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  • Bedtime Devotions With Jesus Bible


    Invite your children into the big story of God’s love for them . . .If you want to introduce your child to the Bible but wonder where to start, the Bedtime Devotions with Jesus Bible is here to help!Containing more than half of the text of Scripture, with selections from both the Old and New Testaments, this special Bible will help your little one learn the story of God’s love for them-through the actual words of Scripture.Plus, 100 devotionals from trusted pastors and leaders help connect the Bible with the hopes, concerns, and questions your children have and will equip you to share the Good News with them. Continue Reading Bedtime Devotions With Jesus Bible

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  • Tommy Nelsons Brave Girl Devotional Bible


    Be Bold. Be Brave in Your Faith! Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls brand now offers a full text Bible for girls ages 7 to 11 to help them grow into young women who are confident and secure in Christ. Tommy Nelson’s Brave Girls Devotional Bible is a wonderful new Bible created just for girls ages 7 to 10 that strives to pour the love and truth of God’s Word into their lives. This Bible will equip them with the knowledge they need to grow into young women who are confident and secure in Christ. The 240 articles will introduce girls to the five main characters of the Tommy Nelson Brave Girls brand-Gracie, Faith, Glory, Honor, and Hope, as they all connect at church to build friendships and learn about God. Each character has inspiring traits that all girls can identify with as these friends learn about God’s grace, love, faithfulness, friendship, encouragement, peace, strength, mercy, charity, and guidance. Continue Reading Tommy Nelsons Brave Girl Devotional Bible

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  • Sequin Bible


    A fun sparkly and shiny Bible for little girls embellished with sequins…Cute to carry and easy to read!

    A full sized Bible in the International Children’s Bible(R) translation, the Bible kids can read and understand! This adorable Bible is bound in floral fabric and embellished with shiny sparkly sequins! The cover will invite other little girls to ask what kind of Bible is that? and the owner can show her sparkly shiny Bible, thus sharing the light of Jesus. Inside, the Bible will have four sweet full color presentation pages in the front, a dictionary/concordance in the back, and the full texts of the Old and New Testaments.

    Now your little girl can enjoy having a fun sparkly Bible to take to church and Sunday School. Continue Reading Sequin Bible

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  • Precious Moments Bible


    Truly a best-selling children’s Bible for young heart with over 14 million copies sold! Whimsicalandnostalgic Precious Moments characters delight little hearts! Thisfull-color hardcover includes Precious Moments illustrations infull-text International Children’s Bible translation. Available inpink for girls and blue forboys!The Precious Moments brand was created by artist Sam Butcher over 30 years ago, and has touched the lives of millions throughout the world. What started as heartfelt, hand-drawn greeting cards for family and friends, was translated into porcelain figurines featuring teardrop-eyed children and became the #1 selling collectible brand. Precious Moments serves as a symbol of the emotions experienced during life’s milestones including weddings, births, and christenings, in addition to special everyday moments. Continue Reading Precious Moments Bible

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  • Really Woolly Holy Bible


    SKU (ISBN): 9781400312238Translation: International Childrens VersionLanguage: EnglishColors: Blue and WhiteBinding: Duo-ToneFont size: 7Presentation BiblePublished: May 2008Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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  • Glitter Wings


    A full text Bible in the International Children’s Bible translation that is just the right size for young hands. The special binding style offers girls a compact and cool look to carry their Bible to church, school, or on-the-go. It’s durable, fun, and great for girls of all ages! Special features include: flora-color pallette, sparkle wings, beaded jeweled handle. Continue Reading Glitter Wings

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