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Biblical Studies

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  • Know Your Bible


    Know Your Bible is a concise, easy-to-understand guide to God’s Word-giving you a helpful and memorable overview of all 66 books. For each Know Your Bible provides data on the author and time frame, a ten-word synopsis, a longer (50-100 word) summary, thoughts on what makes the book unique or unusual, a listing of key verses, and a So, What? section of practical application. It’s a fantastic resource for individuals and ministries! Continue Reading Know Your Bible

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  • Great Divorce : A Love Story


    Divorce an insidious disease not only attacking the world but the body of Christ as well. The Great Divorce a Love Story takes a fresh look at the subject in both the Old and New Testaments. God established marriage in the Garden of Eden. A better understanding of Adam, Adam & Eve, their relationship with God, and the events that took place prior to and in the Garden, reveal principles and laws not written in the Ten Commandments.
    By understanding these principles, we can identify some of the traps the enemy has set for us and how we look at our lives and our relationship with God. How does God look at divorce? What did Jesus really say to the Pharisees? What can God do? Does He really understand those going through a divorce or who have had a divorce? After exploring further than expected for any treasures he could find, Dr. Cranmer unearthed some new facets on several biblical principles that do not seem to shine as brightly today as in the past and investigates these principles in this new light.

    So, the investigation begins in the beginning. Many surprising discoveries are identified.

    Continue Reading Great Divorce : A Love Story

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  • Living In Hope


    All Christians say they believe in Christ’s second coming to earth but they are far from clear about what will precede or follow that world event. Taking Matthew chapters 24 and 25 as a basis, David Pawson clarifies the signs of his approaching advent and the separation of Christians that will be the result. Together they spell out what it means to live in hope.
    Continue Reading Living In Hope

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  • Strange Scriptures : Deciphering 52 Weird, Bizarre, And Curious Verses From


    What’s that Scripture mean?

    Ever asked yourself this question when you’re reading through the Bible? We all have. Whether we’ve been saved a long time or are just beginning to follow Christ, there are portions of Scripture that go over our heads. They’re puzzling. Odd. Complicated. Strange.

    *What’s baptism on behalf of the dead? (1 Corinthians 15:29)
    *Wasn’t it rude for Jesus to call a woman a dog? (Mark 7:27)
    *If Jesus is eternal, why is he called the firstborn? (Colossians 1:15)
    *How can we do greater works than Christ? (John 14:12)

    Scriptures like these are not preached from the pulpit as commonly as our favorite texts. You rarely hear about them in your small group Bible study. And it’s definitely not easy to explain what they mean.

    Think of it like this: if the Bible were an apple orchard, the Scriptures we’re most familiar with are like the luscious Honey Crisp. They’re our favorites. Like, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and Love never fails. Oh, the meaning and relevant application from these just gushes forth into our lives.

    But strange Scriptures are more like crabapples. Consider this one: For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment (2 Peter 2:4). Not quite a Honey Crisp, is it? There’s juice in it, all right, but if you want meaning and life application, you have to do a whole lot more squeezing.

    That’s where Strange Scriptures comes in. Within each short study, author Chris Palmer has aimed to represent scholarship, Greek exegesis, and life application to bring forth a full-bodied study to nourish your soul. Continue Reading Strange Scriptures : Deciphering 52 Weird, Bizarre, And Curious Verses From

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  • Greek Word Study


    Flour. Sheep. Coins. Wheat. Jesus never abandoned the familiarity of His time because what He had to say was so celestial or deep. Instead, He took advantage of what people already understood. In doing so, He didn’t just leave a way of salvation for us, but also a pattern of teaching to follow. This alone was my inspiration for how I chose to write Greek Word Study.–author Chris Palmer

    In a follow-up to his highly acclaimed book Letters from Jesus: Studies from the Seven Churches of Revelation, the Rev. Chris Palmer has written Greek Word Study: 90 Ancient Words That Unlock Scripture. With wit, humor, grace, and scholarship, Chris offers biblical insights while teaching Koine Greek words and phrases one delightful bite at a time. Unlike other books that overwhelm readers with Greek grammar, word formation, tenses, and the like, Chris makes the language accessible to anyone, using modern stories and analogies that engage readers and draw them into the Scriptures. Learning some Greek words and phrases helps you read the Bible in high definition!

    You don’t need to be scholar to read this book and you don’t need to know an ounce of Greek either. In fact, you don’t even have to really know much about the Bible at all, Chris says. All you need to do is just kick back and enjoy. Continue Reading Greek Word Study

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  • Studies In The Deeper Life


    This outstanding Bible study course by legendary teacher E. W. Kenyon was written to lead Christians into a deeper walk with the Master. Profound scriptural truths are presented in a simple and east-to-understand manner. As it takes you through the pages of the Bible, you will begin to see who you are in Christ, what He has done for you, and your standing before God the Father. An ideal study for both groups or individuals. Continue Reading Studies In The Deeper Life

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  • Hebrew Word Study Exploring The Mind Of God


    Hebrew Word Study: Exploring the Mind of God reveals the thoughts and plans of our Creator-Father as revealed in the deeper meanings of Hebrew words in Scripture. Chaim Bentorah highlights many Old Testament passages that reveal the loving nature of God, as opposed to the vindictive nature that is commonly portrayed. Each devotional includes a specific passage of Scripture, followed by an investigation of key words in the original Hebrew, all pointing to the eternal purposes of our loving heavenly Father. Use as an inspiring daily devotional that will draw you closer to the Lord, a deeper word study into biblical Hebrew–or both! You don’t even have to be familiar with a word of Hebrew to be greatly blessed by these insights. Chaim opens up the biblical passages while ultimately pointing us to enter more fully into a loving relationship with our Lord. Continue Reading Hebrew Word Study Exploring The Mind Of God

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  • Virtuous Woman : A Comprehensive Study For Present Day Women


    Are you wondering why the world is in such chaos? Do you ever wonder how we can hit the reset button on society? A recent survey from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut found that 75% of Americans call themselves Christian, an 11% decline since 1990. This is a heart-wrenching discovery. Though most of us see the decline, do we understand why?

    In The Virtuous Woman, Amanda Poskevich will take you along on an amazing journey in discovering the perfect truth that has been lost throughout the centuries by the lack of obedience to our Father’s Word. We will take a journey through topics that affect our world today and tackle them head-on. Without changing our thinking and our way of worship, humankind will continue down an endless cycle of self-destruction. Together, we can change that!

    With our country and the world in disarray, most of us have become accustomed to the lack of order in our society and utter disregard of Biblical Teaching. Buckle up, open your heart and mind, and prepare to dig deeper than you’ve ever gone before! Continue Reading Virtuous Woman : A Comprehensive Study For Present Day Women

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  • Why Four Gospels


    Why does the New Testament contain four Gospels–four different accounts of the same Man? And don’t the Gospels contradict one another? Masterful Bible teacher Arthur Pink explains how the four Gospels do not contradict but rather collaborate in order to provide us with a deeper, multifaceted description of the person of Jesus Christ. In Matthew, we see Jesus as Messiah and King of the Jews. In Mark, we are introduced to the Servant of Jehovah. In Luke, we see the human Jesus as the Son of Man, Adam’s descendant. Finally, in John, we thrill to the supernatural Jesus who is undoubtedly the Son of God. No believer can truly know Jesus without having an understanding of the four distinct roles He fulfilled in His time on earth. Pink’s in-depth look at the four Gospels will boost your faith and bring you ever closer to a Savior who is fully human, fully divine, and above everything, Lord of all. Continue Reading Why Four Gospels

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  • Love Is Better Than Wine


    King Solomon had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines who turned his heart from God, and, eventually, tore apart his kingdom. Perhaps that’s why the Song of Solomon is a poem about pure, beautiful, and lasting love that never endangers and brings life, not death.

    In Love Better Than Wine, Bible scholar Herbert Lockyer (1886-1984) explains the imagery and symbolism of this well-crafted poem and uses it to illuminate the rest of Bible. His study tells a beautifying story of the passionate love that the beloved has for his bride and that the bride has for her beloved, a picture of the love that Christ has for His church and that the church has for Him. In an age when many Christians feel betrayed, insecure, and alone, Lockyer’s words bring a timely reminder of the intimate refuge Christ offers us daily. Continue Reading Love Is Better Than Wine

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  • Lives Of Fame And Shame


    Bible teacher Herbert Lockyer presents biographical sketches of eleven men and women in a manner that provides both inspiration from their achievements and caution from their failures:

    *David and Jonathan

    Here are men and women of like passions as ourselves, and they appeal to the imagination of the average person today because of a similarity of experience. Like these ancient characters, we triumph by faith, as some of them did, or fail through disobedience and unbelief, as others did….The lives of men and women of old may be a continual inspiration or warning to us in these modern times.
    -Herbert Lockyer
    Continue Reading Lives Of Fame And Shame

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  • All The 2s Of The Bible


    Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s extraction of twin truths from the Bible provides preachers with a wealth of suggestions for creative sermon preparation.
    Continue Reading All The 2s Of The Bible

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  • Moses Servant Of God


    From renowned Bible scholar F. B. Meyer comes this fascinating, all-encompassing profile of one the most important figures in Scripture. Meyer digs deeply into both Scripture and the historical record to reveal lessons and personal applications from this complex man of faith.

