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  • Nature And Name Of Love


    Introduction And Acknowledgements
    1. Has Religion A Future?
    2. Religion In The Christian West
    3. Living Religion Today
    4. The Heart Of Religion
    5. The Power Of The Truth
    6. Journeys End In Lovers’ Meeting

    Additional Info
    Here is lively and challenging book for the intelligent enquirer who may wonder what all the fuss about religion has been! The author writes for people who believe that there is more to life than meets the eye, but who find the exclusive beliefs and practices of many religious people repellent and unconvincing. The book attempts to rescue religion as an inclusive phenomenon, which can bring people together to work for the flourishing of life on earth. It doesn’t avoid questions of truth, as many such attempts do. Readers may not agree with the book’s argument and conclusions. Nevertheless, they will be challenged to ask themselves: if not this, what interpretation of religion is best placed to humanize and divinize us? Continue Reading Nature And Name Of Love

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  • Thank You For Talking About Me


    In his new book, ‘Thank You For Talking About Me’, Bill Adkins outlines how to biblically deal with personal attacks – by thanking the attackers.
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  • National Sunday Law (Reprinted)


    National Sunday Law explains exactly who the beast is, what the image of the beast is, and what the mark of the beast is. A fascinating book and a must for anyone in search of the truth. National Sunday Law is less than 100 pages with medium size print, a very quick read. National Sunday Law was first published in 1983 and is now in its 100th printing with 34.4 million in print. Continue Reading National Sunday Law (Reprinted)

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