque nuestras respuestas pueden estar arraigadas desde la infancia.

    Pero Chand cree que todos nosotros podemos tener una manera diferente de pensar que nos permita crear un nuevo futuro. El se ha propuesto ayudar a las personas a pensar mas alla de los objetivos especificos, y considerar los objetivos y los resultados clave, desafiarse a si mismos, hacerse preguntas cruciales y actualizar el software en sus cabezas. A traves de este libro, Chand espera ayudar a otros a pensar de manera mas profunda, mas clara y mas productiva que nunca antes.

    Sam Chand te ofrece una manera de desafiarte a ti mismo, hacer preguntas cruciales y actualizar el software en tu cabeza, para desarrollar el pensamiento diferente que pueda crearte un nuevo futuro.

    Our thought processes are so familiar, so ingrained, that we can’t imagine thinking a new way. It’s like our minds are running antiquated software that’s slow, with lots of glitches, and is unproductive, but it’s all we’ve ever known. We need to upgrade the software in our heads!-Sam Chand

    Som Continue Reading Piensa Diferente Vive Diferent

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  • New Thinking New Future


    Our thought processes are so familiar, so ingrained, that we can’t imagine thinking a new way. It’s like our minds are running antiquated software that’s slow, with lots of glitches, and is unproductive, but it’s all we’ve ever known. We need to upgrade the software in our heads!–Sam Chand

    Some people thought they made Sam Chand an offer he couldn’t refuse when they invited him to speak at a two-day event overseas. After all, they were paying for first-class travel and accommodations for both Chand and his wife, plus throwing in a generous honorarium. But he didn’t jump at the opportunity. Chand was only interested in the long-term, existential impact on attendees. He asked, Will every activity give me the opportunity to influence influencers? And can I be part of a leadership journey instead of just a leadership event?
    Rather than monetary gain, Chand was interested in building relationships. He was thinking in a different way than they were.

    Chand notes that our perceptions and thinking patterns determine our emotions, values, and beliefs, influencing how we respond to people and events. Sometimes, we are not even aware of the reasons behind what we say and do because our responses may be ingrained from childhood.

    But Chand believes all of us can have New Thinking for a New Future. He has set out to help people move beyond specific goals and consider objectives and key results, challenge themselves, ask crucial questions, and upgrade the software in their heads. Through this book, Chand hopes to help others think more deeply, more clearly, and more productively than ever before. Continue Reading New Thinking New Future

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  • Identity Leadership : To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself


    Become a passionate, purposeful, and meaningful leader through identifying who you are, your strengths, and your skills.

    New York Times bestselling author Stedman Graham’s Identity Leadership is a very personal and prescriptive guide that is based on his philosophy that a leader can’t lead others until he can first lead himself-the more he works on himself, the more he can give to those around him. To know our purpose in life, we begin with our passions, skills, and talents, and with this book we learn how to channel the best of who we are to achieve success for ourselves and those we lead.

    In Identity Leadership, Graham examines why self-awareness matters, how leaders lead, the importance of communication, and much more. He then shows the reader how to step into their role as a leader and create their identity leadership plan. Key to the journey is believing in yourself, knowing your competence, continually challenging yourself, and being patient with yourself. Graham uses anecdotes from his own life, as well as discussing successful leaders, to illustrate the importance of identity leadership in each of our lives.

    Self-leaders can create a roadmap that leads to personal growth, development, and improvement of performance in every area of life. Identity Leadership provides the tools-self-awareness, emotional intelligence, discipline, and more-needed to continually plan and execute learning and development of our talents and skills. These tools enable readers to commit to a personal vision and lead with purpose. Continue Reading Identity Leadership : To Lead Others You Must First Lead Yourself

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  • Secrets Of Closing The Sale (Revised)


    Full of entertaining stories and real-life illustrations, this classic book will give you the strategies you need to become proficient in the art of effective persuasion, including how to project warmth and integrity, increase productivity, overcome objections, and deal respectfully with challenging prospects. This new edition includes fresh opening and closing chapters as well as tips and examples throughout that illustrate the relevance of these truths in the marketplace today. Also includes a foreword written by Tom Ziglar. Continue Reading Secrets Of Closing The Sale (Revised)

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  • Free To Focus


    Everyone gets 168 hours a week, but it never feels like enough, does it? Work gobbles up the lion’s share–many professionals are working as much as 70 hours a week–leaving less and less for rest, exercise, family, and friends. You know, all those things that make life great.

    Most people think productivity is about finding or saving time. But it’s not. It’s about making our time work for us. Just imagine having free time again. It’s not a pipe dream.

    In Free to Focus, New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt reveals to readers nine proven ways to win at work so they are finally free to succeed at the rest of life–their health, relationships, hobbies, and more. He helps readers redefine their goals, evaluate what’s working, cut out the nonessentials, focus on the most important tasks, manage their time and energy, and build momentum for a lifetime of success. Continue Reading Free To Focus

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  • Communication IQ : A Proven Way To Influence, Lead, And Motivate People


    By languages, in all their facets, we can live in peace or go to war. We sing songs in harmony, or shout insults in anger. We experience connection or disconnection. We work together in peace or in pain. The choice is ours.–Anna Kendall
    Every so often, we meet people with whom we find it difficult to communicate. For one reason or another, we don’t seem to be on the same wavelength–it’s as if we’re speaking different languages. It’s frustrating when we try to discuss something with them or understand their point of view.
    The late renowned management consultant Peter Drucker claimed that 80 percent of all management problems were the result of faulty communication. Poor communication also causes strife in many relationships.
    Fred and Anna Kendall set out to discover how different people prefer to communicate and what methods they use to do so. The result is the Kendalls’ Life Languages program, which has been used successfully by tens of thousands of people around the world.

    In Communication I.Q., the Kendalls share information about three communication intelligence categories–kinetic/action, emotive/feeling, and cognitive/thinking–and the seven Life Languages–Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer, and Contemplator. Each Life Language has a filter through which one views life and communication, a need that provides feelings of acceptance and love when it’s met, a key character strength, a learning style, and other traits. The Kendalls’ goal is to empower people to learn how to use their Life Language to better communicate with others in their personal lives, their careers, and the world at large, while also gaining a greater self-awareness of their own strengths and passions. Continue Reading Communication IQ : A Proven Way To Influence, Lead, And Motivate People

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  • Character Carved In Stone


    Overlooking the Hudson River on the campus of the United States Military Academy at West Point are 12 granite benches, each inscribed with a word representing a key leadership virtue: compassion, courage, dedication, determination, dignity, discipline, integrity, loyalty, perseverance, responsibility, service, and trust. These benches remind cadets of the qualities that lead to victory and success, not just on the battlefield, but in all of life.

    With his signature enthusiasm and insight, Pat Williams shares the incredible stories of West Point graduates who exemplified these traits, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. He shows readers of all backgrounds how to develop these 12 essential virtues in their lives, whether they are in the corporate world, the academic world, the military, the church, or in some other sphere. Continue Reading Character Carved In Stone

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  • Relationomics : Business Powered By Relationships


    Relationships are at the core of our lives. They shape and refine our character. They influence our worldview. They’re not just important to us as human beings–they’re crucial. So it should come as no surprise that healthy relationships are the heart of a successful business or organization. And yet, many organizational cultures do not promote healthy relationships. Those that do find that they enjoy greater effectiveness, reputation, and loyalty.

    In Relationomics, Dr. Randy Ross lays out the principles and practices that will help readers develop and sustain the kind of relationships that can build their business and energize their team, including how to
    – become a value creator
    – master the art of giving and receiving helpful feedback
    – dramatically decrease employee turnover
    – lead beyond self-interest
    – and much more

    Whether you are building teams in a corporate setting or looking to build better friendships personally, the principles in this book will guide you toward becoming a healthier individual who attracts and builds healthy relationships. Continue Reading Relationomics : Business Powered By Relationships

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  • 5 Languages Of Appreciation In The Workplace


    Based on the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages(R)(over 12 million copies sold),

    Dramatically improve workplace relationships simply by learning your coworkers’ language of appreciation.

    This book will give you the tools to improve staff morale, create a more positive workplace, and increase employee engagement. How? By teaching you to effectively communicate authentic appreciation and encouragement to employees, co-workers, and leaders. Most relational problems in organizations flow from this question: do people feel appreciated? This book will help you answer Yes!

    A bestseller-having sold over 300,000 copies and translated into 16 languages-this book has proven to be effective and valuable in diverse settings. Its principles about human behavior have helped businesses, non-profits, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and organizations with remote workers.

    PLUS! Each book contains a free access code for taking the online Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory (does not apply to purchases of used books). The assessment identifies a person’s preferred languages of appreciation to help you apply the book. When supervisors and colleagues understand their coworkers’ primary and secondary languages, as well as the specific actions they desire, they can effectively communicate authentic appreciation, thus creating healthy work relationships and raising the level of performance across an entire team or organization.

    Take your team to the next level by applying The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace. Continue Reading 5 Languages Of Appreciation In The Workplace

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  • Accidental Social Entrepreneur


    The remarkable story of one gutsy contractor’s determination to end poverty in Africa

    Grant Smith is not a visionary or an enthusiastic missionary. He’s a problem solver. When confronted with the desperate problems of poverty he witnessed in Africa, he did the only thing he knew how to do–business. Business that would provide jobs and pay people enough so that they would not have to rely on charity to send their kids to school, so that none would be forced to live in a tin shed without water, electricity, sewerage, or dignity, fighting off the threat of pneumonia every time it rained. His venture led to a great challenge: become the biggest house-builder in Kenya.

    Both humorous and realistic, Smith tells of his successes and failures with projects as diverse as growing oil crops, a road-building scheme, house building, and selling old gas pumps. With faith in God’s provision–and a little bewilderment–Smith wrestles with difficulties that every entrepreneur knows too well: finding investment funding only to lose it again, acquiring trustworthy business partners, confronting bribery and bureaucracy, corruption and culture. He is not the biggest house-builder in Kenya (yet!), but Smith has stumbled on a near-miraculous way of unlocking long-term financial provision for local Christian charities.

    For those who dream of making a difference for communities affected by poverty, this story is inspiring and thought-provoking. It encourages readers to see how ordinary people have been created for a purpose and have the potential to facilitate miracles. The Accidental Social Entrepreneur is a real challenge to consider how we might use the gifts and resources we have been given by God to change lives. Continue Reading Accidental Social Entrepreneur

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  • Business By Design


    Learn the keys that unlock success in God’s economy.

    Most Christians in business have never been taught how to bring the gap between the sacred and the secular. They feel a call to ministry without realizing that business can be their ministry.

    Drawing upon Jesus’ parables from the Gospels and stories from life experience, The Love of Business will help any aspiring Christian business leader who desires to find true success in the kingdom of God.