    Far from the imposing man of granite sculpted by Michelangelo, Moses was full of flaws and deficiencies that rendered him powerless, save for the all-sufficient grace of a mighty God. Yet, despite many frustrations and human frailties, Moses did not back down or quit but instead grew closer to the heart of God, learning the importance of obedience, patience, courage, faith, and prayer. As a result, God entrusted His servant with greater responsibility.

    Woven throughout this character study are wonderful lessons and realities that can help all believers become better able to serve God and others.
    Continue Reading Moses Servant Of God

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  • Diccionario Del Profeta


    Experimente el poder y el misterio de la profecia espiritual. Desde los primeros tiempos, Dios se ha acercado a la humanidad por medio de sus profetas escogidos. Muchos hombres y mujeres dotados y piadosos siguen recibiendo perspectiva de parte de El en la actualidad. Desgraciadamente, pocos recursos de formacion han estado disponibles para aquellos llamados a este ministerio vital; hasta ahora.

    La Dra. Paula A. Price ha utilizado sus dos decadas de experiencia para producir El Diccionario del Profeta. Lleno de sus propios consejos y tesoros extraidos de su estudio y experiencia personal, este recurso unico le ayudara a dominar el lenguaje y el simbolismo para ayudarle a traducir el significado de visiones, sueos y mensajes de Dios. !El Diccionario del Profeta es el libro que no deberia faltarle a ningun profeta o iglesia! Continue Reading Diccionario Del Profeta

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  • Prophets Dictionary


    The Prophet’s Dictionary by Paula Price is an essential tool for laymen, prophets, prophesiers, pastors, intercessors, and dreamers of dreams. As an all-in-one dictionary and reference book containing over 1,600 relevant definitions of terms and phrases for the prophetic realm of Christian ministry, it exposes ancient religious seductions and how they have infiltrated movies, television, and books. Prophetic visions and clues to interpreting their symbolism, imagery, and signs are also included.

    People from all walks of life can benefit as this book aids in the understanding of what may be expected from prophets or the prophetic ministry. Delve deeper and you will find much more.
    God speaks to us today! Continue Reading Prophets Dictionary

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  • Love As Jesus Taught It


    A Treatise on Love as the Biblical Basis for Christian Nonresistance and its Practical Applications

    Today’s generation-including all members of the church of Jesus Christ-is in great need of inspiration to not only keep the faith and to live it, but also to pass it on to the next and future generations, if the Lord tarries. To encourage this passing on process is the purpose, really, of all that is said in this book.

    Young people, are you wondering how you can be prepared if wartime tests should come? The best preparation is to be what God wants you to be now! If love for God, family, church, and the souls of mankind fills our hearts, then we will be nonresistant toward any evil done to us, and will not easily change that attitude when a test comes. Continue Reading Love As Jesus Taught It

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  • Patterns Of Evidence Exodus


    In 2002, filmaker Timothy Mahoney went to Egypt looking for an answer to one fundamental question: did the Exodus story as written in the Bible really happen? During the course of his 12-year project he reviews accepted archaelogical viewpoints, compares biblical references to evidence and presents alternative theories that support the validity of the event called The Exodus. This book tells the story about the creation of his feature documentary film, also titled Patterns of evidence: the Exodus. It’s not only a visual companion to the film, giving scenes and diagrams, it’s also a narration of his ongoing journey of research and travel, giving perspectives of some of the leading archeologists, Egyptologists, and political and cultural influencers as they talk about the story of the Exodus. Continue Reading Patterns Of Evidence Exodus

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  • Analytical Red Letter Harmony Of Four Gospels


    Return to the Historical Text (Authorized version)

    An alarming expose’ documenting the reasons for the differences between the modern translations of the Bible and the historical translations of the Bible such as the 1611 King James Bible, and other older Bible versions. Numerous illustrations of these significant differences are presented, and the myth that the differences in modern versions are mainly due to synonym choices and language changes is dispelled.

    The casting aside of the traditional Greek New Testament text which is the basis of the historic versions by Tyndale, Luther, Coverdale, and others is meticulously documented. Also carefully documented is the process which produced the radically different Greek text of the modern versions including an analysis of textual criticism. The completely unscientific basis of the methods of textual criticism are also exposed, and evidence that the traditional Greek text is actually much older than the newer critical text of the modern versions is presented. The work is carefully footnoted and includes a complete and comprehensive bibliography and index. Continue Reading Analytical Red Letter Harmony Of Four Gospels

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  • New Testament Church And Its Ministries


    New Testament Church And It Ministries lays out God’s plan for the church’s construction and His concern for the active involvement of every member in their ministry and calling. Emphasizing the function of the members, each of the five-fold ministries is defined and developed in the context of its function in the Body of Christ..
    Continue Reading New Testament Church And Its Ministries

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  • Mysteries Of The Messiah


    Highlighting connections that have been hidden from non-Jewish eyes, Rabbi Jason Sobel pulls back the curtain to shed God’s light on the holy scriptures.

    Most people do not understand how the Bible fits together–even people of faith. Too many Christians accept half an inheritance in that they are content to embrace merely the New Testament. On the flip side, Jews often experience this by embracing only the Old Testament. But God has an intricate plan and purpose for both.

    In Mysteries of the Messiah, Rabbi Jason Sobel, raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey but now a follower of Yeshua, pulls back the curtain to show the many connections in Scripture hidden in plain sight. Known for his emphatic declaration but there’s more! he guides readers from the story of creation through Revelation to see the passion and purpose of the Messiah, the Torah, and several of the patriarchs and prophets.

    God’s Word, written by many people over thousands of years, is not a random selection of people and stories, but they have intricate connections. Rabbi Jason connects the dots for readers, helping them see with clarity what God intended. Continue Reading Mysteries Of The Messiah

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  • How Do Catholics Read The Bible



    What Do Catholics Believe About The Bible?

    The Bible And The Church

    Modern Catholic Documentation

    The Word Of God In Human Language

    What Is In The Catholic Bible?

    The Different Canons

    The History Of The Old Testament Canon

    The History Of The New Testament Canon

    How Do Catholics Approach The Bible?

    The Catholic Theological Tradition On The Bible

    The Catholic Experience

    Catholic Bibles Today

    How Do Catholics Analyze A Biblical Text?

    Literary Methods

    Historical Methods

    Theological Methods

    How Do Catholics Read The Old Testament?

    Old Testament Study Today

    Biblical Interpretation In Jesus’ Time

    Reading The Old Testament As Catholic Christians

    How Do Catholics Read The New Testament?

    The Formation Of The Gospels

    The Gospels As Witnesses To Jesus And The Early Church

    The Epistles As Witnesses To Early Christian Faith And Life

    How Do Catholics Interpret Scripture?


    The Literal Sense And The Spiritual Sense

    Scripture And Tradition

    What Place Does The Bible Have In Catholic Life?

    The Role Of The Magisterium

    The Bible In Catholic Life

    Lectio Divina

    Conclusion: Twenty-Five Theses

    Appendix: Some Resources For Catholic Biblical Interpretation


    Additional Info
    Do Catholics really read the Bible? If so, how do they read it and is there anything unique about their approach? What role does the Bible play in Catholic life, teaching, and culture?

    As a leading Scripture scholar who also teaches students and preaches to everyday people, Fr. Daniel Harrington, S.J., has made it his life’s mission to answer these and many related questions about the Bible and its relationship to Catholic life. Accessibly written, How Do Catholics Read the Bible? blends biblical scholarship with compelling personal anecdotes to equip readers with the tools they need to more fully engage Scripture and the Catholic tradition. With chapters on how the Catholic canon came to be, what the Church teaches about the Bible, appropriate methods for analyzing Scripture passages, and how to incorporate the Bible into everyday life, this book is ideal for individual or group use in parishes and classrooms. Each chapter concludes with questions for reflection and recommendations for further reading.

