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  • Great Adventure Catholic Bible


    The Great Adventure Bible makes the complexity of reading the Bible simple.

    The narrative approach gives the big picture of salvation history and shows how everything ties together. This is the only Bible that incorporates The Great Adventure’s color-coded Bible Timeline learning system, a system that has made The Great Adventure Bible study resources the most popular and influential in the English speaking world. The color-coded tools make it easy to read and easy to remember.

    This is a game changer. There has never been another Bible like it.

    How you’ll learn:
    *Color-coding for easy reference. Uses the popular Bible Timeline system that’s used by hundreds of thousands of Catholics to learn the Bible
    *Articles to help you understand the overarching story and important covenants that tie the entire Bible together.
    *Key event callouts to help you quickly identify important points in the Bible that ordinarily take readers a long time to find and categorize in their head.
    *Detailed charts giving a visual overview of important characters, key events, maps, major covenants, and historical context.
    *Newly Designed Full-Color Maps to help visualize Bible story locations.

    *A full-color Bible with a beautiful eye-catching design
    *Each book of the Bible is color-coded with printed tabs, indicating where it belongs within The Bible Timeline.
    *Twelve Timeline charts provide a visual overview of the Bible, including: important characters, *Key Events, geography, major covenants, world rulers, and contemporary events in secular history.
    *Twelve articles give a summary and explanation of each period of salvation history.
    *Seven articles introduce and explain the major covenants of salvation history, showing God’s amazing plan for humanity.
    *Seventy Key Event call-outs provide a brief description of the milestones in the biblical narrative.
    *Includes sixteen newly designed full-color maps.
    *The words of Jesus are printed in red.
    *Revised Standard Version – Second Catholic Edition.
    *Granted an Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat through the Archdiocese of Saint Paul & Minneapolis.
    *One complete book: this is the only Bible you will ever need.
    *Wide margins for note-taking. Continue Reading Great Adventure Catholic Bible

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