    The Love of Business will help you to:
    -Develop a kingdom-minded, eternity-driven mind-set.
    -Love God and others (the golden rule) in the marketplace.
    -Apply God’s economics and righteous character in business, leading to generosity, compassion, forgiveness, and diligence.
    -Explore what Jesus said about business and keys that unlock success.
    -Implement God’s upside-down kingdom principles.
    -Learn godly uses of profit to promote God’s kingdom.

    The teachings and example of Jesus can transform the way you work. Join your faith and work, discover your ultimate purpose, and be the light of the world. Continue Reading Business By Design

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  • No Limits : Blow The CAP Off Your Capacity


    #1 New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell’s latest book will enhance the lives of leaders, professionals, and anyone who wants to achieve success and personal growth.

    We often treat the word capacity as if it were a natural law of limitation. Unfortunately, most of us are much more comfortable defining what we perceive as off limits rather than what’s really possible. Could it be that many of us have failed to expand our potential because we have allowed what we perceive as capacity to define us? What if our limits are not really our limits?

    In his newest book, John Maxwell identifies 17 core capacities. Some of these are abilities we all already possess, such as energy, creativity and leadership. Others are aspects of our lives controlled by our choices, like our attitudes, character, and intentionality. Maxwell examines each of these capacities, and provides clear and actionable advice on how you can increase your potential in each. He will guide you on how to identify, grow, and apply your critical capacities. Once you’ve blown the cap off your capacities, you’ll find yourself more successful–and fulfilled–in your daily life. Continue Reading No Limits : Blow The CAP Off Your Capacity

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  • Minority Experience : Navigating Emotional And Organizational Realities


    Introduction: What Is A Minority?

    Part 1: Understanding The Minority Experience
    1. Self-Doubt: Understanding Pain
    2. Pain, Power, And The Past: Three Distinctives Of The Minority Experience
    3. Domestication: Understanding Power
    4. Weariness: Understanding The Past

    Part 2: Redeeming The Minority Experience
    5. Challenges In Organizational Development: How To Diversify Your Organization
    6. Seeing Pain With Eyes Of Compassion
    7. Stewarding Power With Hands Of Advocacy
    8. Reframing The Past With A Heart Of Wisdom
    9. The Challenge And The Opportunity

    Study Guide
    Author Index
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    It’s hard to be in the minority.If you’re the only person from your ethnic or cultural background in your organization or team, you probably know the challenges of being misunderstood or marginalized. You might find yourself inadvertently overlooked or actively silenced. Even when a work environment is not blatantly racist or hostile, people of color often struggle to thrive-and may end up leaving the organization.Being a minority is not just about numbers. It’s about understanding pain, power, and the impact of the past. Organizational consultant Adrian Pei describes key challenges ethnic minorities face in majority-culture organizations. He unpacks how historical forces shape contemporary realities, and what both minority and majority cultures need to know in order to work together fruitfully. If you’re a cultural minority working in a majority culture organization, or if you’re a majority culture supervisor of people from other backgrounds, learn the dynamics at work. And be encouraged that you can help make things better so that all can flourish. Continue Reading Minority Experience : Navigating Emotional And Organizational Realities

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  • Inspira


    La cultura, no la vision o la estrategia, es el factor mas poderoso en cualquier organizacion. Ella determina la receptividad del personal y de los voluntarios a nuevas ideas, desata o inhibe la creatividad, construye o erosiona el entusiasmo, y crea un sentido de orgullo y profundo desaliento sobre trabajar o involucrarse. Finalmente, la cultura de una organizacion, particularmente en iglesias y organizaciones sin fines de lucro, pero tambien en cualquier organizacion, moldea la moral individual, el trabajo de equipo, la efectividad y los resultados. — del capitulo uno
    Con frecuencia, los lideres organizacionales confunden la cultura con la vision y la estrategia, pero son muy diferentes. La vision y la estrategia usualmente se enfocan en productos, servicios y resultados, pero la cultura es sobre las personas, el activo mas valioso de la organizacion. Inspira, Como crear una cultura organizacional poderosa lleva a descubrir los deficits en una culta organizacional e incluye los pasos necesarios para evaluar, corregir y cambiar la cultura organizacional deslucida a una vibrante e inspiracional, para que verdaderamente llene las necesidades de la organizacion. El prominente consultor de liderazgo Sam Chand describe las cinco categorias facilmente identificables de la cultura organizacional (Inspiradora, Aceptadora, Estancada, Desalentadora y Toxica), e incluye metodos diagnosticos que los lideres pueden usar para la identificar las fortalezas particulares y las necesidades de su cultura organizacional. Para ayudar en este proceso, tambien, hay una herramienta de evaluacion separada, gratuita, en linea ( Cuando la cultura de la organizacion esta claramente identificada, los lideres pueden establecer una estrategia para aplicar las siete claves de la Cultura (control, Entendimiento, Liderazgo, Confianza, Sin temor, Responsiva y Ejecucion) que hara de su cultura una que estimule a las personas a ser y hacer lo mejor, y finalmente alcanzar sus metas mas altas.

    Culture–not vision or strategy–is the most powerful factor in any organization. It determines the receptivity of staff and volunteers to new ideas, unleashes or dampens creativity, builds or erodes enthusiasm, and creates a sense of pride or deep discouragement about working or being involved there. Ultimately, the culture of an organization–particularly in churches and nonprofit organizations, but also in any organization–shapes individual morale, teamwork, e Continue Reading Inspira

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  • Extraordinary : The World Sold You A Map What You Need Is A Compass


    We live in an age saturated with tools designed to give us direction: self-help books, podcasts, search engines, GPS technology. Yet many feel lost. We do our best to follow the landmarks that seem to lead toward our dreams. But the road to the promised land turns into a cul-de-sac, and the North Star turns into the red-eye flight from JFK.

    So what now? You need a new way to navigate your life, and you don’t need someone else’s road map. You need a compass all your own.

    In Extraordinary, Michael invites you to discover the powers of identity, permission, courage, and generosity. These unchanging points in your life will provide drive, focus, and momentum, and will help you navigate the direction of you.

    Learn to let your strengths guide you and transform your life into an extraordinary adventure. Continue Reading Extraordinary : The World Sold You A Map What You Need Is A Compass

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  • House Rules : Insights For Inovative Leaders


    25 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Moving from vision to reality.

    In House Rules, Larry shares essential, on-the-ground leadership principles for environments as diverse as board rooms, public housing developments, hunger relief efforts, and donor cultivation. In an accessible and conversational style, he examines practical, instructive case studies and offers principled guidance for leaders in any management setting that calls for execution and action.

    A great resource for leadership development and motivation, House Rules will inspire leaders to face the daunting challenges ahead and expect big results. Continue Reading House Rules : Insights For Inovative Leaders

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  • Culture Catalyst : Seven Strategies To Bring Positive Change To Your Organi


    Culture Catalyst: Seven Strategies to Bring Positive Change to Your Organization

    Culture–not vision or strategy–is the most powerful factor in any organization. It determines the receptivity of staff and volunteers to new ideas, unleashes or dampens creativity, builds or erodes enthusiasm, and creates a sense of pride or deep discouragement about working or being involved there. Ultimately, the culture of an organization–particularly in churches and nonprofit organizations, but also in any organization–shapes individual morale, teamwork, effectiveness, and outcomes. -from Chapter One

    Often, organizational leaders confuse culture with vision and strategy, but they are very different. Vision and strategy usually focus on products, services, and outcomes, but culture is about the people–an organization’s most valuable asset. Culture Catalyst: Seven Strategies to Bring Positive Change to Your Organization offers a practical resource for discovering the deficits in an existing organization’s culture, and includes the steps needed to assess, correct, and change culture from lackluster to vibrant and inspirational, so that it truly meets the needs of the organization.

    Prominent leadership consultant Sam Chand describes the five easily identifiable categories of organizational culture (Inspiring, Accepting, Stagnant, Discouraging, and Toxic), and includes diagnostic methods that leaders can use to identify the particular strengths and needs of their organization’s culture. To help in this process, there is also a separate, free, online assessment tool (

    Once an organization’s culture is clearly identified, leaders can put in place a strategy for applying the seven keys of CULTURE (Control, Understanding, Leadership, Trust, Unafraid, Responsive, and Execution) that will make their culture one that stimulates people to be and do their very best and ultimately reach their highest goals.
    Continue Reading Culture Catalyst : Seven Strategies To Bring Positive Change To Your Organi

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  • Living Forward : Plan Probado Para Llegar Al Lugar Deseado


    Todos tenemos una sola vida que vivir en la tierra. Lo que hacemos con ella es nuestra decision. La vivimos a la deriva como espectadores, reaccionando a nuestras circunstancias, y preguntandonos como llegamos al punto donde estamos? O la estamos dirigiendo, maximizando la alegria y el potencial de cada dia, viviendo con un proposito o una mision en la mente?

    Muchos de nosotros hacemos lo primero, y nuestras vidas se deslizan de nuestras manos un dia a la vez. Y si trataramos la vida como el regalo que es? Y si vivieramos cada dia como si fuera parte de un plan? Eso es lo que nos ensenan el autor de exitos de ventas del New York Times Michael Hyatt, y el coach ejecutivo Daniel Harkavy: a disenar de una vida con el final en mente, determinando de antemano los resultados que deseamos, y el camino para llegar alla. En esta guia paso por paso, ellos comparten principios basicos para ayudar al lector a crear un plan de vida efectivo para que pueda llegar a donde desea, en todas las areas de su vida.

    Each of us has but one life to live on this earth. What we do with it is our choice. Are we drifting through it as spectators, reacting to our circumstances when necessary and wondering just how we got to this point anyway? Or are we directing it, maximizing the joy and potential of every day, living with a purpose or mission in mind?

    Too many of us are doing the former–and our lives are slipping away one day at a time. But what if we treated life like the gift that it is? What if we lived each day as though it were part of a bigger picture, a plan? That’s what New York Times best-selling author Michael Hyatt and executive coach Daniel Harkavy show us how to do: to design a life with the end in mind, determining in advance the outcomes we desire and the path to get there. In this step-by-step guide, they share proven principles that help readers create a simple but effective life plan so they can get from where they are now to where they really want to be–in every area of life. Continue Reading Living Forward : Plan Probado Para Llegar Al Lugar Deseado

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  • Millennials Matter : Proven Strategies For Building Your Next Gen Leader


    Turn Millennials into Your Biggest Asset.

    Successful business leaders see their experienced leaders retiring soon. Panic strikes when they see how few millennials have the leadership and sale acumen to fuel their business growth or transition.

    Danita Bye is a business leader who loves millennials and believes they could be the new greatest generation. Join her passionate journey and discover how to help young leaders get leadership traction.

    Learn how to:
    *Identify and tackle real millennial challenges.
    *Tap into millennial strengths and talents.
    *Develop capable next-gen leaders of character.
    *Build a bench of engaged and focused young team players.
    *Leverage millennials’ skills and grow your business
    *Set the stage for your business transition.
    *Leave a legacy of wisdom and strength.