    Continue Reading How Do Catholics Read The Bible

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  • Poder De La Cruz


    Este libro recoge un estudio sobre los primeros seis capitulos de 1 Corintios, en el que al profundizar en el texto, se extraen multitud de amplicaciones practicas. El autor, como Pablo, enfatiza la importancia de que la cruz ocupe un lugar central en nuestra vida y cosmovision. Lo que Pablo ensea a los Corintios, es de gran vigencia y tiene mucho que decirnos a nosotros, ya que el contexto y la situacion es muy similar a la que vivimos hoy. El ultimo articulo del libro, escrito por Donald Carson trata sobre los ultimos tiempos: desde la resurreccion de Jesus hasta su regreso. Continue Reading Poder De La Cruz

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  • Experimento Marcos


    Experimento Marcos es una manera distinta de adentrarse en el Evangelio de Marcos. Su objetivo es acercarnos a la persona de Jesus y a su ministerio con el fin de conocerle mejor, redescubrirle, amarle y disfrutar de el. El autor, nos ayuda a memorizar este libro, no palabra por palabra, si no, porcion a porcion, ya que esa era la idea original de Marcos al escribir este libro, que la gente pudiera llegar a conocer mejor a Jesus y contar la historia a otros. El resultado de este libro, fue la creacion de una obra de teatro innovadora en la que se representa este evangelio de principio a fin. El Experimento Marcos se esta llevando a cabo en muchos paises de Europa Continue Reading Experimento Marcos

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  • Doce Nombres


    La idea de este libro surgio a raiz del relato de Jesus en casa de Marta y Maria, donde llama la atencion la repeticion por parte del Seor del nombre de su anfitriona (Marta, Marta). A partir de aqui, vinieron a la mente del autor mas nombres repetidos en la Biblia, los cuales han dado estructura a este libro. Los Nombres repetidos, recorren toda la Historia de la Salvacion, y marcan los grandes hitos que jalonan la Escritura. Los Nombres nos introducen de manera imprevista en los grandes acontecimientos de la Historia biblica Continue Reading Doce Nombres

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  • Biblia Mas Deseable Que El Oro


    Algunos filosofos cristianos presentan versiones nuevas y mejoradas de los argumentos tradicionales de la existencia de Dios. En este Basico, se incluyen cinco de estos argumentos: el argumento cosmologico kalam, un argumento a partir de las evidencias de diseo, un argumento cosmologico tomista, un argumento moral y un argumento ontologico. Desde diferentes perspectivas, y basandose en la existencia del cosmos, el diseo del universo, la ley moral o el significado del termino Dios, todos ellos argumentan que resulta necesario Dios que exista. Continue Reading Biblia Mas Deseable Que El Oro

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  • Old Testament In The Light Of The New


    While the Old Testament books are directed to the people of Israel, they also bear great significance for Christians who can decipher in Old Testament writings the gradual phases of God’s salvific plan. In The Old Testament in the Light of the New: The Stages of God’s Plan by Stephen B. Clark, the author provides a comprehensive presentation of how and why the Old Testament forms part of the Christian Bible and offers a program for how to read the Old as a Christian-namely, in the light of the New. Continue Reading Old Testament In The Light Of The New

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  • Jesus Really Said That


    Jeremy and Alicia enjoy attending Lakeside Believers Fellowship. The sermons are gripping, the programs exciting, and the worship team is second to none. Without question, Lakeside is the place to be! But there is one problem: Jeremy and Alicia have never paid much attention to what Jesus actually taught.

    Many people think they understand Christianity. They believe that a man named Jesus came to earth a couple thousand years ago, died on a cross, and then rose from the dead. They believe that accepting these facts makes them Christians and allows them to go to a place called heaven when they die.

    That is what Jeremy and Alicia thought Christianity consisted of too… until they began to look at what Jesus really said. Continue Reading Jesus Really Said That

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  • Understanding The Blood Moons


    As darkness fell across the globe on April 15, 2014, millions of people around the world turned their eyes toward the darkening night sky, anxious to see a Blood Moon fill the heavens. But this was no ordinary Blood Moon. The Blood Moon appeared on the Feast of Passover, and was just the beginning of a rare astronomical event in history – the tetrad.

    According to NASA, the next Blood Moon in the tetrad will appear on October 8, 2014, during the Feast of Tabernacles. What does this mean, and why is this significant? Why does the Blood Moon look so red? Why are the Blood Moons mentioned in the Bible as a sign of the end times? Has this ever happened before, and will it happen again?

    Understanding the Blood Moons will answer these questions and more, and will help you to discover the historical and biblical significance of this unfolding event. This easy-to-understand presentation of the Blood Moon tetrad phenomenon will bring new insight as you explore this mystery of the heavens and its relevance to the times in which we live. Continue Reading Understanding The Blood Moons

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  • Character Of The Blessed


    In chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Matthew, Jesus instructs His disciples concerning numerous issues and circumstances they will face. This collection of Scriptures is called the Sermon on the Mount. However, it is not really a sermon, but Jesus teaching His disciples about character and how to deal with the issues of everyday life. Commonly known as the Beatitudes, it is more than just an attitude every Christian should be. Join Dr. Rash as he delves into the rich truth of these characteristics that are both systematic and purposeful in their order. This study will take a look at many of the Greek terms in order to better comprehend the goodness of God so beautifully illustrated in these verses.

    Delving into these characteristics of the blessed, will be like finding the chocolate center of a Tootsie Pop that sweet spot you will not want to leave the secret place of the Most High. Learn how to have the character of the blessed and take on everything life tries to throw at you. Continue Reading Character Of The Blessed

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  • Feasts Of Faith


    God’s word and His prophecies have withstood the element of time, surviving throughout generations to reach us. They are still powerful and applicable. All of the prophets’ sacrifices, all of their questioning and investigating and all of their careful inquiry were endured for the purpose of bringing us truth. It’s overwhelming, really. God’s word was meant for Jews and Gentiles alike! What can we glean from the prophets and traditions of old? What customs and culture will we pass on to future generations from our understanding and practice of God’s word that will affect the eternal souls of many? Listen for the shofar of your soul at the Feast of Trumpets, and feel the untamed wind of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Amidst the chaos of your life, experience rest during Shabbat. Draw near to God’s word and enjoy Feasts of Faith!
    Today’s Christians know very little about the Jewish roots of their faith. Feasts of Faith introduces the reader to Jewish traditions and customs, both past and present, as they relate to the historical feasts of Israel. Carl and Dallas Paetzold, one a medical doctor and the other an educator/speaker, team up to bring a well-researched, concisely written book for valuable learning concerning the Jewish feasts in this new release. Readers will develop a new and deeper understanding of how the feasts have influenced the basic foundation of our Christian beliefs, thus strengthening their faith.
    Feasts of Faith allows for self-discovery and independent thinking as the reader answers questions and studies scripture in a systematic manner, correlates relevant information of historical value with New Testament and modern issues, and reveals the extraordinary customs and traditions behind many common scriptures.
    So, what are the feasts of Israel? The Israelites were given seven annual feasts as well as a weekly Sabbath. God commanded them to go to Jerusalem three times each year to celebrate these feasts. The first trip to Jerusalem was to celebrate the feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits. These three feasts happen in fairly rapid succession, and, grouped together, they are sometimes collectively called the Feast of Unleavened Bread. The second trip, 50 days later, celebrated the feast of Weeks (what most Gentile Christians know as Pentecost) and the last trip to Jerusalem was to observe the feasts of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, and Tabernacles (or Booths). These three feasts again occur relatively quickly, within th Continue Reading Feasts Of Faith

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  • End Of An Era


    Ignoring history causes us to fall into serious interpretation errors regarding End of the World prophecies. Jesus and the apostles used the word aion when they referred to the end of an era and not the word Kosmos, which refers to the world. The Jewish Historian, Flavius Josephus lived in the first century throughout the end of the Old Testament Jewish age and he described what took place in great detail in his books The Wars of the Jews. The author makes a compilation and summary of these very valuable historical writings, joining segments where we can clearly appreciate the fulfillment of all prophecies of the end. This book is very revealing and graphic. You will read about the signs seen in the sky and in the Temple as well as the horrors that occurred until the final destruction of old Israel. Continue Reading End Of An Era

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  • God Is My Point Man


    If you’re talking courage, commitment, preparedness, and selflessness you are talking about the military ‘point man.’ God is ‘walking point’ for us everyday. We must trust Him alone for leadership by making Him Lord (Point Man) of our lives.
    Continue Reading God Is My Point Man

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  • Spirit Of A True Believer


    ‘The Spirit of a True Believer’ is a study of Ruth, one of the best known and most-loved stories of the Bible presented with insightful literary and biblical artistry. Continue Reading Spirit Of A True Believer

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  • Nuestro Ayo


    Cuantos mandamientos de Dios puedes quebrar y todavia salvarte? Es una pregunta equivocada. Hermano Mouton pide que tomemos una perspectiva nueva sobre la enseanza de ser de la familia de Dios. Enfoca el caracter de Dios en vez de cuan bueno puede hacerse un ser humano. Levanta la vista del lector desde un evangelio de esfuerzate mas, mejorate ya a un evangelio que da libertad para disfrutar al Padre celestial, un evangelio que motiva a las personas a querer que sus corazones reflejen el corazon de Dios. Con que fin se diseo la ley de Dios? El autor revela la respuesta.

