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Science and Faith

Science and Faith

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  • Replacing Darwin : The New Origin Of Species


    Since Darwin’s On the Origin of Species was published in 1859, entirely new fields of science have been born and matured – fields which hold the keys to the origin of species. But what if Darwin was looking at the same evidence today using modern science; would his conclusions be the same? With a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from Harvard, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is uniquely qualified to investigate what genetics reveals about origins, and has released his findings in the book Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species. Replacing Darwin offers a revolutionary approach to the study of origins with a potential impact as big as Darwin’s. Continue Reading Replacing Darwin : The New Origin Of Species

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  • Heavens Declare 1


    1. Asking the Big Questions
    2. Growth of Modern Astronomy
    3. Disagreement about Origins
    4. Worldview Determines Conclusions
    5. Choosing Between Two Worldviews
    6. Historical & Operational Science
    7. The Laws of Nature
    8. Sticking Points to Big Bang
    9. Are We Made of Stardust?
    10. Addressing Key Factors
    11. Why Does Everything Exist?
    12. What Are We Here?

    Additional Info
    This episode introduces the entire series about origins and the two competing worldviews; the biblical and a naturalistic worldviews. The experts address several scientific challenges to the Big Bang, but also focus on the naturalistic view as a philosophy rather than just data. Finally, the experts focus on the implications and human response to each worldview. A simple Gospel message is shared and viewers are encouraged to choose the Biblical worldview.


    1. Dr. Danny Faulkner, Answers in Genesis
    2. Dr. Jason Lisle, Institute for Creation Research
    3. Dr. Russ Humpreys, Creation Research Society
    4. Dr. Don DeYoung, Grace College, CRS
    5. Spike Psarris

    Bonus Features

    * Behind the Scenes
    * Awesome Science Media
    * Interview with Mike Oard
    * Interview with Kyle Justice
    * Vision for the series
    * Contacting the Scientists
    * Planning out the series
    * Shooting the interviews
    * Writing the episodes
    * Shooting Host Segments
    * Editing
    * Graphics
    * Episode Specific
    * Conclusion Continue Reading Heavens Declare 1

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  • Searching For The Truth On Origins


    DVD 1
    1. Creation: Foundation of the Christian Faith
    2. Origin of Universe, Solar System, and Earth
    3. Origin and Progression of Life
    4. Complexity of Life

    DVD 2
    5. Evolution View of the History of Life
    6. The Bible: Origin and History of Life
    7. Origin of Man: Evolution View
    8. Origin and History of Man: Creation View

    DVD 3
    9. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually Part I
    10. Impact of Evolution: Morally and Spiritually Part II
    11. Rising Interest in the Supernatural
    12. Creation Evangelism Part I

    DVD 4
    13. Creation Evangelism Part II
    14. Overview: Searching for the Truth on Orgins

    Additional Info
    Lighthouse Trails Publication

    The controversy surrounding the origin and history of life has always triggered heated debate between supporters of the two opposing views . . . Creation and Evolution. How and when did life begin? Is life the result of random processes that occurred over millions of years, or was life designed by a Creator? Is there a definitive record of evolutionary change found in the fossil record? Or does the fossil record support the Genesis account that life was created and later destroyed by a global catastrophic event? Has man evolved from brute ape-like creatures with fossil evidence providing a complete lineage, or has man always been man, made in the image of God as the Bible states? Evolutionists claim their beliefs are scientific and accurate, proclaiming their theory as an indisputable fact. Creationists maintain their perspective is logical and can be supported by the observable evidence. Searching for the Truth on Origins by Roger Oakland will answer your questitons about origins based on the facts. Further, the series reveals the impact of the evolutionary view on human morality and spirituality from a biblical point of view. It also provides insight about the role evolution plays in preparing the world for the future as foretold in the Bible. Finally, the series concludes by explaining how the evidence for creation can be used as an evangelistic tool. Continue Reading Searching For The Truth On Origins

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  • Living Fossils : Episode 2


    Based on the popular book series Evolution: The Grand Experiment by Dr. Carl Werner

    Did dinosaurs live with modern plants (apple trees, sassafras trees, roses, and rhododendrons and modern animals (ducks, dogs, possums, and humans) thousands of years ago, as the story of creation suggests? Or did dinosaurs live at a remote time, millions of years ago, with other extinct, strange, and unusual animals, as the theory of evolution suggests?

    Dr. Carl Werner traveled 160,000 miles to find the answer, visiting 10 dinosaur dig sites and 60 natural history museums. To his surprise, he found examples of all of the major plant divisions and all of the major animal phyla groups living today, fossilized alongside the dinosaurs.

    The biggest discovery Dr. Werner made was that some of the most important fossils were not displayed in any of the museums he visited. Have natural history museums withheld these critical fossils from their public displays, fossils that would place the theory of evolution in jeopardy?

    This DVD has the feel of a PBS documentary, with British narrator Andres Williams, and contains spectacular underwater footage of Dr. Werner diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, plus footage from dinosaur dig sites in Europe and North America.

    Filmed over 13 years on three continents and eight countries including many active dinosaur dig sites, museums and universities.

    Plays in all regions throughout the world.

    English | For family viewing | Running Length 53:00 | Subtitles Eng/Span Continue Reading Living Fossils : Episode 2

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  • Science And The God Question


    Many Christians maintain that their faith has – in addition to spiritual and moral power – an intellectual power that is not at war with authentic scientific inquiry. Still, among the places where Christianity and culture intersect, the science-religion debate is unquestionably a dangerous intersection.

    A war is taking place. But is it a war between science and Christianity or has science become a weapon in a larger cultural battle?

    Through interviews at the University of Oxford and in Birmingham, Alabama, two of the best minds of science and theology provide unique insights on how this debate applies to every Christian and why it has profound influence at every level of society. Continue Reading Science And The God Question

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