    Millennials Matter will provide you with coaching inspiration and practical action steps to harness the strengths of your millennial leaders so they become one of your biggest business assets and a testimony to your leadership legacy. Continue Reading Millennials Matter : Proven Strategies For Building Your Next Gen Leader

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  • Poder De Su Liderazgo


    John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, shows you how to shift from success to significance by leading with passion and purpose in a compact new book derived from his previous title, Intentional Living.

    We all want to live a life that matters. But what is true significance? How do we define it, and how do we achieve it? In THE POWER OF YOUR LEADERSHIP, Maxwell demonstrates what can come from combining personal passion and leadership in a way that goes beyond mere success. By finding like-minded people and putting them first, you can make a difference in their lives and create a united effort that leaves a lasting positive impact. Learn how to attract people to your cause, articulate your vision, and add value from your sweet spot. Using his personal story of how he became one of the most recognized leadership experts in the world, John Maxwell shows you how to lead others according to your own purpose and create a lasting legacy. Continue Reading Poder De Su Liderazgo

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  • Power Of Your Leadership


    John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, shows you how to shift from success to significance by leading with passion and purpose in a compact new book derived from his previous title, Intentional Living.

    We all want to live a life that matters. But what is true significance? How do we define it, and how do we achieve it? In THE POWER OF YOUR LEADERSHIP, Maxwell demonstrates what can come from combining personal passion and leadership in a way that goes beyond mere success. By finding like-minded people and putting them first, you can make a difference in their lives and create a united effort that leaves a lasting positive impact. Learn how to attract people to your cause, articulate your vision, and add value from your sweet spot. Using his personal story of how he became one of the most recognized leadership experts in the world, John Maxwell shows you how to lead others according to your own purpose and create a lasting legacy. Continue Reading Power Of Your Leadership

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  • Do More Better Student Edition (Student/Study Guide)



    In Do More Better – Student Editon, you will learn: > Common obstacles to productivity > The great purpose behind productivity > 3 essential tools > The power of daily & weekly routines > How to balance, school, family, church, & the rest of life > & much more! It really is possible to live a calm, orderly life. Continue Reading Do More Better Student Edition (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Contador De Historias


    Todos buscamos la grandeza. Y el exito que alcanzamos depende de la narrativa que escuchamos.

    Luis Garcia ejerce como ejecutivo de una importante multinacional. Su vida es, para cualquiera que la contemple desde afuera, un exito absoluto. Reconocido, laureado, con una altisima remuneracion economica, Luis Garcia toca la gloria con ambas manos. Sin embargo, poco despues de alcanzar uno de sus maximos logros empresariales, su existencia se quiebra, y conoce el amargo sabor de la bancarrota fisica, emocional y familiar.

    Esa crisis lo hace recalar en un tranquilo pueblito de la costa. Alli llega abatido y absolutamente desanimado, pero tendra un encuentro que cambiara su vida para siempre. La experiencia que vive lo conducira a la verdadera cumbre, y le hara conocer que es y como es la autentica grandeza.

    El Contador de Historias es un libro realista que aborda las claves fundamentales del verdadero liderazgo. A traves de una narrativa agil, dinamica y llena de giros inesperados, Jose Luis Navajo lleva al lector en un viaje cargado de suspenso, donde reira, reflexionara y, sobre todo, encontrara las claves y diferencias entre ser activo y ser efectivo. De asombrar a transformar, y del liderazgo de imposicion al liderazgo de influencia.

    We all strive for greatness. And the success we accomplish breaks forth from the narrative we hear.

    Luis Garcia is a top executive at a multinational company. For anybody who sees him from the outside, he is an absolute success. Awarded, recognized, highly paid, Luis Garcia reaches the sky. However, right after one of his biggest business achievements, his life goes into burnout, and he goes financially, emotionally, and relationally bankrupt. The crisis takes him to a peaceful coastal town. When he arrives, he is depressed and downhearted, but one encounter soon changes his life. He soon learns what authentic greatness is all about.

    The Storyteller is a realistic book about the core foundations of true leadership. Through an agile, witty, and dynamic storytelling technique, full of unexpected twists, Jose Luis Navajo takes the reader on a ride charged with suspense, humor, and thought-provoking ideas. Most importantly, during the ride the reader, too, will find the difference between being active and being effective and move from amazement to transformation; from impositional leadership to influential leadership. Continue Reading Contador De Historias

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  • True Wealth : How To Fulfill Your Dreams Without Losing Your Soul


    Mani Erfan grew up in Iran as a faithful Shiite Muslim, but with the help of his father’s courageous actions, he avoided enrolling in the Iranian military and was given the opportunity to come to the United States instead. While studying at the University of Florida, Erfan gave his life to the Lord through a unique experience at a Christian businessman’s meeting. Within a few days of accepting Jesus as his Savior, unexpected money showed up in Erfan’s bank account, a court case was dropped, and he was reinstated at his job. Despite working at various companies that treated Erfan poorly, the Lord told him to stay put. In doing so, Erfan earned millions of dollars and learned importance of being obedient to the faithfulness of God. He then began a successful recycling company, funded by Muslims even though the sole purpose of his ministry was to preach Christianity to followers of Islam. God then told Erfan to quit his job and start a catalyst company, UNICAT. It was a risky endeavor and Erfan had to trust the Lord to carry his family through as he was trying to grow and launch his new business. Through the pages of True Wealth, Erfan expands upon what God has done in his life and he demonstrates the importance of obeying the voice of the Lord, even when you don’t understand why the Spirit is directing you to do something. Today, Erfan uses the wealth he has amassed in business to reach the Muslim world with the gospel through satellite TV and the Internet. He lives out the principle that, for Christian businesspeople, the goal of gaining wealth and market share is not to stockpile money for personal, frivolous use, but to use the income that God provides to impact the world for the kingdom of God. Continue Reading True Wealth : How To Fulfill Your Dreams Without Losing Your Soul

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  • Dare To Succeed


    People thought Fortune 500 Company CEO Joe Greene was crazy when he said he wanted to quit his job and start a business that operated solely on Christian principles. But that is just what he did, and Joe’s desire to honor God with his business catapulted him to a level of corporate and financial success few can match. Dare to Succeed shares Joe’s story and the wealth of scriptural wisdom and Christian principles he believes is critical to any company’s success. Continue Reading Dare To Succeed

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  • Be A Leader


    BE A LEADER is the second book by Tina Black, a rising star in the world of high-end training and performance systems.

    Her friend and mentor, John Paul DeJoria, the co-founder and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems writes the foreword of this book and captures its essence by stating Leadership doesn’t just happen, it takes time, tools and commitment. If you use the tools in this book, and commit to your growth as a leader, you will surely reach your goal.

    Tina’s secret to massive growth was realizing and acting on the idea that transformation begins in me. This simple, but powerful epiphany caused her to start asking questions. It is these questions that will propel you to action and move you forward.

    This book is the blueprint she used to realize her goals of growth and change. Now, she is traveling the world sharing her insights on how to become a true leader in your world.

    Everything rises and falls on leadership. If you want to rise in life and business, you must be a leader, and embrace the idea that your transformation begins in you! Continue Reading Be A Leader

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  • Jumpstart Your Productivity


    Are you productive? Would you like to be more productive? Are you frustrated that sometimes you have so much to do on your to do list that stuff ends up on the next day’s to do list? Well, good news, help is here and you can be more productive! Nationally known speaker, author and coach, Shawn Doyle will share with you tons of simple easy tips and techniques for getting and staying productive. Here are some of the thought provoking areas that are covered:
    *Target based goal setting: Knowing how to prioritize your time
    *Don’t fight the system: Selecting and using a time management system
    *Productivity vampires: Activities that suck away your time
    *Planning for maximum success: The inside secrets for successful planning
    *Night owl or early bird: Looking at when you are most productive
    *Doing the do: The power of making and using a daily to do list
    *Thumbs down: How to say no and decline invitations gracefully
    *Pardon the interruption: How to finally gain control of all those interruptions
    *I have a robot: Using technology to get more done now
    *The Power of R&R: How to use downtime to increase your productivity
    *Follow the law: The 10 most powerful principles of productivity

    This high energy, fun and engaging book will help you get more done, be less stressed and finally take control of your work and life. Continue Reading Jumpstart Your Productivity

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  • Power Of Significance


    John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, shows you how to achieve a life of purpose and significance in this compact new book derived from his previous title, Intentional Living.

    We all have a longing to be significant, to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe that they have to have an amazing idea, be a certain age, have a lot of money, or be powerful or famous to make a real difference.

    In The Power of Significance, you will learn how to live a fulfilling life that matters. Drawing on over 50 years of experience helping people around the world, John Maxwell will give you practical guidance and motivation to get started on your unique personal path to significance. Learn how to start small but believe big, find your why, and live every day as if it matters–because it does! Continue Reading Power Of Significance

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  • Power Of Significance


    John C. Maxwell, #1 New York Times bestselling author, shows you how to achieve a life of purpose and significance in this compact new book derived from his previous title, Intentional Living.

    We all have a longing to be significant, to make a contribution, to be a part of something noble and purposeful. But many people wrongly believe that they have to have an amazing idea, be a certain age, have a lot of money, or be powerful or famous to make a real difference.

    In Power Of Significance, you will learn how to live a fulfilling life that matters. Drawing on over 50 years of experience helping people around the world, John Maxwell will give you practical guidance and motivation to get started on your unique personal path to significance. Learn how to start small but believe big, find your why, and live every day as if it matters–because it does! Continue Reading Power Of Significance

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  • Billionaire Cab Driver


    Billionaire Cab Driver is an easy-to-read financial primer that reveals all of the secrets of personal financial planning that should have been taught to everyone in school.

    In this fantastic story ancient wisdom meets modern-day techniques. Billionaire cab driver Mr. Kane drives reporter Mr. Langston around the island for a full day as he explains the secrets to building personal financial independence using examples already present in nature. By the day’s conclusion, the cab driver has revealed all of the major financial principles necessary for building a personal financial plan that ensures financial success

    Designed to create a paradigm shift in the way people think about and relate to money and the ability to use it in a way to achieve their financial dreams, Billionaire Cab Driver is organized in a captivating parable format that makes understanding how to become financially independent simple. Your knowledge of money will grow a layer at a time, so by the end of the book, everything will fit together into a strong, new foundation of knowledge of how to take charge of your financial future. Continue Reading Billionaire Cab Driver

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  • Art Of Productivity


    Within these pages, you will have the opportunity to define your own success, create a life mission to achieve success, forge productivity on your own terms, and then begin to succeed by effectively utilizing motivation, communication, and implementations.

    Jim Stovall is a profilic author (over thirty published books), columnist, and speaker in the field of personal development. Beginning with a call for an honest assessment of ourselves and where we are in life, Stovall deconstructs the life of a productive and successful individual so that we can learn the steps that lead us from mediocrity to the rewards of life that most only wish for.