    How many of God’s rules can you break and still be saved? It is the wrong question. Brother Mouton asks us to take a new look at what God teaches about belonging to him and turns the focus on the character of God instead of on how good humans can make themselves. He lifts up the reader’s vision from a gospel of try harder and do better to a gospel that sets people free to enjoy the Father, a gospel that motivates people to want their hearts to become like God’s heart. What is the Law of God meant to do? The author shares the answer. Continue Reading Nuestro Ayo

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  • Dios El Pacto Y Usted


    Desea entender el amor de Dios para con los hombres desde el punto de vista biblico? Raros son los libros que tienen una base biblica y sean tan solidos teologicamente para el alumno serio, y a la vez practicos para la vida cotidiana. Cada capitulo responda a las preguntas imprescindibles que a veces
    por aos han dada vueltas en la mente y el corazon.

    -De que manera se relaciona Dios con la humanidad desde la creacion?

    -Cuales son las raices de los pensamientos del calvinismo y arminianismo?

    -Como se vinculan la Cena del Seor, el bautismo, el evangelismo y el discipulado?

    -Que hay detras de la misericordia de Dios?

    -Que espera Dios del hombre hoy en dia en contraste de los tiempos del Antiguo Testamento?

    -Como se puede saber lo que rige del Antiguo Testamento y lo que ha sido anulado o reemplazado por el pacto con Cristo?

    Al final de cada capitulo hay dos grupos de preguntas. Un grupo ayuda a comprobar la comprension del tema del capitulo. El segundo dirige y desafia al alumno a integrar las verdades biblicas a su vida personal para que lo aprendido no se quede solo en la mente. Apto para estudios en grupos pequeos.

    Would you like to understand God’s love for humanity? Few books on the subject have a firm Biblical and theological base for the serious student, while also being practical for daily life. Each chapter answers questions that our minds and hearts have been asking for years.

    -What is God’s relationship to man since creation?

    -What are the roots of Calvinism and Arminianism?

    -How is the Lord’s Supper related to baptism, evangelism, and discipleship?

    -What is behind God’s mercy?

    -What does God expect of us today, as compared to Old Testament times?

    -How can you know what is still valid in the Old Testament, and what has been nullified or replaced in Christ’s new covenant?

    Each chapter includes two sets of questions. One set helps test comprehension of the chapter’s theme. The other helps the student integrate Bible truths into his or her personal life. This book is good for small group studies. College Press published this book in English in 1981. Continue Reading Dios El Pacto Y Usted

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  • Su Camino


    Haz tratado una vez de armar una bicicleta o un mueble sin leer las instrucciones? El hacedor del universo ha provisto en la Biblia las instrucciones para armar una buena vida.
    Este libro le ayudara entiender los mandamientos primordiales de la Biblia y la diferencia entre los Testamentos para asi mejor entender como vivir una vida que agrada a Dios
    Have you ever tried to assemble a bicycle or a piece of furniture without reading the instructions? The creator of the universe in the Bible has provided instructions to help us assemble a godly life.
    This book will help you understand the essential commands of the Bible and the difference between the Old and New Testaments to better understand how to live a life that pleases God. Continue Reading Su Camino

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  • Bautismo (Student/Study Guide)


    Si hay desacuerdo entre estudiantes de la Biblia sobre el bautismo, sera porque la Biblia diga muy poco sobre el tema, o porque no sea muy claro sobre el tema? Dr. Jack Cottrell revela otra cosa. La confusion se disipa con estudiar la Biblia con la mente dispuesta a recibirla de la misma manera que los primeros lectores. Las cosas sencillas y claras entran en aguas turbias cuando uno tiene compromiso anterior al estudio con un sistema teologico. Usted vera que no es la Biblia que complica el tema del bautismo. Dr. Cottrell da 13 lecciones sobre 12 Escrituras claves y cada leccion tiene preguntas para enriquecer el estudio o en privado o en grupo.

    If there is disagreement among Bible students about baptism, is it because the Bible says so little about it, or because it is unclear in what it does say? Dr. Jack Cottrell shows a different reason. The confusion goes away when the Bible student receives the Bible as the original readers did. Simple and clear ideas enter into murky waters when there is a prior commitment to a theological system. Maybe you know someone who is mixed up about baptism because of being taught about it by people who read the theologians before they read the Bible. If you have a Spanish speaking friend in this situation, buy them this book. Dr. Cottrell teaches 13 lessons on 12 key scriptures, each with discussion questions. This book is good for private or group study. Continue Reading Bautismo (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Huestes Celestiales


    Conoce la informacion biblica que hay sobre los angeles? Estos seres poderosos y santos sirven al Creador y sirven a los herederos de la salvacion.

    En 143 paginas divididas en 20 capitulos, Victor Knowles abre la Biblia para mostrar lo que dice Dios sobre estos seres extraterrestres creados por el.

    Al final de cada capitulo hay un numero de preguntas para meditar y comentar entre un grupo.

    Aprenda la diferencia entre las leyendas populares y lo que dice la Palabra de Dios acerca de los angeles.

    Does your Spanish-speaking friend know the Bible information about angels? These powerful and holy beings serve the Creator and serve those who are to inherit salvation.

    In 143 pages (20 chapters) Victor Knowles opens the Bible to show what God says about these extraterrestrial beings created by himself.

    At each chapter’s end there are a number of questions to meditate on or to comment among a group.

    Buy your Spanish speaking friends a copy and let them learn the difference between popular legend and what the Bible actually says about angels.

    Continue Reading Huestes Celestiales

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  • Historias Biblicas 1


    A simple and impressive narration by Boyce Mouton of the great Bible stories and their famous people, such as Creation, Noah and the flood, Joseph, Moses, Balaam, Samson, David, Solomon, etc. The author concludes each narration with points and notes of spiritual teaching.

    Una narracion simple e impresionante por Boyce Mouton de grandes historias y personajes de la biblia, como La creacion, Noe y el diliuvio, Jose, Moises, Balaam, Sanson, David Salomon, etc. El autor concluye cada narracon con puntos y notas de enseanza espiritual. Continue Reading Historias Biblicas 1

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  • Cien Temas Biblicos


    El libro Cien Temas Biblicos esta compuesto de una seleccion de temas de la Santa Biblia de suma importancia, acompaados por los versiculos relacionados a ellos y algunas preguntas al final de cada uno de los primeros 40 temas.

    Este libro fue publicado por primera vez en el ao 1973. Desde entonces, ha sido util a miles de personas en su estudio personal de la Biblia, y ademas en la preparacion de mensajes y en el estudio de a Biblia en grupos.

    Quizas mas que nunca antes, es importante sabor que dice el Dios Todopoderoso y Santo respecto al modo de vivir practicado por mucha gente del mundo hoy en dia. Este libro sera una gran ayuda para dares cuenta de como se puede agradar al unico Dios verdadero, Creador de todo.

    Al publicar esta nueva edicion de Cien Temas Biblicos, es nuestro mas sincero deseo que por medio del estudio de sus temas, muchas personas llegaran a conocer al Seor Jesus como su Salvador personal porque en ningun otro hay salvacion; porque no hay otro nombre bajo el cielo, dado a los hombres, en que podamos ser salvos. (Hechos 4:12)

    One Hundred Bible Themes is made up of a selection of very important topics from the Holy Bible, accompanied by verses that relate to them and with questions at the end of each of the first forty topics.

    This book was first published in Spanish in 1973. From then, it has proven useful to thousands of people in personal Bible study, as well as in preparation of messages and also group Bible studies.

    Perhaps more than ever before it is important to know what God Almighty, the Holy God, says concerning practical living for people in today’s world. This book will be a big help for you to understand how you can please the one true God, Creator of all.

    In publishing this new edition of One Hundred Bible Themes it is our sincere desire that many, through studying these topics, may come to know the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior, because Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). Continue Reading Cien Temas Biblicos

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  • Historias Biblicas 2


    En este segundo tomo el autor Boyce Mouton sigue su narracion con historias como La desobediencia de Jero boam, Elias, Eliseo, Ezequias, el rey Josias y el fin del reino del sur. Y como tipicamente el autor concluye cada narracion con enseanza biblica para nuestras vidas.

