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  • Joyful Mystery : Field Notes Toward A Green Thomism


    The gift of this beautiful earth is not to be ignored or regretted; instead, this world is the central setting in which the Christian life is to be attentively lived and faithfully pursued.

    Regard for creation and its creatures has been a perennial part of Christian spirituality for centuries. In more recent decades it has been the special concern of Catholic social teaching. Yet many Catholics today are unfamiliar with this aspect of Church thought. And until the splendor of creation is recovered, the path to a vibrant Catholic culture seems cut off.

    The Joyful Mystery seeks to revive the Church’s practice of integral ecology and encourages a deeper awareness of the presence of God, the Creator and Lord of the universe. In it, author Christopher Thompson draws from the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Green Thomism he inspires in contemporary life. Readers will come away moved by the presence of God manifest in his glorious cosmos and be drawn to integral ecology as a spiritual response. Continue Reading Joyful Mystery : Field Notes Toward A Green Thomism

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  • Fundamentos Para Una Etica Bib


    En medio de una sociedad que ha fijado su rumbo hacia la libertad individual en terminos absolutos, a cualquier coste, aunque ello conlleve el abandonado toda tipo de valores, la Iglesia se levanta como un postrer bastion en la defensa de un sistema estructurado de conceptos eticos de responsabilidad personal. Partiendo de una defensa de los principios cristianos como fuente de valores eticos validos para la sociedad actual, los autores plantean respuestas cristianas a los problemas mas acuciantes de nuestro mundo postmoderno: economicos, sociales, etnicos y politicos. Exponen tambien los elementos fundamentales de la realidad de la vida y los principios biblicos necesarios para equilibrarla en todas sus areas. Y analizan, una a una, las bases doctrinales de la fe y sus implicaciones eticas en las distintas facetas del comportamiento humano. Continue Reading Fundamentos Para Una Etica Bib

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  • Sharing Gods Planet


    The earth is ailing and human beings are responsible. This report explores the causes and consequences of human damage to the environment and suggests how Christians can respond. It argues that to perceive the earth as alien and inert matter to be exploited is fundamentally wrong. Human beings are part of God’s one whole creation in which they have a unique role, as does every other bit of creation. Sharing God’s Planet outlines: The development of thinking that permitted environmental disfigurement The levels and effect of human activity in the atmosphere, the water systems of the earth, the soil and the world of living organisms Biblical and theological perspectives to underpin a Christian ecological theology. This book contributed to the Synod debate on climate change in February 2005. It includes practical exercises, discussion points and activities for individuals and churches. Continue Reading Sharing Gods Planet

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  • Weaving The Tapestry Of Moral Judgement


    Weaving the Tapestry of Moral Judgement is a new and challenging introduction to the subject of Christian Ethics. The author invites readers to look at what informs the moral and ethical choices and decisions we make and what kind of people we seek to be. Coming from a distinctly liberal position himself, the author introduces a number of different approaches to making moral decisions and judgments, from different secular and Christian perspectives. In the second half of the book, he focuses on a number of specific ethical issues such as sexuality, the environment and assisted death. Harrod argues that we make moral decisions first and foremost as human beings and do so in a context that is shaped by factors such as different philosophical traditions and other world religions. Written in a witty and engaging style, the author seeks to enable his readers to engage with a wide range of different approaches, and thereby to become competent in developing their own positions. Continue Reading Weaving The Tapestry Of Moral Judgement

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  • Se Integro


    The author presents the need for balance between character and anointing in ministry
    Continue Reading Se Integro

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  • Etica En El Lugar De Grabajo


    Why do we need a book to teach Christians about ethics at work? We go to church, read our Bible every day, so we should have this ethics thing worked out, right? To some extent, this is true. But many of the ethical conflicts and dilemmas that we face each day don’t fit nicely into our Christian way of thinking. Sure, we can turn away from evil, but how does that Sunday sermon help us when we’re being harassed, pressured to cut corners, asked to make insider deals and work with those who share different values from ours in an ethically challenged environment all day? We can’t just tune out the world or find a passage of scripture to tell us what to do. Learning how to deal with ethical dilemmas at work is a skill that requires forethought and practice. We need to be quick with a solution to ethical problems but also be able to demonstrate our Christian character as a witness to others. Often times, there is much more to refusing unethical requests than simply saying no. The old saying, It’s not what you say, but how you say it is especially true for Christians. When we take a stand for what is right, we show a crystal clear example to everyone of how a Christian behaves under pressure. Combining our knowledge of God’s principles with practical workplace ethical decision-making and communication skills gives us an edge that will make us shine brightly in a morally dim world. Consider your ministry potential at work. You spend roughly a third of your life at work. The fact is, you will make either a positive or a negative impression on every one of your coworkers by the everyday decisions you make and the words you say. Making no impression at all is not an option. Your coworkers will pass judgement on you and then possibly assume that other Christians are like this as well. The workplace provides a wonderful opportunity to touch many lives for Christ, that we may not regularly choose to associate with. To many of us, work might simply be a paycheck. But to God our work is our mission field. He expects us to be good witnesses and behave as a human extension of Him. As you read and study this book I hope you will make it a spiritual journey. Don’t rush through it. Stop after each chapter devotional and spend some time in prayer. Hold a pencil in your hand and write your thoughts as you go. Make this the start of a transformation of your work and life. Continue Reading Etica En El Lugar De Grabajo

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  • Etica En El Lugar De Trabajo M


    This Spanish language book provides a handbook for Christian ethics in the workplace. It includes practical advice, solid Christian principles, and relevant scriptures. No matter what your job, this book gives you the practical skills you need to stand up and do the right thing. Continue Reading Etica En El Lugar De Trabajo M

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