    Written in an entertaining, story-telling style, this is a must-read for businesspeople, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to improve their place in life.

    Read this book and understand more about:
    *Defining success
    *Establishing a mission
    *The art of passion
    *The art of discovery
    *Customizing goals
    *The art of implementation

    And much more! Continue Reading Art Of Productivity

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  • Magic Cup : A Business Parable About A Leader A Team And The Power Of Putti


    We all love the fairy tales we grew up on, creating a world in which good always wins over evil, where those whose hearts are true and who do the right thing come out on top. But, grown-up competition for success is rough, even cutthroat, and we’ve often heard that nice guys finish last.

    Not according to Howard Behar, whose career as one of the three leaders who built the Starbucks organization most definitely proves that nice guys finish first. In THE MAGIC CUP, Behar spins an engaging corporate tale to teach us exactly how we can do the same thing.

    The story revolves around Vince Steadfast, the newly named CEO of imaginary manufacturer Verity Glassworks, which has fallen on difficult times. Vince is hired to help the once iconic company return to its glory days, and he brings with him a parting gift from his mentor and former boss: a stunning crystal coffee cup from Verity’s halcyon days. The cup turns out to be magic – truly – and helps him come to understand and reinvigorate the values that Verity has misplaced along the way.

    As Vince and his new team make their way to (and through) many challenges, including the aptly named Worthy Way, Perilous Passage and Arduous Stair, the cup fills with a gold elixir and the universal truths that they learn to embrace – such as Responsibility, Forgiveness and Courage – magically become engraved in the glass.

    In the tradition of great parable writers throughout history, Behar quickly involves us in an engrossing fantasy, continually challenging us to compare each situation with our own real-life experiences. The story of THE MAGIC CUP helps each of us discover that only by acting on sound moral principles can we fill our own cups with the personal and professional success and satisfaction we seek. Continue Reading Magic Cup : A Business Parable About A Leader A Team And The Power Of Putti

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  • Napoleon Hills Power Of Positive Action


    Those who enjoy the power of positive action accomplish more, have less stress, live with fewer regrets, become more self-disciplined, and demonstrate personal persistence. These qualities contribute to making our unique world a better place to live. We improve the world by simply taking positive action.

    If you decide to take positive action, you will begin to reap the benefits immediately. You will begin to decree to your subconscious mind that you are an action-oriented person who accepts no excuses.

    Napoleon Hill’s Power of Positive Action will provide you with tools to help you:
    *Adopt a positive attitude
    *Achieve better physical health
    *Find harmony in relationships
    *Gain freedom from fear
    *See hope for the future
    *Acquire the capacity for faith
    *Grow a desire to share
    *Keep an open mind
    *Achieve self-discipline

    By following the steps outlined in this book, you become the scriptwriter for your life’s story and the creator of your own advancement and success.

    Read this book and take positive action today! Continue Reading Napoleon Hills Power Of Positive Action

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  • 25 Biblical Laws Of Success (Reprinted)


    A dynamic writing team draws on years of biblical study and business experience to present the Bible as the best success manual ever written to help business people succeed in life and work. Continue Reading 25 Biblical Laws Of Success (Reprinted)

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  • Art Of Presentation


    In The Art of Presentation, the second book of the new Jim Stovall and Dr. Ray Hull Your Ultimate Guide series for personal development and business success, the authors use their decades of combined experience, research, and natural abilities to powerfully illustrate the specifics of effective public speaking.

    Read this book to learn more about:
    *Public speaking as a performance art
    *World-changing speakers of the past
    *Contemporary, influential public speakers
    *Preparing a presentation
    *The art of using a microphone
    *Speaking tips and techniques
    *Elements of a speech
    *The art of stage presence
    *Business speaking
    *Concluding the speech to make an impact

    Stovall’s revealing stories mixed with Dr. Ray Hull s straightforward, factual approach combine to make this a must-read for businesspeople, salespeople, entrepreneurs, teachers, pastors, academics, and anyone wanting to improve their public speaking abilities.
    Continue Reading Art Of Presentation

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  • Inspired Career : Breathe New Life Into Your Job And Get Equipped Empowered


    Did you know you are a one of a kind individual with strengths, talents and unique experiences that can be leveraged at your workplace? Most people believe they are great but don’t always bring that greatness to work, and consequently, they tend to stagnate while others flourish and pass them up on the corporate ladder. There are things you can do today to increase your value within the company, and with increased value comes promotions, raises and a powerful sense of accomplishment. Executives from some of America’s top corporations are praising The Inspired Career as this year’s must-read book for the person who is not satisfied with their career and want more out of their vocation. This book will foster an internal drive to be, do and reach the peak in your work environment. Regardless of your position or tenure this book will help you hit the refresh button on your career. It will light a fire within you to be more fulfilled, effective and dare we say it? INSPIRED! Continue Reading Inspired Career : Breathe New Life Into Your Job And Get Equipped Empowered

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  • Love Your Work


    Are you dissatisfied in your career? Not getting the opportunities you want? Wish you could find your sweet spot?

    Our best, most fulfilling work comes when passion and opportunity meet. But many struggle to find make that happen-and that’s the problem, one that can lead to dissatisfaction both in and out of the workplace.

    In Pivot, you will learn how to strategically position yourself for forward momentum in your career. Get tips for critical tasks, like how to:
    *Discover where you are in relation to where you want to go
    *Maneuver step-by-step toward high-passion, high-opportunity areas
    *Take advantage of the process of change

    Maybe the new economy feels daunting to you. Maybe you’re not sure how to break out of your industry. Maybe you’re struggling to move up in rank. Wherever you are, if you don’t find your work meaningful and engaging, it’s time for a change, and Pivot will prepare you to make it.

    Using stories and examples from his professional experience, Robert Dickie III will teach you how to turn trial into opportunity, find the hidden value in your skills, and rewrite your career story into one that excites you. Continue Reading Love Your Work

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  • Organize Your Business


    Are you organized? Would you like to be more organized at work? Do you feel frustrated when you are not able to find what it is that you re looking for? You feel like you waste a great deal of time searching for things that you need to have at your fingertips? Do you spend more time looking for a contact phone number then the actual call will take? Or are you still looking for the project file for a meeting even after the meeting has started? If this is you, then this book is your lifeline to getting and staying organized at work.

    In this entertaining thoughtful and easy to read book, author and business expert Rachael Doyle will show you simple and easy tips and tools to help organize your work life. All of her life, people have noticed that Rachael is a highly organized person, and have always asked her what her secrets were to her organization skills. Rachael says there really is no secret, it is just setting up the right systems and processes in your daily work life to make organizing simple and easy. After that, once you have these systems in place, then it is easy to stay organized each day. As Ben Franklin once said a place for everything, everything in its place.

    In this book, she will share with you simple tips for organizing your desk and your files, for organizing your technology, and for increasing the efficiency of your meetings. You will also learn how to make business travel smoother and seemingly effortless. Rachael will also show you how to organize your time and your goals in order to be more effective and less frustrated, and able to live life to the fullest.

    This book is not about how to be perfect, or doing a wholesale personality change, it is just about giving you the right tools and systems in order to be more effective. As Andrew Mellon once said being organized isn t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it is about living the way you want to live but better. Once your life at work is more organized, you will feel more fulfilled, happier and more in control of your day to day activities. Continue Reading Organize Your Business

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  • Napoleon Hills Gold Standard


    Napoleon Hill’s Gold Standard is a source of riches that you can take to the bank! Your profit from this book will materialize in the riches you uncover while living your life’s purpose.

    Knowing what to do is great, but applying what you have learned is the real secret to success. You gain your greatest riches in life when you read, study and take action on what you have learned.

    By reading this book you are acting on your explicit faith that you can become a person you desire to be. By raising your sights to your higher self you are visualizing the picture perfect outcome for your purpose and plan.

    As Dr. Hill states: When a plan comes through to your conscious mind while you are open to the guidance of infinite intelligence, accept it with appreciation and gratitude and act on it at once. Do not hesitate, do not argue, challenge, worry, fret about it, or wonder if it’s right. Act on it! Continue Reading Napoleon Hills Gold Standard

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  • Power Principles : The Benefits Of A Wisdom Driven Life


    It has been said that the primary difference between winners and losers is their perspective.

    The best chance of real success in business, in government, in the family, in our personal goals-in any realm of life-is to develop a perspective that will enhance and expand upon what we already bring to the table. That unique outlook is a wisdom-driven perspective. Such a viewpoint is rare today because we live in a society that is gorging on information and knowledge while starving for wisdom.

    As a businessman and civic leader, Dr. Dale Bronner has been in many challenging places where he has needed to study, test, and apply the principles of wisdom. With the insights he has gleaned in addressing the demands and opportunities of leadership, professional growth, and personal fulfillment, he has helped thousands learn how to realize their maximum capacities.

    We don’t really have a leadership problem, a financial problem, a relationship problem, or a problem with any other issue-we ultimately have a wisdom problem. Power Principles guides you into the countless benefits of the wisdom-driven life, demonstrating why wisdom is the principle thing. Continue Reading Power Principles : The Benefits Of A Wisdom Driven Life

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  • Creating Career Magic


    Executive Career Development Secrets from a Life at Disney…

    Career Development Magic is a unique book full of priceless advice and insightful experience. Lee Cockerell chronicles how he went from being a college dropout, rose through the ranks at both Hilton and Marriott, and ultimately became the Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World(R) Resorts. As the Senior Operating Executive for more than a decade, Lee led a team of 40,000 Cast Members and was responsible for the operations of 20 resort hotels, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping & entertainment village and the ESPN sports and recreation complex.

    After spending more than 40 years in the hospitality industry developing skills, learning lessons in management and excellence in customer service, people were always asking Lee, How can I climb the corporate ladder? How can I get into management? How can I get promoted? How can I make more money? It was these persistent questions that led Lee to write this book.

    Lee candidly shares the specific things he did to experience such dramatic success in the corporate world, but he also shares the mistakes he made along the way, and the million-dollar lessons he learned that ultimately led him to the top spot at the number one vacation destination in the world.
    It was not Disney magic that made Lee Cockerell’s career so successful, but the way he dealt with the ups and downs that made it magical. It’s the same with your career. Through this book, you will learn how to navigate the ups and downs along your own career path and zero in on your ideal job – and ultimately, the life you desire.

    When Lee Cockerell says If I can do it, so can you, he truly means it. No matter where you are along your career path, you have an opportunity to climb the ladder of success by paying attention, asking questions and having a passion for your chosen career. Continue Reading Creating Career Magic

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  • Power Of The Other


    An expert on the psychology of leadership and the bestselling author of Integrity, Necessary Endings, and Boundaries For Leaders identifies the critical ingredient for personal and professional wellbeing.