    In this second volume, author Boyce Mouton continues his narration with stories such as the Disobedience of Jeroboam, Elijah, Elisha, Ezekiel, King Josiah and the end of the Southern Kingdom. And as is typical of the author he concludes each narration with a Biblical spiritual teaching for our lives. Continue Reading Historias Biblicas 2

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  • Manifestations Et Symbolisme P


    Whenever an extraordinary move of God takes place in the church, questions and concerns are reaised – especially in connection with the manifestations that occur and the use of prophetic symbolism. This book sets out to answer the four most commonly asked questions: Why do manifestations occur? In there anything we can learn from them about what is taking place in a person’s life at that moment?

    How does one pastor a move of the Holy Spirit and retain godly order without quenching the work of the Holy Spirit? Why do some people experience manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s power while others feel nothing? Rather than arguing for or the against the appearance of manifestations and the use of prophetic symbolism, John Arnott presents a balanced biblical study that will be helpful to many who are puzzled by what they see and hear from centers of revival around the world. John imparts wise counsel and provides a strong framework for those who want to see the power of God manifest in their church, without sacrificing appropriately Godly order. Continue Reading Manifestations Et Symbolisme P

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  • Extreme Prophetic Studies (Student/Study Guide)


    Learn how to enter new realms of the prophetic ministry. Examine high-level prophetic operations and the prophet’s distinct lifestyle. Discover the art of prophetic intercession. Release more accurate prophetic utterances. Find out why prophetic alignment is important for your life. Learn about prophetic statesmanship, protocols and the earmarks of a true prophet. Even seasoned believers will come to new levels as you are activated to hear, see and say. Continue Reading Extreme Prophetic Studies (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Bible A Beginners Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    ONEWorld Publications Title

    From the language of Shakespeare to political campaigns in the US, the Bible’s influence is all around us. And yet, upon reading it, we are met not by one text but by many: a complex mix of history, parable, law, teaching, and prophecy.

    In this authoritative introduction, respected Biblical scholar Paula Gooder ably guides the reader in how to approach this multifaceted text, and explores its enduring influence on Western culture, from Renaissance art to the controversial film The Last Temptation of Christ. Covering its history, translation, interpretation, and selection of the cannon, Gooder provides a comprehensive and illuminating framework for understanding the Bible. With informative textboxes focussing on key details and an infectious enthusiasm for the topic, this wide-ranging primer will be of invaluable benefit to Christians and those of no faith alike. Continue Reading Bible A Beginners Guide (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Curso De Auto Aprendizaje Bibl


    Si tiene preguntas sobre Dios y la Biblia, esta asequible guia preparada por el muy respetado maestro de la Biblia, Derek Prince, le ayudara a desarrollar un entendimiento fundamental de la Escritura. Al completar estas catorce lecciones exhaustivas, encontrara respuestas a preguntas como:
    *Como puedo saber si ire al cielo cuando muera?
    *Como puedo obtener la victoria sobre el pecado?
    *Que dice la Biblia sobre la sanidad fisica?
    *Cual es el plan de Dios para la prosperidad?
    *Como puedo recibir respuestas a mis oraciones?

    Aun aquellos que nunca han leido la Biblia encontraran esta guia sistematica de estudio, facil de usar y beneficiosa. Los creyentes de mucho tiempo descubriran un nuevo alivio conversando con Dios, confraternizando con cristianos, recibiendo direccion, dando testimonio, y ganando almas. El Curso de auto-aprendizaje biblico le dirigira hacia la semejanza a Cristo, y le capacitara para desarrollar una intimidad con Dios que tal vez no haya conocido nunca antes.

    If you have questions about God and the Bible, this accessible guide from highly respected Bible teacher Derek Prince will help you develop a fundamental understanding of Scripture. By completing the fourteen in-depth lessons, you will find answers to questions such as:
    *How can I know I will go to heaven when I die?
    *How can I have victory over sin?
    *What does the Bible say about physical healing?
    *What is God’s plan for prosperity?
    *How can I receive answers to my prayers?

    Even those who have never read the Bible will find this systematic study guide easy to use and beneficial. Long-time believers will discover a new ease in conversing with God, fellowshipping with Christians, receiving guidance, witnessing, and winning souls. Self-Study Bible Course will lead you to Christlikeness and enable you to develop an intimacy with God you may never have known before. Continue Reading Curso De Auto Aprendizaje Bibl

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  • Dispensational Truth


    Dispensational Truth is the Rev. Clarence Larkin’s famous book on dispensationalism with his beautifully drawn black and white charts. A must-have book for any student of dispensationalism, the book contains more than 115 charts, maps, and woodcuts.

    The result of thirty years of study, Dispensational Truth is a gold mine of information on prophetic truth for the busy pastor, evangelist, Bible teacher, and everyone who loves God’s Word. In fact, Larkin’s charts have been called the gold standard of pre-tribulation knowledge.

    A trained draftsman, Larkin diagrammed what he read during his Bible studies. From his drawings and charts, the study of God’s Word has enriched generations of those who seek illumination and clarification regarding history, prophecy, and the future of mankind.

    This book has sold thousands of copies since it was first published in 1920, including more than 17,000 copies in recent years. Continue Reading Dispensational Truth

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  • Last Great Outpouring


    After four hundred years of prophetic silence, God sent John the Baptist to announce the coming of the Messiah, the baptism He would bring, and the in-breaking of the kingdom of God on earth. In response, people streamed to the Jordan River to hear John’s words and be baptized by him in the Jewish ritual mikveh bath for cleansing from sin and defilement. John’s calling was to prepare the people for the coming glory.

    Our God is nothing if not consistent-the same yesterday, today and forever. As in the days leading to the return of Jesus, He therefore continues to send messengers in advance to announce coming moves of the Spirit in order to prepare His people to receive. Author R. Loren Sandford believes God is about to do something huge, wonderful, and even unprecedented in scope and impact, and he is urging Christians everywhere to prepare for it.

    Beginning with the prophet Haggai and moving through the Bible, Loren lays a foundation for his belief that the time of the last great outpouring and the Lord’s return is now.

    He writes, The church in our day has been ravaged and diminished in influence under pressure from the idolatrous culture that surrounds us and that, figuratively speaking, a remnant is even now returning from exile. It’s time to rebuild on a biblical foundation and construct a temple adequate to contain the outpouring God is about to send.

    Loren says we must reject our present culture, which is steeped in consumerism and a focus on self, and return to a culture of covenant. The former has weakened and destroyed us, while the latter will edify and strengthen us.

    As John the Baptist came in the spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way, prophetic voices are now rising to proclaim that the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in history is coming. The great last days’ move of God approaches and the call for preparation now is the same as John preached so long ago. Through reliable prophetic voices, God now cries for holiness and cleansing to uproot everything in ourselves and in our churches not solidly rooted in the nature of Jesus and the Father. Continue Reading Last Great Outpouring

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  • In The Garden


    Consider not only the lilies of the field, but all the plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, and flowers that play a role in the biblical narrative through this illustrated guide. From the barley Ruth harvested to the hyssop David craved, from the frankincense the Wise Men brought to Jesus to the sycamore tree Zacchaeus climbed, the Bible is peppered with allusions to the plants that were a part of daily life in the ancient Near East and in New Testament Israel. With original illustrations, this beautiful gift book clarifies the biblical references to fifty plants in four categories–trees and shrubs, flowers, edible plants, and medicinal plants–and provides delightful new insights into the Word of God. Includes an index to each plant with corresponding Bible references, a calendar of Jewish festivals and their associated plants, and tips for growing your own Bible garden. Continue Reading In The Garden

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  • Letters From Jesus


    In Revelation 2:2, Jesus tells the church in Ephesus something intimate-Google Street View intimate. He says, ‘I know your works’ (Oida ta erga sou). Four words don’t seem like much, but in the Greek, it packs a punch…. Jesus chooses the Greek word oida, which expresses total, comprehensive knowledge. It is intimate knowledge that comes from being up close and personal. This knowledge isn’t hazy on the details. It doesn’t struggle to remember. It preserves the particulars. In the mind’s eye, everything is sharp and clear, like a well-taken photograph. -Chris Palmer

    Letters from Jesus: Studies from the Seven Churches of Revelation explores Christ’s warnings to the seven most prominent churches in Asia Minor in the book of Revelation. These letters date back to 95 A.D., but they help us make a fascinating discovery about civilization: life hasn’t changed that much over the last two millennia.

    Author Chris Palmer illustrates the truths contained in the Letters from Jesus using modern, everyday day examples. The host of the popular podcast Greek for the Week, he unpacks Greek words and phrases in these verses from Revelation with humor, joy, and biblical scholarship.

