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Category: Philosophy


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  • Art Of War


    It is not too often one can read or listen to a 2600 year-old book and know that it still has relevance and importance today. The Art of War has long been considered not only a military classic, but a classic book in general. Sun Tzu’s treatise on various aspects and components of wartime strategy is highly recommended for insight into the Eastern mindset and military planning. It also can apply to business, legal and educational situations as well. Continue Reading Art Of War

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  • Espiritu De Matirio


    Audio book presenting power and hope in Christian martyrdom. It provides tools to overcome terrorism with transformation and answers to such questions as: What is the difference between Islamic and Biblical martyrdom? and/or Why is martyrdom the key to understanding Islamic terrorism? True stories related will bring challenge, inspiration and hope in these precarious days. Continue Reading Espiritu De Matirio

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