    Most leadership coaching focuses on helping leaders build their skills and knowledge and close performance gaps. These are necessary, but not sufficient. Using evidence from neuroscience and his work with leaders, Dr. Henry Cloud shows that the best performers draw on another vital resource: personal and professional relationships that fuel growth and help them surpass current limits.

    Popular wisdom suggests that we should not allow others to have power over us, but the reality is that they do, for better or for worse. Consider the boss who diminishes you through cutting remarks versus one who challenges you to get better. Or the colleague who always seeks the limelight versus the one who gives you the confidence to finish a difficult project. Or the spouse who is honest and supportive versus the one who resents your success. No matter how talented, intelligent, or experienced, the greatest leaders share one commonality: the power of the others in their lives.

    Combining engaging case studies, persuasive findings from cutting-edge brain research, and examples from his consulting practice, Dr. Cloud argues that whether you’re a Navy SEAL or a corporate executive, outstanding performance depends on having the right kind of connections to fuel personal growth and minimize toxic associations and their effects. Presenting a dynamic model of the impact these different kinds of connections produce, Dr. Cloud shows readers how to get more from themselves by drawing on the strength and expertise of others. You don’t have a choice whether or not others have power in your life, but you can choose what kinds of relationships you want. Continue Reading Power Of The Other

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  • 8 Pasos Para Alcanzar Tu Desti


    Todo comienza con un pensamiento. Dices las palabras correctas. Tomas decisiones con proposito. Las acciones desarrollan habitos. Los habitos forman el caracter. Y el caracter te lleva a tu destino de exito. !No hay atajos!

    El Dr. Samuel Chand comparte ejemplos de las principales organizaciones, estableciendo un fundamento solido para decirte como dirigir tu vida con intencionalidad, y vivir paso a paso el proceso hacia el exito que buscas.

    Sea que administras una corporacion, una entidad sin fines de lucro, o una iglesia, te provee acceso a las ocho puertas que te llevan a tu destino.

    En este libro, recibiras conocimiento especifico sobre:

    1. Personas-Con quienes trabajar y a quienes dejar atras
    2. Penas-Como manejar las penas externas e internas
    3. Paisajes-La habilidad de cambiar de lugar y adaptarte
    4. Perspectiva-Como obligarte a pensar de nuevas maneras
    5. Prioridades-Cambiar tus prioridades segun tu vision
    6. Pasiones-Saber reconocer nuevas pasiones
    7. Preparacion-Cuando cambiar el plan estrategico
    8. Posibilidades-La astucia de descubrir posibilidades que otros no ven

    !Lidera tu vida con proposito hacia tu destino de exito!

    Everything starts with a thought. Then you say the right words. You make decisions with purpose. Actions develop habits. Habits shape character. And character leads you to success. There are no short cuts!

    Inspired by real situations he has observed in major organizations, Dr. Samuel Chand sets the solid foundation you need to lead your life with intention, and go, step by step, through the process that takes you to fulfill your destiny.

    Whether you manage a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a church, 8 Steps to Fulfill your Destiny opens the eight doors towards your destiny.

    In this book, you will gain specific knowledge on:
    1. People-With whom to work and who you should dismiss
    2. Pain-How to manage external and internal pains
    3. Places-The ability to change a place and adjust to it
    4. Perspective-How to force yourself to think in new ways
    5. Priorities-Change your priorities according to your vision
    6. Passions-Acknowledge new passions
    7. Preparation-When to change your strategic plan
    8 . Possibilities-The sense for finding out possibilities nobody can see

    Lead your life with purpose towards your successful destiny! Continue Reading 8 Pasos Para Alcanzar Tu Desti

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  • Leadership Awakening : Foundational Principles For Lasting Success


    Every leader wants to finish well, but sometimes the challenges and discouragements in life become too much to handle. Overwhelmed, we settle for less than God’s best.

    Whether you are just beginning your ministry journey or you are a seasoned veteran who is feeling tired, ineffective, or ready to quit…maybe it’s time for a Leadership Awakening!

    Your life can be marked by God’s goodness all the way to the finish line. Through the time-tested principles Doug Stringer lays out, you will discover how to…
    *Measure successful leadership God’s way
    *Overcome the oppositions godly leaders face
    *Display leadership traits that transform your family, workplace, church, and world
    *Equip yourself-and those you’re leading-to run the race and finish well
    *And much more!

    Don’t allow yourself to become a casualty on the battlefield of Christian leadership. You can have an impactful life and hear God’s beautiful words of affirmation at the end of your journey…Well done, good and faithful servant (Matthew 25:23). Continue Reading Leadership Awakening : Foundational Principles For Lasting Success

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  • 8 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny


    Unforeseen problems.
    Unanticipated market changes.
    Unexpected organizational conflicts.

    No leader is immune to the shifting circumstances and events that can challenge or stymie their professional or organizational progress. Advance warning of these oncoming storms, together with adequate preparation, can mean the difference between disaster and success.

    Using a wealth of examples gleaned from today’s top organizations, Dr. Samuel Chand lays a solid foundation to prepare today’s leaders for the unavoidable difficulties. Whether you run a corporation, a non-profit organization, or a church, LadderShifts will provide insight into eight issues every leader must face.

    These include:
    *Getting the most out of people
    *Dealing with unexpected pains
    *Why it’s necessary for leaders to make friends with their plans
    *Ten tools for gaining new perspective
    *Discerning your essential priorities
    *Coping with changing passions
    *Why preparation is more important than planning
    *Exploring new possibilities Continue Reading 8 Steps To Achieve Your Destiny

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  • Napoleon Hills Keys To Personal Achievement


    Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Personal Achievement
    From the Author of Think and Grow Rich
    An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

    With Contemporary Commentary by Judith Williamson,
    Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

    Think of it! Think of the people who drift aimlessly through life, dissatisfied, struggling against a great many things, but without a clear-cut goal.

    Can you state, right now, what it is that you want out of life? Fixing your goals may not be easy. It may even involve some painful self-examination.

    But it will be worth whatever effort it costs, because as soon as you can name your goal, you can expect to enjoy many advantages. With contemporary commentary by Judith Williamson, the director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Personal Achievement will provide you with:
    *Alert imagination
    *Contagious enthusiasm
    *Greater initiative
    *Increased self-reliance
    *A new world-view
    *A larger vision
    *Decreased problems
    *Magnetic personality
    *Higher hopes and ambitions

    Try it and see. Think of change as growth. You are the one who holds the key to your success. Nothing holds you back except yourself. Get out of your own way, and move forward.

    You Can Do It If You Believe You Can! Continue Reading Napoleon Hills Keys To Personal Achievement

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  • 3 Things Successful People Do


    You have the potential to become a success today.

    Success is a journey. If you know where you’re going and how to get there, you are going to reach your destination. In fact, you already have.

    The single most fulfilling, game-changing state of mind a person can adopt is the notion that success is in the journey itself. When you surrender superficial notions of arrival and realize that the daily process is what makes your goals real, you haven’t just changed the game of success . . . you’ve become a success already.

    3 Things Successful People Do will teach you what it means to be on the journey to success, help you discover your personal roadmap, and equip you with what you’ll need to change course and keep growing. The path to success is waiting for you-chances are, you’re on it already. Continue Reading 3 Things Successful People Do

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  • Little Book About Business Entity Selection


    What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!
    Launch Your Business on the Right Foot with Experienced Insight from One of the Nation’s Premier CPA Firms.

    The Little Book About Business Entity Selection is the result of decades of thought and is born out of the need to provide Entrepreneurs and Business Owners clear and concise information about choosing a business entity classification for a new venture. It might sound trivial, but after decades of helping people set up corporations, Marvin Morse came to an inescapable conclusion-Most people do not know how to set up their new company to maximize profitability, minimize taxation and protect themselves from liability. Three very important aspects of a business!

    Most people might opt for an afternoon in the dentist chair instead of enduring the sometimes painful process of setting up a corporation. Why? Because you don’t know what you don’t know, but at the same time you are aware that your decisions will have big financial ramifications in the future. Now, through this easy-to-read book, Marvin Morse tells you everything you need to know in story form. It is the perfect way to grasp the critically important concepts so you are well informed and can make your business decisions with complete confidence. Continue Reading Little Book About Business Entity Selection

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  • 7 Dias Para Crear El Exito Emp


    Desde la creacion del mundo, Dios establecio 7 principios infalibles para lograr el exito en todo lo que emprendamos. Vivimos en tiempos de gran competitividad, rapido desarrollo y avance tecnologico. Si no haces mas que los demas y de una mejor manera, no tendras posibilidades de una prosperidad solida y constante. Este libro es para cualquier persona que quiera crear o mejorar su propia empresa. Muchos empresarios han cometido errores que los han frustrado o los han llevado al fracaso. A menudo han comenzado sin la orientacion o informacion necesaria, y no siguen el orden que necesitan para alcanzar el exito. En estas paginas aprenderas principios poderosos para crear la empresa que siempre has deseado tener. A traves de este libro descubriras…Como aceptar el reto empresarialCual es el tiempo correcto para empezar tu empresaLas bases para una empresa exitosaLa ventaja competitivaLa importancia de la presentacion y el mercadeoComo desarrollar un plan estrategicoMetodos para buscar y generar nuevas oportunidadesQue una empresa exitosa necesita un equipo exitosoEl valor de observar y evaluar resultadosY muchas cosas mas…Este es un recurso importante que te ayudara a conseguir resultados extraordinarios. 7 dias para crear el exito empresarial es tu guia hacia la cima del mundo empresarial.

    Since the creation of the world, God established seven infallible principles for success in everything we do. We live in times of great competition, rapid development, and technological advancement. If you do not do more than others and in a better way, you have no chance of strong and constant prosperity. This book is for anyone who wants to create or improve their own businesses. Many entrepreneurs have made mistakes that have led to frustration and failure. They begin without the necessary guidance or information they need to succeed. In these pages, you will learn powerful principles for creating the company you have always wanted.Through this book you will discover…How to accept the business challenge.The right time to start your business.The basis for a successful business.Competitive advantage.The importance of presentation and marketing.How to develop a strategic plan.Methods to find and create new opportunities.How to build a successful team.The value of observing and evaluating results.And much more… This is an important resource that will help you achieve extraordinary results.Seven Days to Create Entrepreneurial Success is your guide to the top in t Continue Reading 7 Dias Para Crear El Exito Emp

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  • Que Mueve Tu Escalera


    What obstacles are blocking you?What is your biggest leadership challenge?If overcome successfully, what challenge is ready to springboard you toward your destiny?In What’s Shakin’ Your Ladder? Dr. Samuel Chand discusses fifteen challenges that are common to all leaders and teaches you how to successfully overcome them. Regardless of whether you are leading a new and developing organization or a Fortune 500 corporation, you will be confronted by the challenges of: FOCUS: Finding and maintaining what is importantCOMMUNICATION: Saying it in a way that everyone gets itDECISION MAKING: Understanding how we make decisions, so we can make them betterCHOOSING THE TEAM: Making critical decisions about who is on our teamCHANGE VS. TRANSITION: Intentionally planning transitions for smoother changeCONFLICT: Understanding the importance of health during conflictCONTROL VS. DELEGATION: Learning when to hang on and when to let goEXECUTION: Getting the job doneDr. Chand takes an in-depth look at each of these challenges (plus eight more) and provides practical advice on how to face and overcome the things that are blocking you from achieving your personal best.If you want to grow as a leader, this book is your guide Continue Reading Que Mueve Tu Escalera

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  • On Fire At Work


    On Fire at Work flies in the face of other books on workplace culture by showing that employee engagement isn’t the ultimate goal-it’s merely the starting point. Renowned leadership expert Eric Chester has gone straight to the source-top-tier leaders of the world’s best places to work to uncover their best practice strategies for getting employees to work harder, perform better, and stay longer.

