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Church History

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  • Personal Narrative Of Jonathan Edwards And His 70 Resolutions (Unabridged)


    This audiobook details some of the most important writings in the life of Jonathan Edwards. His personal conversion story is intense as he describes the sense of glory that permeated his soul. Edwards also details his January 1723 dedication in which he offered all of himself without restriction or regard to his own life. The 70 resolutions of Jonathan Edwards were written over a year time period, and Edwards read them on a weekly basis. Continue Reading Personal Narrative Of Jonathan Edwards And His 70 Resolutions (Unabridged)

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  • Handels Messiah : Comfort For Gods People


    Handel’s oratorio Messiah is a phenomenon with no parallel in music history. No other work of music has been so popular for so long. Yet familiarity can sometimes breed contempt – and also misunderstanding. This book by music expert Calvin Stapert will greatly increase understanding and appreciation of Handel’s majestic Messiah, whether readers are old friends of this remarkable work or have only just discovered its magnificence. Stapert provides fascinating historical background, tracing not only Messiah’s unlikely inception but also its amazing reception throughout history. The bulk of the book offers scene-by-scene musical and theological commentary on the whole work, focusing on the way Handel’s music beautifully interprets and illuminates the biblical text. For anyone seeking to appreciate Handel’s Messiah more, this informed yet accessible guide is the book to have and read. Continue Reading Handels Messiah : Comfort For Gods People

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  • Drive By Church History


    Drive By Church History. Zoom through 21 centuries of YOUR history in 47 super short lectures.

    True or false?
    The church didn’t invent the doctrine of the Trinity until the fourth century.
    The office of the papacy has always been established.
    The crusades were motivated by greed.

    If you answered true to any of those statements, you are in for a very pleasant surprise (unless you happen to be an angry atheist). Drive by Church History will take you on a 21 century tour that will equip you to know and teach the truth of church history.

    Drive By Church History is broken up into four memorable acts:
    Act I: Establishing the Foundations. Centuries 1-5
    Act II: Wandering from the Truth. Centuries 6- 15
    Act III Reforming. Centuries 16 -18
    Act IV: Defending the Truth. Centuries 19-21

    Drive By Church History is perfect for:
    * Personal study.
    * Family study.
    * Responding to atheist accusations.

    Drive By Church History is His Story, Our Story and Your Story. After 47 short lectures,
    you will know this history and be well equipped to defend it. Continue Reading Drive By Church History

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