    Why study Greek, even just a little bit? As Chris explains, looking at the New Testament in the original language in which it was written can offer us some beautiful insights into God’s Word. It’s like reading the Bible in high definition, he says. Also, studying God’s Word in the original language forces us to approach it with reverence and awe, humbling ourselves to obey what it says, whether it’s something we want to hear or not. Continue Reading Letters From Jesus

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  • Self Study Bible Course


    If you have questions about God and the Bible, this accessible guide from highly respected Bible teacher Derek Prince will help you develop a fundamental understanding of Scripture. By completing the fourteen in-depth lessons, you will find answers to questions such as:
    How can I know I will go to heaven when I die?
    How can I have victory over sin?
    What does the Bible say about physical healing?
    What is God’s plan for prosperity?
    How can I receive answers to my prayers?
    Even those who have never read the Bible will find this systematic study guide easy to use and beneficial. Long-time believers will discover a new ease in conversing with God, fellowshipping with Christians, receiving guidance, and witnessing and winning souls. Self-Study Bible Course will lead you to Christlikeness and enable you to develop an intimacy with God you may never have known before. Continue Reading Self Study Bible Course

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  • Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Men (Expanded)


    The male is in crisis. Traditional roles once gave men stability and continuity from generation to generation. Today, the world is sending out conflicting signals about what it means to be a man. Many men are questioning who they are and what roles they fulfill in life-as a male, a husband, and a father-leaving them frustrated and causing them to live far below their potential. Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe examines cultural attitudes toward men and addresses critical issues such as:
    *How can men gain their footing in the ever-shifting environment of cultural expectations?
    *What does it mean to be male?
    *What definition of masculinity should men adopt?
    *What roles should men fulfill-in the workplace and in the home?
    *What do gender roles have to do with the male’s purpose?
    *What are the differences between males and females?
    *How are men and women meant to relate to one another?
    *How can a man build a better life for himself, his family, and the world?

    When men understand the purpose God has given them and the true design of their relationship with women, they will be free to fulfill their destiny and potential. Expanded edition with study guide material included. Continue Reading Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Men (Expanded)

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  • Hebrew Word Study Revealing The Heart Of God


    As an instructor in both ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, Chaim Bentorah is convinced that there are powerful truths buried in the original language of God’s Word that most Christians have never been exposed to. The Word of God is like the heart of God: it is a well that never runs dry. In this book, you will discover things about God and your relationship with Him that you may never have considered. By delving into the multiple layers and nuances of the ancient Hebrew language, you will discover that God is revealing His heart to you through the depths of His Word in new and exciting ways.

    Hebrew is a language of poetry and pictures. With Bentorah’s expertise, you will see how to examine not just word definitions, but also the origin of the words, their place in the culture and idioms of the day, and even their emotional context. Through this devotional, you will walk the road less traveled as you uncover the deeper spiritual messages in God’s Word. In the process, you will discover the heart of God toward you and come to know Him better. You will see just how beautiful the Word of God is and, most of all, you will see the beauty of God Himself and love Him all the more. Continue Reading Hebrew Word Study Revealing The Heart Of God

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  • Great Characters Of The Bible


    How God Used Ordinary People to Accomplish Extraordinary Tasks
    God chose to teach His spiritual principles through the successes and failures of His people.

    Great Characters of the Bible is a 52-lesson study of 61 Bible characters who were not all that different from us. They experienced struggles, heartaches, successes, and failures. They battled fear, doubt, and worry. But they also give testimony to God’s mighty hand moving through the ages, establishing His will through the lives of people like you and me.

    Standing beside these men and women of the Bible will help you walk closer with God, who included their stories in His Word especially to teach you, to inspire you, and to guide and instruct you. As you share in their victories and defeats, you’ll discover how each person was selected by God to fulfill a purpose. By studying them, you will see how the Holy Spirit equips and empowers you for greater service.
    Continue Reading Great Characters Of The Bible

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  • Gospel Of Jesus Christ


    The gospel of Mark speaks of the Son of God who will soon return and manifest an incorruptible kingdom that differs greatly from the kingdoms of men. Continue Reading Gospel Of Jesus Christ

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  • Wisdom For The End Times


    Sabiduria para el Fin de los Tiempos es un comentario sobre los primeros doce capItulos del libro de Proverbios, y pueden ser usados en un estudio en grupo, o leIdo por uno mismo. Para un estudio mAs fAcil, las Escrituras se incluyen en lInea con el comentario.

    El libro de Proverbios tiene que ver con adquirir entendimiento y sabidurIa para entender parAbolas y declaraciOn; palabras de sabios y sus enigmas (muchos de los cuales son profEticos). Este utiliza especialmente el contraste como mEtodo de hacerse entender en mUltiples niveles. Por ejemplo:

    -El necio se contrasta con la persona sabia. Necio viene de una palabra de raIz oscura que significa ser perverso. El loco rehUsa recibir correcciOn, aunque esto serIa para su beneficio.
    -La mujer sabia, y fiel se contrasta con otro tipo de mujer que va camino a la muerte y perdiciOn.
    -Las buenas amistades se contrastan con las malas.

    Hay camino que al parecer del hombre natural es derecho, pero en realidad es camino a la perdiciOn. Hay otro camino donde parece que perderemos no solamente las cosas de este mundo -las cosas que hemos valorado y por las que hemos trabajado duro- posiblemente hasta nuestra propia vida. Este camino estA cuesta arriba y contra todas las probabilidades naturales. Este es el camino a la vida. Este es el camino a la bendiciOn. Esta es la sabidurIa Continue Reading Wisdom For The End Times

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  • Wisdom For The End Times


    Blessed is the man that has found wisdom… Proverbs 3:13a
    Wisdom for the End Times is a commentary on the first twelve chapters of the book of Proverbs, and may be used in a group study, or read by oneself. For easier study, the scriptures are included inline with the commentary.

    The book of Proverbs has to do with acquiring the understanding and wisdom to interpret parables and the words and enigmas of the wise (many of which are prophetic). It especially uses contrast as a method of making its point on multiple levels. For example:
    The fool is contrasted with the wise person. Fool comes from an obscure root word meaning to be perverse. The fool refuses to receive correction even though it would be to his benefit.

    The wise, faithful woman is contrasted with another type of woman who is the path to death and perdition.

    Good friendships are contrasted with evil ones.
    There is a smooth way that seems right to the natural man, but in reality this is the road to perdition. There’s another way where it seems that we’ll lose not only the things of this world – things that we worked hard for and valued – but possibly even our own life. This way is uphill and against all natural odds. Yet this is the way to life. This is the way to the blessing. This is wisdom.
    Continue Reading Wisdom For The End Times

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  • Elijah And Elisha


    The kings of Israel and Judah were in serious trouble with the Lord. Twelve years of worshiping Baal and golden calves, listening to Jezebel, and killing the prophets was catching up to them. Their earthly kingdoms were coming to an end, and the Lord would move quickly when he moved. What appeared to be harmless details to them was in fact rebellion in the sight of God.

    While the kings served the gods of this world, Elijah and Elisha did not. They were dedicated only to the Word of the Lord, and if the Lord didn’t speak directly to them, they didn’t move at all. And when they did move, it was with the authority of the Lord, resulting in dramatic calling down of fire from heaven, a three-year drought, people raised from the dead, and many other miraculous events. But did Elijah and Elisha take any glory? No, Elijah didn’t even accept Naaman’s token of appreciate – so completely was he relying only on the Lord’s provision.

    The lives of Elijah and Elisha, as well as the corrupt lives of the kings, serve as important lessons for us today. In addition, there are many prophecies in 1 and 2 Kings that are now being fulfilled. Your own life will be changed forever if you apply even one truth that the Lord reveals to you in this book. Continue Reading Elijah And Elisha

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  • Book Of Daniel


    The Book of Daniel is a study, a commentary of the book of Daniel in the Bible. Each verse and each sentence is dissected to unveil great prophesies which are coming to fruition today. It cannot be over-emphasized how relevant this book is to our current generation. The book of Daniel covers everything from the sorry state of today’s denominations, to corrupt governments whom will not be changed before the end of the world as we know it. Many devastating things which will come to pass are clearly defined in this book. However, Daniel doesn’t stop here. We, the children of God, are shown the beautiful way of a true Christian’s life, as modeled by Daniel himself. We truly are blessed and must give all glory to God for His generous gift of salvation, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

    The Book of Daniel is written from a series of messages by Russell Martin Stendal, while in Colombia, South America. Originally written in Spanish, this book is now available in English. This is a very important book for Christians today. Continue Reading Book Of Daniel

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  • Reino De Poder Estudio Biblico


    Sencillo. Practico. Poderoso. !Asi es el evangelio del reino! Donde quiera que el reino de Dios gobierne en la tierra, es demostrado visiblemente.

