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  • Verse Mapping Bible Comfort Print


    Go beyond just reading the Bible.Verse mapping means getting real about studying the Bible. More than simply reading a verse or Scripture passage, verse mapping means using Bible study tools to research what you’ve just read in the Bible-to learn more about what God is saying to you and how you can apply his Word to your life today. In the NIV Verse Mapping Bible, author Kristy Cambron expands her verse mapping curriculum series to include verses from the entire Bible, showing you how to compare Bible translations, pick out meaningful words, and delve into the true meaning of each verse using starter verse maps and prompts. Verse mapping will help you study the historical context, transliteration, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse. This unique study technique includes exploring Hebrew and Greek word studies, finding connections in Scripture, comparing Bible translations, and learning as much as you can from your time in God’s Word. Verse mapping involves five steps:Choose: Select a verse and write it out.Compare: Record this verse in two or three other Bible translations and underline key words that are the same or different between translations.Research: Look up the Hebrew or Greek meaning for the underlined words and record it.Consider: Ask questions of the verse. Imagine what it would be like to have experienced what’s happening. Read the verses surrounding this verse and use other study tools to dig even deeper, if you prefer.Apply: What God is saying to you? How does this verse relate to your life today? Features:Full text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)Guided instructions on how verse mapping works, how to start, and how to get the most from your mapping350 partially completed verse maps with preselected verses in multiple Bible translations and helpful Hebrew or Greek word studiesIncludes directions on how to use the Reverse Interlinear feature in the Bible Gateway app to research the Greek and Hebrew translations for these 350 verses for freeMore than 70 blank verse maps for your own inductive Bible study journey66 book introductionsPresentation pageTopical indexTwo satin ribbon markersLeathersofta cover lays flat when openExclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort PrintA(R) typeface8-point print size Continue Reading Verse Mapping Bible Comfort Print

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  • Beautiful Word Bible Updated Edition


    Be drawn into God’s Word through a fresh, creative expression of the beautiful words of God.Now refreshed with 100 additional illustrations, a highly readable typeface, plus newly added peel and stick Bible book tabs, the NIV Beautiful Worda Bible, Updated Edition offers a one-of-a-kind visual treatment of Scripture for a more beautiful quiet time. Find even more beauty in the Word of God as you discover wisdom to sustain you in every season. Be drawn into the splendor of God’s Word with colorful, illustrated verse art and uplifting imagery that complements Scripture. As you reflect, fill the wide margins with your thoughts, journals, and artwork. Features include:Single-column text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)Peel and stick Bible book tabs 600 full-color illustrated versesWide margins and high-quality paper for notes, journal entries or artworkRibbon markerIndex of illustrated Scripture passages   Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Printatypeface9.9-point print size Continue Reading Beautiful Word Bible Updated Edition

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  • Radiant Virtues Bible A Beautiful Word Collection Comfort Print


    Explore the Virtues of Faith, Hope, and Love with the NIV Radiant Virtues Bible, a Beautiful Word Collection.Faith, hope, and love-the three virtues found in 1 Corinthians 13-are at the heart of the NIV Radiant Virtues Bible, inviting you to discover how they are woven through both the stories of the Bible and your own life. Art from the Beautiful Word collection, along with newly created verse art, all-new journaling prompts, weekly devotional readings and prayers, coloring pages, a reading plan, and more, guide you as you explore each virtue and its place in Scripture. Use the calendar pages in the front of the Bible, along with the 52-week guide, to travel through the Bible. Along the way, you’ll find key verse illustrations at the start of each book of the Bible, as well as highlighted verses to draw your attention to passages related to the virtues of faith, hope, and love, helping you see these themes throughout God’s Word. The ample journaling space offers plenty of room to record your own thoughts, reflections, and art. Perforated pages in the back of the Bible feature meaningful verses, allowing you to gift them to someone else or use them for your own daily inspiration. From beginning to end, the NIV Radiant Virtues Bible gives you everything you need to discover how the timeless virtues of faith, hope, and love relate to your daily life.As you read, enjoy a smooth reading experience with Zondervan’s exclusive NIV Comfort Print typeface, allowing you to extend your quiet time. Expertly designed for the New International Version (NIV) text, Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface delivers a smooth reading experience that complements the most widely read contemporary English Bible translation.Features:Full text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)Hundreds of highlighted Bible verses relate to the key themes of faith, hope, and love12 blank calendar pages on thicker paper for planning out a year of activities52-week guide, rotating weekly through the key themesEach week’s suggested activities include an encouraging devotional reading and prayer, a piece of coloring art for reflection, and a journaling prompt to help you dig deeper A Go-Further reading plan for the yearFull-color art throughout66 key verse illustrations, one at the beginning of each bookShareable full-color verse artwork on thicker paper with perforated edgesJournaling space throughoutDouble-column formatWords of Jesus in redTwo satin ribbon markersL Continue Reading Radiant Virtues Bible A Beautiful Word Collection Comfort Print

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  • Outdoorsman Bible Comfort Print


    The Field-Ready Cover Blends In but the Words Stand Out with Comfort Print Finally, a Bible you can read comfortably even under the dimly lit canopy of a forest. With Zondervan’s new Comfort Print, it’s never been easier to combine your love for God’s Word with your passion for the great outdoors.With a field-ready Lost Camo cover, the NIV Outdoorsman Bible conveniently lays flat when open. This frees your hands to stay on your gear without losing your place in a favorite Bible passage.The outdoor-themed articles inspire spiritual reflection and give you something meaningful to discuss when it’s time to regroup with your hunting party back at camp.Perfect for your backpack, lodge, hunting blind, or deer camp, the NIV Outdoorsman Bible, Lost Camo Edition is also a great gift for any outdoorsman in your life.Features:Full text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV)Field-ready Lost Camo cover lays flat when open26 outdoor-themed articles for spiritual reflectionPart of every purchase goes to LOST Camo , which supports missionaries around the worldIncludes The Salvation Poem by Matt and Sherry McPherson Words of Jesus in redNow available in the exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print typeface9.4-point print size Continue Reading Outdoorsman Bible Comfort Print

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