    On Fire at Work features examples and original stories from exclusive personal interviews with over 25 founders/CEOs/presidents of companies like Marriott, Siemens, BB&T Bank, Wegmans, 7-Eleven, Hormel, Canadian WestJet, Ben & Jerry’s, and The Container Store, along with smaller companies like Firehouse Subs, the Nerdery, and Build-A-Bear. The guiding principle is that any organization in any industry-from Fortune 500 firms to mom-and-pop shops-can learn how to bring out the very best in their employees.

    The book’s content-rich research and conversational case study-based narrative make it a timely, actionable go-to reference on employee performance and productivity for C-level execs, corporate and government managers, HR professionals, and small business owners.

    On Fire at Work is a practical field guide that any organization can implement to build, not an engaged workforce, but a workforce that’s on fire! Continue Reading On Fire At Work

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  • Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn


    Now available in trade paperback, #1 New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell teaches readers how to turn every loss into a learning experience. John Maxwell believes that any setback, whether professional or personal, can be turned into a step forward when you possess the right tools to turn a loss into a gain. Drawing on nearly fifty years of leadership experience, Dr. Maxwell provides a roadmap for winning by examining the eleven elements that constitute the DNA of learners who succeed in the face of problems, failure, and losses. Learning is not easy during down times, it takes discipline to do the right thing when something goes wrong. As John Maxwell often points out, experience isn’t the best teacher–evaluated experience is. Continue Reading Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

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  • JumpStart Your Growth


    John C. Maxwell helps readers maximize their potential with this 90-day guide based on his #1 New York Times bestseller, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

    Named Inc. magazine’s #1 most popular leadership expert in 2014, Maxwell delivers daily inspiration and practical advice for bringing out your best, personally and professionally, one day at a time. Readers can engage every day with succinct lessons, stimulating questions, and inspiring quotes, with plenty of journaling space to record progress and revelations. Inspiring and convenient, this portable, interactive growth tool gives readers everything they need to improve self-knowledge, gain confidence, and lead more satisfying lives in three short months. Continue Reading JumpStart Your Growth

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  • Through The Fires


    Through the Fires is a triumphant comeback story in life and business. Robert Carr reflects decades of struggle that took him to the brink of financial ruin at age fifty. Carr would later make a fortune in the card payments industry only to lose almost everything in 2009 after one of the most devastating data breaches ever. Carr’s story is a vulnerable and honest depiction of holding on and staying true to the values that in the end became pillars that supported the turbulent times and allowed him to breakthrough more than once to thrive in both business and life. This is a message of hope for aspiring young people just starting out in a career, the seasoned professional, and everything in between. Readers will cheer out loud for the way Carr shapes culture and fosters employee respect, incentive and growth and how that impacts motivation, productivity and, most importantly, loyalty! Continue Reading Through The Fires

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  • Whos Holding Your Ladder


    Most organizational mistakes can be avoided, or certainly minimized, by understanding one principle: The most important decision you will ever make as a leader is selecting the leaders around you. The fact is, the people who have brought you this far, however well-meaning, may not be the right people to take you into the future. Who’s Holding Your Ladder? reminds us that the height of any visionary leader and the fulfillment of the vision are contingent on whoever is holding his or her ladder.

    In this book you will discover:
    *That without a ladder holder, you can climb only to a certain level.
    *That with the right ladder holders, you can go much higher.
    *That as organizational vision increases, the need for another type of ladder holder increases.
    *The essential qualities all first-rate ladder holders must possess.
    *The fact that leaders and managers both play critical roles; however, knowing the difference between these roles will lead to proper people placement.
    *How to turn ladder holders into ladder climbers. Continue Reading Whos Holding Your Ladder

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  • Forward : 7 Distinguishing Marks For Future Leaders


    Forward leaders are missing in action.

    Where are they today? Leaders in the future must rise and lead people forward. They have to lead so high above the fray they will not stoop to littleness in their thinking and conduct. They have to lead so big, they will not settle for just leading a few. They have to lead so deep; they will not be tossed and turned as they ride the tumultuous waters of leadership. Author Ronnie Floyd is calling for a different kind of leader to rise up for the future.

    Forward is about seven distinguishing marks for future leaders. Who are these future leaders? Anyone who leads anything in the future.

    Forward is a call. Forward is a process. Forward is a direction. Forward is a change. Continue Reading Forward : 7 Distinguishing Marks For Future Leaders

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  • Quien Sostiene Tu Escalera


    Quin sostiene tu escalera? te ayudar a entender las dinmicas de elegir a tus lderes.

    Descubrirs la diferencia entre un lder y un administrador, y evitars situar a personas en lugares equivocados.

    Las personas que te trajeron hasta aqu, a pesar de sus buenas intenciones, puede que no sean las personas que te lleven hasta el futuro. Quin sostiene tu escalera? te dar perspectiva respecto a este dilema que todo lder afronta.

    Quin sostiene tu escalera? nos recuerda que la altura de cualquier lder visionario y el cumplimiento de la visin dependen de quin est sosteniendo su escalera.
    Sin un sostenedor de escalera puedes subir solamente hasta cierto nivel
    Con un sostenedor de escalera puedes llegar ms arriba
    A medida que aumenta la visin, aumenta la necesidad de otro tipo de sostenedor de escalera
    Cualidades esenciales y crticas que todos los sostenedores de escalera excelentes deben poseer Continue Reading Quien Sostiene Tu Escalera

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  • How Successful People Win


    #1 New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell can teach you how to turn any situation into a winning experience. No one wins at everything they try. But any setback, whether professional or personal, can become a step forward with the right tools and mindset to turn loss into a gain. Drawing on nearly 50 years of leadership experience, Maxwell provides a roadmap for winning by examining the eleven elements that constitute the DNA of people who succeed in the face of problems, failure, and losses. Learning is not easy during down times. It takes discipline to do the right thing when something goes wrong. As John Maxwell often points out, experience itself isn’t the best teacher; evaluating, understanding, and growing from your experience is. By examining how that process works, you can learn how to take risks and tackle challenges with a successful person’s outlook. Derived from material previous published in Sometime You Win–Sometimes You Learn. Continue Reading How Successful People Win

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  • Leadership Handbook : 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs


    New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John Maxwell offers practical insight into learning how to lead the person who matters most-yourself.

    The path to leadership begins with a question only few of us ask: How do I lead myself? John Maxwell presents twenty-six insights, not just for those who aspire to positions of leadership but also for veteran leaders who aim to build and improve upon the steps that led them to the front of the line. Sound leadership will impact any endeavor, but sound leaders are prepared for risk-and importantly, failure-just as they point the way toward achievement. With application exercises and a Mentoring Moment to accompany each chapter, The Leadership Handbook presents a road map for a path many may cross but few choose to follow. A leader, counsels Maxwell, never has to recover from a good start. Continue Reading Leadership Handbook : 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs

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  • Fairness Is Overrated


    Executive pastor and leadership coach Tim Stevens shows readers how to create the organizational culture they’d love to work in themselves. Profitable organizations require a healthy culture, and Pastor Tim Stevens knows the secret sauce for a vibrant and successful workplace. Drawn from his experience working at Granger Community Church in Indiana, where he leads a team of more than 130 people, and from growing a worldwide ministry-5,000 people in three locations in Granger and 1,800 churches in India-Fairness Is Overrated lays out a practical blueprint for success.

    Short, digestible chapters-fueled by practical bullet-points, discussion questions, and real-life examples-give lessons and practical advice few leadership manuals teach, such as how resumes are worthless and Facebook and Twitter shouldn’t be prohibited at work. Whether it’s the power of switching off the iPhone in a meeting, balancing the visions of artists and leaders, or how to fire people with grace, Fairness Is Overrated is packed with practical tips for real leadership, every single day. Continue Reading Fairness Is Overrated

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  • Rising Above A Toxic Workplace


    Many employees experience the reality of bulling bosses, poisonous people, and soul-crushing cultures on a daily basis. Rising Above a Toxic Workplace tells authentic stories from today’s workers who share how they cope, change-or quit. Candidly they open up about what they learned, what they wish they had done, and how to gain resilience. Insightfully illustrating from these accounts, authors Gary Chapman, Paul White, and Harold Myra blend their combined experiences in ministry and business to deliver hope and practical guidance to those who find themselves in an unhealthy work environment. Includes a Survival Guide and Toolkit full of strategies and realistic insights. Continue Reading Rising Above A Toxic Workplace

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  • Wisdom For Winners Volume One


    Wisdom for Winners, A Millionaire Mindset by Jim Stovall

    An Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation
    On the heels of the New York Times bestseller The Ultimate Gift and the major motion picture from 20th Century Fox based on that book Jim Stovall brings you Wisdom for Winners, A Millionaire Mindset.

    For more than a decade, Jim Stovall’s Winner’s Wisdom syndicated columns have been read and studied by highly successful people around the globe. Now, that same wit, wisdom and millionaire experience is available for you in this book.

    Wisdom for Winners contains a unique combination of guidance for the career professional and the entrepreneur combined with spiritual wisdom that prompts self-reflection. Organized into small sections, the material can be read incrementally for greater impact. Continue Reading Wisdom For Winners Volume One

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  • Worlds Best Customer


    Sher Valenzuela represents the new breed of leaders that America needs now more than ever. She is a leader capable of creating sustainable and scalable systems and processes, balancing budgets, leveraging strengths, optimizing efficiencies, and reaching out to others to get things done.