    El reino de Dios es su voluntad ejercida en la tierra como es en el cielo. Cada vez que Jesus anuncio las buenas nuevas del reino, el pecado, la enfermedad, los demonios, la pobreza y la muerte no podian permanecer. Por eso mismo, Jesus no autorizo a la iglesia a predicar un evangelio solo de palabras. El nos empodero para proclamar las buenas nuevas con evidencias sobrenaturales de milagros, sanidades y liberaciones. Somos portadores del reino, el cual es revelado en y a traves de nosotros por el Espiritu Santo.

    El reino es una realidad hoy-no solo en el futuro-y puede ser aplicado a cada circunstancia que se nos presente en la vida. Por medio de estudios como El Reino de Poder: Como Demostrarlo Aqui y Ahora (Estudio Biblico Guiado por el Espiritu Santo), aprendera a…

    Entrar en el reino de Dios

    Demostrar la existencia de Dios por medio de evidencias tangible

    Manifestar sanidades y liberaciones

    Expandir el reino en el territorio que Dios le dio

    Echar fuera el reino de las tinieblas

    Superar lo imposible

    Gobernar en la tierra como rey y sacerdote de Dios

    Jesus dijo, El reino de Dios esta entre vosotros (Lucas 17:21). !Lo unico que debe hacer es demostrarlo aqui y ahora! Continue Reading Reino De Poder Estudio Biblico

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  • De Lo Profundo Senor A Ti Clam


    The book of Psalms is the richest book of the Old Testament. Renowned scholar Samuel Pagan provides a fresh and penetrating introduction and commentary that will powerfully enrich your life. In this work he analyzes each psalm in depth, comments and lays bare the universal relevance of the texts. While this is not specifically a devotional book, it will inspire and deepen personal worship. Continue Reading De Lo Profundo Senor A Ti Clam

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  • Inmates Topical Bible


    SKU (ISBN): 9781563942709Mike MurdockBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2011Publisher: Wisdom International Print On Demand Product

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  • Encouraging Words For Difficult Days


    In today’s ever changing culture, Christians need encouragement to respond to the pressures assaulting our faith. In this book, believers see how to have victory in Jesus by having a godly attitude while facing trials and challenges. Continue Reading Encouraging Words For Difficult Days

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  • Mining For Gold


    The Psalmist writes: Therefore I love Your commandments above gold, yes above fine gold (Ps. 119:127). Do you believe God’s truth is more precious than gold? Do you dig into the Word with the same passion you would exert to find physical gold? Learn three different but equally important styles for reading God’s Word and two different sets of essential questions you must ask every text if you want to discover the pure gold of God’s Word.

    God’s Word contains treasures exceeding anything this world has to offer, but they must be mined like gold and sought after like the great treasure they are. Continue Reading Mining For Gold

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  • Finally Free Bible Study


    Is there more to life? Does God really have a special purpose for me? Do I even matter? These questions and many others swirl around in the minds of women everywhere. They grapple with value and purpose and are often feeling struck by overwhelming emotions or circumstances. Kim Tabor invites women on this special seven-week journey to experience freedom in Christ filled with hope, joy and healing. Finally Free is written for women who have walked with God for many years as well as those considering faith in Him for the very first time to equip them with Biblical principles to help discover the life God intends for them. God always has our best in mind, so join Kim on this journey to discover your God-ordained freedom! Continue Reading Finally Free Bible Study

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  • 4 In One Gospel Of Jesus


    This Four in One is, word for word, a harmony of the four Biblical Gospels of Scripture rearranged according to the best historic scholarship into a single narrative. With no other innovation, the Bible’s divinely appointed messengers of God–Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John–fully represent God and themselves in the venerable words of the King James English New Testament. This faithful Gospel book is perfect for seekers, new believers, and old scholars alike. Continue Reading 4 In One Gospel Of Jesus

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  • Bethlehem Road : A Guide To Ruth


    We’re often told that life is a journey, one with many forks in the road. But no matter what path we choose, somewhere along the way every road becomes broken. The smooth pavement eventually gives way to a twisted path of bad decisions and broken plans-easy street becomes a boulevard of broken dreams.

    Out of the immense moral darkness of the Judges period comes a story of romance, redemption, and hope. The tale of Ruth has inspired countless generations. But Ruth isn’t the star in this romantic drama; center stage belongs to God and his providence. Naomi and Ruth traveled the Bethlehem Road-one of famine, abandonment, grief, and loss-unaware that the Lord had gone before them to redeem their heartache.

    If you’ve been living with a broken heart-if bitterness and disappointment have been your travel companions on life’s road, then Ruth’s story will inspire and strengthen you for the journey ahead. More than that, it will bring you to your knees in worship of your Redeemer and King.

    Continue Reading Bethlehem Road : A Guide To Ruth

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  • Libi Doro Da Woortoe


    Na ini da boekoe disi, presi de foe leisi da Bijbel ibri dei, en ook toe foe meki opmerking en foe poti hem na ini joe libi. Joe kan gebruiki da boekoe disi moro leki wan jari, efoe joe wani loekoe na dem srefi versi baka wan jari ook toe. Mi hopoe disi de wan blesi gi oen. This is a devotional book for every day of the year in Sranantongo, the language of Suriname. Continue Reading Libi Doro Da Woortoe

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  • Begi


    This is a brief book in Sranantongo over prayer consisting of 19 short lessons on prayer with a study set of questions at the end of each lesson. Continue Reading Begi

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  • Marki Foe WAN Discipel


    Marki foe Wan Discipel de wan groepoe foe 21 les disi sori fa joe kan ontwikkel leki wan troe discipel foe Jezus Kristus. Na ini dem les, wi feni omeni voorbeeld foe soema disi ben pas dem basis beginsel na ini dem libi en Gado ben blesi dem, efoe dem no ben wani, en da Bijbel sori fa da libi foe dem ben kom pori. Iniwan soema disi pas dem les toe na ini hem libi sa kom moro krosibei foe gersi Masra Jezus Kristus. Continue Reading Marki Foe WAN Discipel

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  • Basis Foe Bribi


    Basis foe Bribi de wan sjatoe groepoe foe sebi les abra dem moro prinspari sani foe wan bribi soema. A de boen gi ibri bribiwan, ma spesroetoe gi wan soema disi ben kom njoen na ini bribi. Dominee Patton ben skrifi wan aantal tra boekoe, leki feifi boekoe foe commentaar abra da heri Bijbel. Fo foe dem de abra da Owroe Testamenti, en wan de foe da Njoen Testamenti. Moro fara, wi abi tra boekoe leki Fondamenti foe Bribi disi kan jepi da jeje-gro foe joe leki wan bribiwan. Mi vertrouw dati dem les disi sa de wan blesi gi joe.
    Continue Reading Basis Foe Bribi

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  • Owroe Testamenti Na Ini Sranan


    Owroe Testamenti na ini Sranantongo Commentaar Volume IV, Poezie is a 606 page commentary in Sranantongo using Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo as the text. Comments are made under each section of Bible text to help explain the meaning of the text and practical applications of the verses. This volume covers Jeremia to Maleachi Owroe Testamenti na ini Sranantongo Commentaar Volume IV, Poezie de wan boekoe foe 606 bladzij disi jepi froestan san da Bijbel wani taki. Da tekst komopo foe Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo, en a loekoe foe Jeremia te leki Maleachi. Wan skrifi de na ondro ibri pisi foe dem versi disi taki abra san da tekst wani Continue Reading Owroe Testamenti Na Ini Sranan

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  • Owroe Testamenti Na Ini Sranan


    Owroe Testamenti na ini Sranantongo Commentaar Volume III, Poezie is a 708 page commentary in Sranantongo using Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo as the text. Comments are made under each section of Bible text to help explain the meaning of the text and practical applications of the verses. This volume covers Job to Jesaja Owroe Testamenti na ini Sranantongo Commentaar Volume III, Poezie de wan boekoe foe 708 bladzij disi jepi froestan san da Bijbel wani taki. Da tekst komopo foe Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo, en a loekoe foe Job te leki Jesaja. Wan skrifi de na ondro ibri pisi foe dem versi disi taki abra san da tekst wani taki, efoe fa wi kan pas hem toe na ini wi libi. Continue Reading Owroe Testamenti Na Ini Sranan

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  • Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Vo


    Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Volume II, Geschiedenis is a 830 page commentary in Sranantongo using Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo as the text. Comments are made under each section of Bible text to help explain the meaning of the text and practical applications of the verses. This volume covers Joshua to Esther Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Volume II, Geschiedenis de wan boekoe foe 830 bladzij disi jepi froestan san da Bijbel wani taki. Da tekst komopo foe Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo, en a loekoe foe Jozua te leki Ester. Wan skrifi de na ondro ibri pisi foe dem versi disi taki abra san da tekst wani taki, efoe fa wi kan pas hem toe na ini wi libi.
    Continue Reading Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Vo

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  • Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Vo


    Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Volume I, Pentateuch is a 770 page commentary in Sranantongo using Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo as the text. Comments are made under each section of Bible text to help explain the meaning of the text and practical applications of the verses. This volume covers Genesis to Deuteronomy. Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Volume I, Pentateuch de wan boekoe foe 770 bladzij disi jepi froestan san da Bijbel wani taki. Da tekst komopo foe Da Bijbel na ini Sranantongo, en a loekoe foe Genesis te leki Deuteronomium. Wan skrifi de na ondro ibri pisi foe dem versi disi taki abra san da tekst wani taki, efoe fa wi kan pas hem toe na ini wi libi. Continue Reading Owroe Testamenti Commentaar Vo

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  • Israel In The New Testament


    Those who believe what the Bible teaches about God’s plans and purposes for the people and place of Israel are often accused of giving more time and attention to the Old Testament than the New, and there is some truth in this. Over 80% of the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament have been literally fulfilled. It is a simple matter of faith in God’s faithfulness to believe that he means what he says, and will do what he says he will do. This exciting new study reveals that both the people and the place called ‘Israel’ have a significant role in God’s future plans for world redemption. Five books of the New Testament are used here to illustrate this important truth. Continue Reading Israel In The New Testament

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  • Local Church Today (Student/Study Guide)


    This book is intended to help you better understand God’s glorious purpose in the Church and your individual part in that purpose. It will give you the vision from God’s perspective rather than man’s. Your faith will be strengthened to see the Church of Jesus Christ fulfill everything that God has purposed.

    Continue Reading Local Church Today (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Blood Of The Cross


    About The Author
    1. The Spirit And The Blood
    2. The Blood Of The Cross
    3. The Altar Sanctified By The Blood
    4. Faith In The Blood
    5. The Blood Of The Lamb
    6. The Blood-bought Multitude
    7. When I See The Blood
    8. Purchased By The Blood
    9. The Blood And The Trinity
    10. Washed In His Blood

    Additional Info
    He Shares the tremendous power that Christ’s blood has for each of us if we accept it as our rightful inheritance and rely upon it to protect and enable us to accomplish our purposes in God.
    Continue Reading Blood Of The Cross

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  • Holy Spirit


    The Holy Spirit is one of the central features of the Christian faith and this is an accessible book on this subject. It is suitable for study in lay groups as well as individual reading. Continue Reading Holy Spirit

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  • Prayer


    This is an introduction to the nature and meanings of prayer. It forms part of a series whose aim is to help Christians to think through their faith, looking at issues that arise in everyday life. Stephen Dawes asks what place prayer should have in the life of the Christian. Continue Reading Prayer

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  • Is There A God


    Many people today are perplexed about God. Some have become agnostics or atheists because they rejected outmoded ideas of God; others were brought up to believe in God, but as they grew older were not sure that such a belief was reasonable to hold in the current scientific climate; others hold on to faith but when challenged find it difficult to explain why they believe; and others have had religious experiences which make it impossible for them not to believe. This book should appeal to them all. Continue Reading Is There A God

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  • Parables : What The Bible Tells Us About Jesus Stories


    ‘Parables’ are stories Jesus told using characters and events familiar to his audience. But parables are a special kind of story and Jesus used them for his special purposes. William Barclay unlocks these stories, revealing the hidden depth and meaning.aaCutting through all the commercialism and superficiality that are increasingly typical of the great Christian events and themes, the Insights series brings the Bible vividly to life. Continue Reading Parables : What The Bible Tells Us About Jesus Stories

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  • Gospel Of Luke


    The Gospel according to Luke has been called the loveliest book in the world. As a Gentile, Luke has the distinction of being the only New Testament writer who was not Jewish. He was a doctor by profession – compassionate and kind, he saw people as they truly were. Luke saw men and women and loved them all for who they were.

    A gospel of distinct characteristics, Luke is all-inclusive – it is the Gospel for the Gentiles, the Gospel of Prayer, the Gospel of Women, the Gospel of Praise and the Gospel of the Poor.

    Millions of people, worldwide, love William Barclay’s endlessly fascinating ability to unlock and reveal the meaning of the New Testament in our daily life.

    Barclay breaks down the barriers to the ancient past, enabling the modern reader to understand fully what was really said in the New Testament. Familiar stories are given a startling twist that many readers say they find thrilling because they are brought face-to-face with the characters and the action. Another reason for their thrilling impact is simply that people are inspired by a truly great writer.

    With his wonderful communication skills and down-to-earth enthusiasm, Barclay brings hidden details into full view, enriching our appreciation of the entire New Testament and changing and deepening the meanings of many well-known stories. Continue Reading Gospel Of Luke

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  • Gospel Of Mark


    ‘Go into all the world and preach the goodness.’

    The Gospel of Mark shows us the reaction of the people to Jesus’ ministry. While making clear Jesus’ divinity, in Mark’s account we also see a very human and even emotional Jesus. The Gospel of Mark is regarded by some as perhaps the most realistic of all the gospels.

    William Barclay delves with fascination into the questions that fill this gospel and into this joyous account of the life and teachings of Jesus. He offers us insightful new perspective on some of the more difficult passages in Mark’s Gospel.

    It is commonly agreed that Mark was the first gospel to be written and Barclay’s interpretation opens its ancient teachings to Christians in the modern world.
    Continue Reading Gospel Of Mark

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  • Prayer : What The Bible Tells Us About Prayer (Reprinted)


    Insights series: short, simple and deeply insightful–Barclay’s guides bring the stories and key themes of the Bible vividly to life, setting the scene in fascinating context of place, culture and time. The William Barclay commentaries are absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t give up my set for anything. Steve Chalke It is as if he is so constantly excited by the subject matter that he hopes to infect the reader with his own sense of wonder at the riches which the Word of God has to offer. John Bell Continue Reading Prayer : What The Bible Tells Us About Prayer (Reprinted)

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  • Gods Young Church


    How did God’s young Church set out on its mission to make disciples of all nations? What was God’s challenge to those first members of the Christian faith?

    Three sections describe the Christian community in its early days; aspects of the Christian life; and outstanding men who travelled and taught in the hostile world of the Roman empire. At the heart of early Christianity were values and beliefs which will never age. Invaluable for individual or group Bible Study, these pages are filled with guidance for daily living. Continue Reading Gods Young Church

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  • Way Through The Darkness


    Church House Publisihing

    When faced with times of crisis or challenge, many people turn to self-help for support. But what about Christians – how can we find strength not merely in self-help but in God’s help’ A Way through the Wilderness is a five-session course which explores God’s promise to comfort his people as they struggle through life’s wildernesses. With extensive guidance for leaders as well as for group members, this is an inspiring choice for house, cell and Lent groups. Continue Reading Way Through The Darkness

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  • Breath Of Life


    The world began when God, the Creator of everything said, Let there be light. As the wonder of the world came to life with all its intricate beauty, the most miraculous moment had yet to become reality. That’s when God breathed into Adam and, with that one breath, shaped humanity. In this thoughtful and inspiring book, Daniel Kooman, the award-winning director of She Has A Name and Dream: Find Your Significance, shares the creation story in a way you have never experienced it before. Breath of Life examines three breaths from God that shaped humanity: The first breath that brought humanity to life; a second breath that redeemed humanity from sin; and a third breath that continues to shape the course of human history as we know it. Original and inspiring, it helps readers rethink something they take for granted every waking moment of the day: the very breath in their lungs. Continue Reading Breath Of Life

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  • Through The Bible In One Year


    A 52-Lesson Introduction to the 66 Books of the Bible

    For more than three decades, Through the Bible in One Year has brought greater insight into God’s Word to thousands of believers. Taking the reader completely through the Bible, book by book, this acclaimed learning tool spells out the progressive, step-by-step revelation of God’s will, shows how it has become manifest over the centuries, and explains how it affects believers’ lives today.

    With each study, the reader will learn…
    *How to identify major themes in each book of the Bible
    *How to memorize key Scriptures
    *How to recognize God’s central messages
    *How each book came into being and the role it plays in the Bible story

    By embarking on this yearlong journey, believers will see the Bible unfold as a beautiful, divinely inspired true story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end yet to come. And by embracing its themes and truths, they will be better prepared to meet life’s daily challenges. Continue Reading Through The Bible In One Year

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