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  • Be Angry But Dont Blow It


    Move from destructive to constructive anger; recapture the healthy passion God wants you to have! Bevere shows women how to say things so they’ll be heard; move beyond apologies into genuine confession; and find forgiveness. Using scriptural truths, practical examples, and the power of prayer, she’ll teach you to effectively channel your emotions.
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  • Way With Words


    A gifted communicator gives practical and biblical guidance to women of all ages in how to choose their words wisely and use their influence for the good of others. Women have a way with words. A woman’s strength, influence, and ability to change the world for better-in every season and in every relationship-lies in the words she speaks each day. But with that God-given power comes the need to use it wisely, and this book provides both biblical and practical guidance to that end. In A Way with Words, author and veteran speaker Christin Ditchfield challenges women to embrace God’s gift of words and to think carefully about how they use it. She looks at twelve timeless principles as she calls all women to examine their hearts, recognize when words are their weapon of choice, and learn how to steward this blessing to bring life, healing, and encouragement. Each chapter includes wisdom from influential women throughout history and a Bible study for individuals and small groups. Continue Reading Way With Words

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  • Lioness Arising : Awaken Your Prowess And Change Your World (Unabridged)


    In Lioness Arising, Lisa Bevere inspires women of all ages to wake up to what God is stirring in their hearts, revealing that women, like the female lion, can rise up in prowess and impact their world. Drawing remarkable insights from scripture, Lisa Bevere motivates and challenges women to rise up like the lioness, in fierce courage, strength, power, and dignity–to make a difference in their world. Continue Reading Lioness Arising : Awaken Your Prowess And Change Your World (Unabridged)

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  • Declaraciones Diarias De Guerr (Unabridged)


    Derrote al diablo y sus demonios… todos los dias del ao.

    Con la misma autoridad y el estilo declarativo del libro Oraciones que derrotan a los demonios, esta guia diaria le dara la inspiracion, el entendimiento, y la direccion para confrontar ataduras demoniacas.

    Cada texto esta narrado desde el punto de vista de Dios, lo que le da el poder y la sabiduria para orar ya sea por sus necesidades o las de otros. Cada dia incluye:

    -Mi llamado a la batalla
    -Sabiduria y consejeria desde la perspectiva de Dios sobre un tema especifico
    -Oracion de declaracion
    -Una oracion basada en la escritura y la oportunidad para identificar a alguien por quien orar
    -Palabra de Dios
    -Un versiculo biblico enfocado en el asunto del dia

    Please note: This audiobook is in Spanish. Continue Reading Declaraciones Diarias De Guerr (Unabridged)

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