    More than simply a case study, formula or model, The World’s Best Customer captures and conveys what is best about America-entrepreneurism, free enterprise, capitalism, government, and public-private partnerships. Every entrepreneur should read this book with pen and paper in hand and learn how you too can add The World’s Best Customer to your client list! Continue Reading Worlds Best Customer

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  • Organizational Leadership : Foundations And Practices For Christians



    Section 1: Theological Foundations For Christian Leadership

    Chapter 1: Called To Lead: How Do I Know? Timothy G. Dolan

    Chapter 2: Leadership In The Context Of A Christian Worldview Gayne J. Anacker And John R. Shoup

    Chapter 3: Towards A Biblical Theology Of Leadership Rick Langer

    Section 2: Theoretical Foundations For Christian Leadership

    Chapter 4: The Leadership River: Historical Currents Of Management And Leadership Theory John S. (Jack) Burns

    Chapter 5: The Sea Of Complexity: Emerging Understandings Of Management, Leadership, And Organizations John S. (Jack) Burns

    Section 3: Key Skills And Practices In Christian Leadership

    Chapter 6: A Christian Context For Interpersonal And Organizational Communication
    Ronald K. Pyle

    Chapter 7: Conflict And Negotiation John S. (Jack) Burns

    Chapter 8: Decision-Making Theory, Strategies And Skills John R. Shoup, Chris McHorney

    Chapter 9: Christian Leadership And Financial Integrity: Temptation, Transformation And Transparency R. Scott Rodin

    Chapter 10: Sustaining The Leader Timothy G. Dolan


    Additional Info
    Kingdom leadership does not begin and end at the church door. Christians are called to conduct leadership in government, commerce, schools, neighborhoods, families, para-church ministries and a myriad other contexts. God has given us many gifts, and our responsibility is to be stewards of those gifts, and use them to do the King’s work. In that context, this comprehensive text explores key facets of leadership from a Christian worldview so as to equip people to conduct leadership more authentically than would be possible under alternative paradigms. The book begins with the seldom considered theological foundations of leadership while also tracing the historic roots of management, organization and leadership theories. All of this leads to a robust discussion of five essential challenges and practices–communication, negotiation, decision-making, financial stewardship and personal development. The combined efforts of these experts in the field provide a practical theology of leadership from a Christian worldview for emerging and established leaders. Here is the foundation needed for those who want to conduct leadership in a manner consistent with their faith in both religious and nonreligious organizational contexts. Continue Reading Organizational Leadership : Foundations And Practices For Christians

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  • How Successful People Grow


    Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow? John Maxwell says the answer is yes. He has been passionate about personal development for over fifty years, and here, he teaches everything he has gleaned about what it takes to reach our potential. In the way that only he can communicate, John teaches . . .

    The Law of the Mirror: You Must See Value in Yourself to Add Value to Yourself
    The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
    The Law of Modeling: It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow
    The Law of the Rubber Band: Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You are and Where You Could Be
    The Law of Contribution: Developing Yourself Enables You to Develop Others

    This compact read will help readers become lifelong learners whose potential keeps increasing and never gets used up. Continue Reading How Successful People Grow

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  • Prosperity With Purpose


    Starry-eyed young entrepreneurs often ask me, What s the formula for success? After they hear whom I ve worked for and the companies I ve developed, they want the holy grail business-extraordinary financial wealth. Each walks away dejected when I frankly admit, There no formula. As a boy, I made a misguided vow that propelled me into becoming an ice man in the corporate world, a man who didn t care for anything but his own advancement. I was a high level executive at General Mills, Pepsi Co, Frito Lay TacoBell, and Disney. I helped build a company worth billions(MFS), and was a founder of another (Level 3 Communications) worth over 100 billion. In fact, the Internet largely sits on that company s infrastructure. But at the height of my career, tragedy struck…and a terrible, wonderful decision had to be made. If you want to understand the underlying values of success, my journey will assist you. If you have been debilitated by pain, my story will bring comfort. If you are an executive that thrives on business but are thirsting for more, this book may be your story as well. I can t give you the formula for success, but I can show you how to live a life of relentless purpose. .. which may or may not include profound wealth. Continue Reading Prosperity With Purpose

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  • 5 Levels Of Leadership


    John C. Maxwell’s Wall Street Journal bestseller shares the steps to becoming an effective leader.

    True leadership isn’t a matter of having a certain job or title. In fact, being chosen for a position is only the first of the five levels every effective leader achieves. In his seminal work, leadership guru John Maxwell presents readers with the five stages of leadership and explains how to maximize each one to become more influential, respected and successful:
    1. Position – People follow because they have to.
    2. Permission – People follow because they want to.
    3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.
    4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally.
    5. Pinnacle – People follow because of who you are and what you represent. Continue Reading 5 Levels Of Leadership

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  • 17 Indisputable Laws Of Teamwork


    The go-to guide for building and maintaining successful teams.

    People who have taken their teams to the highest level in their field often have difficulty recreating what accounted for their successes. Is it a strong work ethic? Is it chemistry? What tools can you wrap your hands around to build-or rebuild-your team? In The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell shares the vital principles of team building that are necessary for success in your business, family, church, or organization.

    In his practical, down-to-earth style, he shows how:
    The Law of High Morale inspired a 50-year-old man, who couldn’t even swim, to train for the toughest triathlon in the world.
    The Law of the Big Picture prompted a former U.S. president to travel cross-country by bus, sleep in a basement, and do manual labor.
    Playing by the Law of the Scoreboard enabled one Web-based company to keep growing and making money while thousands of other Internet businesses failed.
    Ignoring the Law of the Price Tag caused one of the world’s largest retailers to close its doors after 128 years in business.

    The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork empowers readers-whether coaches or players, teachers or students, CEOs or non-profit volunteers-with the how-tos and attitudes for building a successful team. Continue Reading 17 Indisputable Laws Of Teamwork

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  • My Fathers Business


    Established author, successful businessman, international speaker, and pastor Peter Tsukahira writes with zeal and compassion to help believers understand the importance of ministry in the marketplace. This timely book is written for believers who find themselves in the business world.

    The reader will learn: Practical guidelines to achieve success in a calling to the marketplace.

    Insights from a pastor and congregational founder who was an executive in a multinational computer company.

    Prophetic Bible teaching integrated with practical advice based on personal experiences.

    To focus on the power and importance of developing godly character in the marketplace.

    About the spiritual blessings and rewards that come when one does business in God’s way. Continue Reading My Fathers Business

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  • Dave Ramseys Complete Guide To Money


    If you’re looking for practical information to answer all you How? What? and Why? questions about money, this book is for you. Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money covers the A to Z of Dave’s money teaching, including how to budget, save, dump debt, and invest. You’ll also learn all about insurance, mortgage options, marketing, bargain hunting and the most important element of all-giving.

    Topics Covered: Super Saving, Relating With Money, Cash Flow Planning, Dumping Debt, Credit Sharks In Suits, Buyer Beware, Clause and Effect, That’s Not Good Enough, The Pinnacle Point, From Fruition To Tuition, Working In Your Strengths, Real Estate and
    Mortgages, Give Like No One Else. Continue Reading Dave Ramseys Complete Guide To Money

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  • 360 Degree Leader


    New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell shows anyone how to lead, regardless of their level in any organization. In his nearly thirty years of teaching leadership, John Maxwell has encountered this question again and again: How do I apply leadership principles if I’m not the boss? It’s a valid question that Maxwell answers in The 360 Degree Leader. You don’t have to be the main leader, asserts Maxwell, to make significant impact in your organization. Good leaders are not only capable of leading their followers but are also adept at leading their superiors and their peers. Debunking myths and shedding light on the challenges, John Maxwell offers specific principles for Leading Down, Leading Up, and Leading Across. 360-Degree Leaders can lead effectively, regardless of their position in an organization. By applying Maxwell’s principles, you can expand your influence and ultimately be a more valuable team member. Continue Reading 360 Degree Leader

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  • Guide To Governing Charities


    So You Can Better Serve Finding the right answers for governing charities begins with asking the right questions. In this book, Ted Hull answers sixteen questions every Board Member wants to ask, is afraid to ask, or too tired to ask. A Guide to Governing Charities is not about tweaking your current governance process; it’s about your Board moving in a whole new direction. If you are weary of board meetings that are long on discussion, but short on direction, this is the must-read and easy-to-read book you have been looking for. Continue Reading Guide To Governing Charities

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  • Go Getter : The Timeless Classic That Tells You How To Be One


    The famous tale about perseverance in business and in life.

    We intuitively know what it takes to win-we just don’t always do it. This book will point any-one in the right direction. Read it and find out why The Go-Getter is required reading for every member of Dave Ramsey’s team.

    Foreword by Dave Ramsey. A business classic for nearly a century New afterword highlights and applies the lessons of The Go-Getter to the real world. Continue Reading Go Getter : The Timeless Classic That Tells You How To Be One

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  • Art Of Persuasion


    How to master the art of positive persuasion in today’s real world in order to get what you want, when you want it, and from whom you want it, including the difficult people you come across every day! The focus of this book is on the art of positive persuasion-winning people over to your side without intimidation. There is nothing manipulative here, just skills and techniques that will reflect the fact that you really like people and want them to like you. These skills will help you win them over to your way of thinking. Continue Reading Art Of Persuasion

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  • Spiritual Leadership : Moving People On To Gods Agenda (Expanded)


    Next to their Experiencing God classic, Spiritual Leadership is one of Henry and Richard Blackaby’s most highly regarded and best-selling books to date, encouraging business and church leaders alike to follow God’s biblical design for success. In fact, the Barna Group reports that pastors list it among today’s most influential writings on the topic of how God develops, guides, and empowers spiritual leaders.

    In this new trade paper edition of Spiritual Leadership, the Blackabys update their notes on the key points regarding a leader’s challenges, character qualities, influence, decision making techniques, and more, all the while focusing on how leaders discover and promote God’s vision for their organization and move people on to His agenda. There are also new chapters on leading change and leading teams. Continue Reading Spiritual Leadership : Moving People On To Gods Agenda (Expanded)

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  • Necessary Endings : The Employees Businesses And Relationships That All Of


    From the bestselling author of Integrity, Dr. Henry Cloud, Necessary Endings is a mindset-shifting book that challenges you to proactively prune the bad and the broken in your life to create space for the personal and professional growth you seek. Continue Reading Necessary Endings : The Employees Businesses And Relationships That All Of

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  • You The Leader


    Do you envision future possibilities that others don’t? Are you a can-do person? Do creative solutions to the challenges of life stir in your heart and soul? The truth is that this world is in desperate need of good, godly leaders–in other words, the human race needs you and your abilities. Drawing from Scripture, personal experience, and the writings of both contemporary and historical leaders, Pastor Phil Pringle offers practical insights into effective leadership that can be applied in every arena of life, not just inside church walls. Explore your God-given leadership possibilities, and find out how to implement the vision He has instilled in you. Continue Reading You The Leader

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  • Stan Tolers Guide Hiring Staff


    Getting the right staff at the right time can make or break a congregation’s momentum. Drawing from his vast experience as a senior pastor and leader of large organizations, Toler shares the secrets that will make your first hire the right one. Subjects include: casting the vision for staff expansion, funding a new position, communicating vision to staff members, setting staff expectations, interviewing, the first thirty days, and how to be a great boss. Continue Reading Stan Tolers Guide Hiring Staff

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  • God Is At Work


    God Is at Work reveals an emerging missions movement, one in which Christians are meeting significant spiritual and economic needs in the developing world. Drawing on his years of experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Ken Eldred shares

    * What are sources of spiritual capital that can transform nations
    * How you can succeed in business and build God’s kingdom
    * How to start a business with a purpose
    * How kingdom businesses can transform people’s lives

    There is an important role for Christian business people in effecting real change in developing countries, and many are already taking up the mantle. They are pursuing Kingdom business, for-profit business ventures designed to facilitate the transformation of people and nations.
    Douglass North was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1993 for demonstrating that a nation’s economic performance depends on its prevailing belief system or culture. That’s because a society’s collective beliefs form the basis on which several institutions critical for economic success are built: formal rules, informal norms, and their enforcement characteristics. The implication for developing nations, says North, is that both institutions and belief systems must change for successful reform.

