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  • Biblical Role Of Elders


    Healthy leadership teams produce healthy churches! This material can help you strengthen your team. Included in this series are the New Testament leadership principles to train elders to provide protection, direction and correction in the local church. Taught by Larry Kreider, Ron Myer and Brian Sauder.

    Includes twelve topics:

    1. The Need for Biblical Leadership
    2. Qualifications for Eldership
    3. Responsibilities of Elders
    4. Fields of Ministry & New Testament Decision-making
    5. The Process of Appointing Elders
    6. Practical Nuts and Bolts of Eldership
    7. Apostles, Elders, the Fivefold Ministry, and Deacons
    8. How Elders Stay Healthy
    9. Elders: Called to be Armor Bearers
    10. The Elder as a Spiritual Parent, Raising Sons and Daughters
    11. Resolving Conflict and the Process of Discipline and Restoration
    12. Passing the Eldership Tests
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  • LEAD Personality Inventory Audio Album


    An in-depth study of the unique characteristics of each type of personality. Four dominant types include Leader, Expressor, Analyst, Dependable. Learning about these personality types will help you better understand yourself, your family members, your coworkers, your church family, your business partners, etc. Your entire church will benefit from gaining a complete knowledge and understanding of each member’s unique personality type. Find out what motivates or demotivates them, and how they are most/least effective.

    Includes: one L-E-A-D Personality Inventory and 5 CDs containing audio instruction and teaching on the different personality types, taught by Dr. Walt Lacey. Continue Reading LEAD Personality Inventory Audio Album

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