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Death and Dying

Death and Dying

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  • Father Please Let Him Live


    Jodi Manfred

    A true story of unthinkable tragedy and shattered dreams that led the author to find purpose in the pain after her husband suffered a massive brain stroke on his 39th birthday. As the doctors told her to tell her husband goodbye, she found God on the floor of ICU Room #79, crying out, Father, please let him live. Continue Reading Father Please Let Him Live

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  • Secret We Are Dying To Know


    We often explain DEATH to children by telling them that the DEPARTED have gone to heaven, but is that really what the Bible teaches? Scripture makes clear that not everything about the AFTERLIFE has been revealed to us and must remain a secret to those left behind. This book is a wonderful gift for children and adults who have suffer in LOSS. Continue Reading Secret We Are Dying To Know

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  • En El Umbral De La Muerte


    En mi labor de pastor evangelico, muchas veces he tenido que asistir a personas poco antes de su muerte. Mas o menos les habia hablado en los siguientes terminos: No tengas miedo; el Seor esta a tu lado; de la misma manera que has confiado en el desde que eres creyente, pon tu fe en el ahora; el no te abandonara ni te decepcionara, sino que cumplira sus promesas de salvacion y vida eterna… Todo esto habia intentado comunicarlo a otros pero, al decirselo, surgia dentro de mi esta pregunta: Y tu? Como te comportaras cuando llegue tu hora? Seras capaz de responder con la misma fe que intentas inculcar a los demas? Mi roce con la muerte me ha conducido posteriormente a meditar mas que nunca sobre la naturaleza de la misma. Las paginas que siguen son el fruto de mis meditaciones. No es que revelen nada nuevo u original sobre la muerte; pero al menos, lo que antes no era mas que teoria para mi, ahora se escribe desde un punto de vista experimental. No es, por supuesto, la experiencia de alguien que ha conocido la muerte, sino la de una persona altamente consciente de su mortalidad y que ahora afronta la vida como si cada nuevo dia fuera una propina de Dios.

    In the course of my ministry as a pastor I have often found myself counselling people facing death. Don’t be afraid, was my staple phrase on such occasions, the Lord is with you. In the same way you have always trusted Him, you can trust Him now, in the confidence that he will not let you down. He will certainly fulfil all His promises of salvation and eternal life. That was the message I always tried to put across. But, come to think of it, what about me? How will I react when confronted likewise? Will I trust the Lord deploying the same confidence? My brushes with death have made me think seriously and honestly about the nature of death. The following pages are the outcome of it all. Not that I claim to tout a novel truth on the issue, and not, of course, that my experience is first-hand. But I can with all honesty say that I am now thoroughly aware of it as a crushing reality, and that every single day in my life, past and present, is but a gratuitous gift from God. Continue Reading En El Umbral De La Muerte

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  • Hope For Hurting Hearts


    Life is Fragile. But Hope in Christ Lasts Forever.

    The Bible calls human life a vapor. A mist. A wisp of fog. A flower that springs up in the morning and fades away by mid-afternoon. We like to think we have years to pursue our goals, raise our families, and make a difference in the world. But we just don’t know. The fact is, our stay on earth is really very brief. And when a loved one unexpectedly steps out of this life into eternity, it shakes us to the core. We ask ourselves: Is heaven real? Will I see him will I see her again? Will we be together again? How can I know for sure?

    In these pages, Pastor Greg Laurie shares candidly about his own heartbreak over the sudden departure of his son Christopher to heaven and offers comfort to bruised hearts and a hope that will sustain us through this life and beyond. Continue Reading Hope For Hurting Hearts

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  • God Gave Us Heaven


    Little Cub awakens one morning with some important questions on her mind. What is heaven like? How do we get there? Will we eat in heaven? Will we be angels?

    During a delightful day spent wandering their arctic world, Papa gently answers each question, assuring Little Cub that heaven is a wonderful place, a million times better than she can imagine. He explains how God has made a way for those who love Him to enter their heavenly home forever after their lives on earth are over.

    Through captivating, full-color illustrations and tender, biblically sound storytelling, young readers and those who love them will find reasons to rejoice in knowing that God gave us heaven. Continue Reading God Gave Us Heaven

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  • Voluntad De Vivir


    Archbishop Jose Gomes, renowned expert on death and dying issues, explains what every Catholic needs to know in order to effectively and morally prepare for the inevitable death of our loved ones and even ourselves. With changing values and modern medical technologies to deal with, this booklet explains how to approach end-of-life issues and prepare for death in a way consistent with our Catholic faith. You will learn the answers to these important issues and more: What dignified death means to a Catholic. Why euthanasia, even if well intended, is murder. What the culture of life really means. Whether a Catholic should have a living will . Which medical practices are immoral. Pope John Paul II s criteria for ordinary vs. extraordinary means. What is morally mandated for palliative care.
    Continue Reading Voluntad De Vivir

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  • Tell Me About My Mommy


    ‘Tell Me About My Mommy’ by Annette Destafano is a journal for children and youth who have lost one or both of their parents and are searching for ways to deal with the pain and sorrow that accompany such a loss.
    Continue Reading Tell Me About My Mommy

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  • Tell Me About My Daddy


    ‘Tell Me About My Daddy’ by Annette Destafano is a journal for children and youth who have lost one or both of their parents and are searching for ways to deal with the pain and sorrow that accompany such a loss.
    Continue Reading Tell Me About My Daddy

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  • Journey


    The the death of your closest loved one is a traumatic, life-changing event. You are not alone. Allow God to be your strength and salvation on the ‘journey’ of your healing process. Continue Reading Journey

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  • Sleepng Angel : A True Story Of A Mother Of A Stillborn Baby


    ‘Sleeping Angel’ is a book that can help mothers of stillborn babies and people close to them in the midst of this devastating experience.
    Continue Reading Sleepng Angel : A True Story Of A Mother Of A Stillborn Baby

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