    Based on North’s work, it is not by chance that democratic capitalism flourished first and foremost in countries with a strong Judeo-Christian worldview. Scriptural principles include the equality of each person before the law, the sanctity of property rights, the ethical demand to be fair and compassionate employers, the injunction to work diligently and honestly, the grace to undertake new endeavors, and a hope for the future. A business environment characterized by heartfelt biblical morality will be far more successful than one that is characterized by dishonesty, disloyalty, distrust, and disorder. On the flip side, where these biblical values are not present, capitalism will fail to live up to its potential. Thus, economic transformation requires a spiritual transformation in which minds are renewed and new values are adopted.

    Learn why Christian business people are uniquely equipped to address poverty, a disease that afflicts many millions around the world. Discover the colorful two thousand-year history of business as a missions vehicle. Meet those engaged in exciting Kingdom business ventures today-even in areas mostly closed to the gospel. Get a vision for transforming people and nations through business.

    Thi Continue Reading God Is At Work

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  • How Successful People Think


    The perfect, compact listen for today’s fast-paced world, How Successful People Think (derived from Maxwell’s previous book, Thinking for a Change) will teach listeners the 11 secrets successful people know. Arranged in an easy-to-follow format, America’s leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, will teach listeners how to expand their thinking and achieve their dreams.

    The 11 keys to successful thinking include:
    Big-Picture Thinking – seeing the world beyond your own needs and how that leads to great ideas
    Focused Thinking – removing mental clutter and distractions to realize your full potential
    Creative Thinking – thinking in unique ways and making breakthroughs
    Shared Thinking – working with others to compound results
    Reflective Thinking – looking at the past to gain a better understanding of the future. Continue Reading How Successful People Think

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  • Convirtiendose En Lider


    Active su potencial de liderazgo

    El Dr. Myles Munroe, autor de libros de exito, aclara el mito de que solamente algunas personas estan destinadas a ser lideres, mientras que todos los demas estan destinados a ser seguidores. Usted puede llegar a convertirse en el lider que Dios dispuso usted fuera.

    Descubra como…

    Activar su potencial de liderazgo.
    Desarrollar un legado positivo.
    Encontrar recursos para cumplir con su mision.
    Desenvolver su funcion original en la vida.

    !Reconozca sus habilidades de liderazgo innato y llegue a ser el lider que se supone usted debe ser!

    Becoming a Leader has been used by Fortune 500 corporations, universities, and international organizations as a tool for leadership development. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe reveals the secrets of dynamic leadership that will turn your leadership potential into a potent reality. With the insight of Dr. Munroe, you will be able to:
    -Become a front-runner as you overcome barriers to effective leadership.
    -Discover natural leadership qualities lying dormant within you.
    -Understand that true leadership means deploying others to become as good as or better than you are.
    -Be encouraged, provoked, and stimulated as your leadership gift within is activated.
    True leadership is not something you grasp but something you become. Continue Reading Convirtiendose En Lider

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  • Claves Para Liderazgo


    Repleto de citas motivacionales y consejos practicos, este libro de citas de inspiracion del autor de libros de mayor venta, el Dr. Myles Munroe, provee sabiduria para vivir su vida de acuerdo con los propositos de Dios. Claves para el Liderazgo revela la esencia del espiritu de liderazgo, la actitud mental personal y las cualidades esenciales que le convertiran en un lider en su reino de dones. A medida que medite en estas verdades, su mente sera renovada y su vida sera transformada.

    Usted entendera el diseo original del Creador para que con gozo y confianza pueda cumplir su proposito en el mundo, proposito que fue dado por Dios.

    In Keys for Leadership, Dr. Munroe reveals that the one thing all leaders have in common is not education, knowledge, or networking. It is a spirit. When you think according to the spirit of leadership, you begin the process of becoming a leader. Every human being has the capacity for leadership, but most lack the understanding or will to develop it. Learn the keys for leadership, capture the spirit of leadership, and you will discover the leader within you. Continue Reading Claves Para Liderazgo

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  • Be A People Person (Reprinted)


    John Maxwell shows you how to develop the most important element in business success: Relationships. Dr. John Maxwell, America’s leadership expert and best-selling author, reveals how reaching out to others, and building strong relationships can help people become more effective leaders. Continue Reading Be A People Person (Reprinted)

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  • Speak Up With Confidence (Revised)


    This step-by-step guide to public speaking will walk you through preparing and delivering any kind of message-from sharing your testimony or a devotional to leading a meeting or workshop.

    Continue Reading Speak Up With Confidence (Revised)

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  • Biblical Principles For Building A Successful Business


    A comprehensive blend of information, expert analysis, and proven business strategies that will serve as an invaluable resource for building your business. This book gives you the practical tools you need to plan, prepare, and grow a cutting-edge enterprise in today’s competitive environment.
    Continue Reading Biblical Principles For Building A Successful Business

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  • Next Generation Leader


    The church needs energetic new leaders, and today young people all around the country are eager to serve God. Stanley shares material from his leadership training sessions, developed to mentor promising candidates in five areas—clarity, character, courage, competency, and coaching. His proven plan will help you equip those around you for their God-given ministries. Continue Reading Next Generation Leader

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  • Today Matters : 12 Daily Practices To Guarantee Tomorrows Success


    Now in TODAY MATTERS, motivational teacher and bestselling author John C. Maxwell shows you how to seize the day. In this hands-on and inspiring guide, he offers twelve daily practices to help you control your daily agenda, make time for people you love, and find success in your career. Start right now and learn how to:
    Prioritize your agenda-learn how to decide every day what’s important to you and then get it done
    Stretch your creativity and thinking-generate new ideas every day to become a more valuable employee or boss
    Manage your money-every day, instead of letting it manage you
    Improve and build relationships-connect with others every day with Maxwell’s easy how-to’s
    Nurture your personal growth-find out how to make yourself more valuable every day, and enjoy the payoff tomorrow.

    And you’ll find much, much more, including exercises at the end of every chapter to put these practices into your life as soon as possible. There’s a great time to begin a more successful life. It’s called today. Continue Reading Today Matters : 12 Daily Practices To Guarantee Tomorrows Success

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  • Lost Art Of Leadership


    The Lost Art of Leadership: Modeling, Mentoring, Multiplication Effective leadership is the key to the future for America and the church. Biblically based leadership has become a lost art. Effective leadership accomplishes the organizational goals, while developing the people. It produces more leaders and it produces optimal results with minimal frustration. As proven, Biblically based leadership principles have given way to trends and get it quick schemes, the tragic results have been obvious in business and ministry: frustrated staff members, low productivity, a lack of personal initiation, and no sense of responsibility. Leaders are frustrated, yet they have failed to see that Christian terminology does not equate to scriptural approach. Leadership in America is in a crisis, but God’s Word has the solution. In The Lost Art of Leadership, Dr. James B. Richards draws upon his extensive leadership experience in both the corporate and the Christian spheres. For over thirty years he has proven that the time-honored, spiritually based leadership principles in God’s Word work — in family, church, and every area of the corporate world. The Lost Art of Leadership is a book of solutions. It is a much-needed guidebook that explains not only the principles, but also the mechanics and techniques of effective leadership. Dr. Richards will introduce you to three aspects of great leadership: modeling, mentoring and multiplication. Do you want people to take ownership of their job? Do you want people to learn the task and do it with excellence? Do you want more freedom to pursue the dream while the team works? Do you want to be surrounded by effective leaders who get the job done? Do you feel like you have to be there to get the job done right? Are you worn out with solving all the problems? Would you like more creative input from your team? Continue Reading Lost Art Of Leadership

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  • Biblical Principles For Releasing Financial Provision


    Biblical Principles for Releasing Financial Provision! Is a remarkable resource that is all at once a gift, tool, and mantle. You will find that this study will be a true gift for anyone. As a tool, this material will help build and edify disciples of Christ, with apostolic doctrine. And a mantle, as God covenants to bless those who live out the principles of giving revealed in this book. Step forward and receive the gift, took, and mantle! Continue Reading Biblical Principles For Releasing Financial Provision

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  • Gatekeepers : Whatever God Can Get Through You He Will Get To You


    Are you longing to find greater significance in the business arena? In this book, you’ll learn how Gatekeepers have a special ability to both create wealth and properly distribute it. Gatekeepers are on the cutting edge of a coming wealth shift. They are portals of provision, a bridge from one realm to another. The world’s resources are going to come through Gatekeepers and help finance God’s work in the earth. Gatekeepers are God’s frontline forces in business, and the business world is never going to be the same again!
    Continue Reading Gatekeepers : Whatever God Can Get Through You He Will Get To You

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  • Attitude 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know


    John Maxwell firmly points to attitude as the key in making or breaking a leader. Leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition, because it will influence the way the followers think and feel. Great leaders understand that the right attitude will set the right atmosphere, which enables the right responses from others. Maxwell addresses what shapes a person9s attitude and whether or not attitude can be changed. He addresses the common feeling of failure and shows how to overcome obstacles. Understanding success as a journey rather than a destination, he explains, is the key to good leadership. He concludes Attitude 101 with practical ways readers can take their attitude to the next level. Continue Reading Attitude 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know

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  • Leadership 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know


    Drawing from John Maxwell’s bestsellers Developing the Leader Within You, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, and Becoming a Person of Influence, Leadership 101 explores the timeless principles that have become Dr. Maxwell’s trademark style. In a concise, straightforward style, Maxwell focuses on essential and time-tested qualities necessary for true leadership _influence, integrity, attitude, vision, problem-solving, and self-discipline _and guides readers through practical steps to develop true leadership in their lives and the lives of others. Continue Reading Leadership 101 : What Every Leader Needs To Know

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  • 1 Minute Manager Meets The Monkey


    When a person goes to the boss with a problem and the boss agrees to do something about it, the monkey is off his back and onto the boss’s. How can managers avoid these leaping monkeys? Here is priceless advice from three famous experts: how managers can meet their own priorities, give back other people’s monkeys, and let them solve their own problems. Continue Reading 1 Minute Manager Meets The Monkey

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