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Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries

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  • Mastering Womens Ministry


    From Bible studies to baby-sitting, from visiting the sick to exercise groups, from funeral dinners to improvement classes, from serving communion to being a greeter, this guide demonstrates ways in which women can serve using their own areas of giftedness. It presents a fair way of organizing so that no one person or group of people is overworked. Any size church can employ the guidelines in this resource and reap the benefits of involving many more women in service and leadership than ever before.

    Includes: 50-page how-to guide for local women’s ministries, sample letters and forms, women’s ministries survey, audio-recorded introduction by Kathy Slamp (on CDs), and more! Continue Reading Mastering Womens Ministry

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  • Moving Believers From Membership To Ministry To Maturity


    SKU (ISBN): 9781570522567Dave Earley | Steve BenningerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2014Publisher: Four Ministries

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  • 7th Trumpet And The Seven Thunders


    We interpret much of the Old Testament in light of the New Testament, but the keys to the signs and symbols of the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ are found in the Old Testament. This is where we discover the message of the seventh trumpet. It will sound along with the previous six trumpets on the last day, but the Lord has been sounding this message throughout all of history. The trumpet symbolizes the direct voice of God and the gospel of redemption. It was blown to warn of danger and announce that there is shelter and protection in God.

    So what does the Lord require of us so that we may participate in His plan of redemption?

    In this book, you’ll discover:
    * Cross-referenced scriptures unveiling the definition of the seventh trumpet and seven thunders.
    * How trials, tribulation, and adversity are used by God to develop our spiritual eyesight
    * Incredible symbolism concerning Noah, the Ark, and God’s plan for us today.
    * Insights concerning the altar, blood, and communion with God.
    * Revealing details of Leviathan and our current government and institutions.
    * Scripture references indicating widespread false new births and spiritual abortions, and what a genuine new birth looks like.
    * God’s requirements for individuals in order to escape the day of wrath.

    The Seventh Trumpet will help you connect the dots, bringing end times Bible prophecy and all that is involved into clearer light. The antichrist, rapture of the church, second coming of Jesus and predictions concerning the end of the world will all make more sense.
    Continue Reading 7th Trumpet And The Seven Thunders

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  • Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)


    l estimado autor, Denver Sizemore, escribio tres libros de este mismo estilo para dar a conocer enseanza fundamental de la fe cristiana. Originalmente publicados bajo los titulos,Trece lecciones de doctrina biblica, Joyas de la doctrina cristiana y Sana doctrina, ahora se llaman en espaol Lecciones de doctrina biblica, tomos 1, 2 y 3.
    Cada una de las 12 lecciones va acompaado de preguntas. Las lecciones tocan temas como la gracia, entendiendo el sufrimiento, la resurreccion de Cristo, entre otros.

    The esteemed author, Denver Sizemore, wrote three books with the same style to teach basic ?Christian doctrine. Originally in Spanish these titles were published under the names Trece lecciones de doctrina biblica, Joyas de la doctrina cristiana y Sana doctrina (13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine, Gems of Christian Doctrine and Sound Doctrine) . Now in Spanish they are titled Lecciones de doctrina biblica, tomos 1,2 y 3.
    Each of the 12 lessons include questions. The lessons touch on subjects such as grace, understanding suffering, the resurrection of Christ, among others. Continue Reading Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)


    Este volumen, anteriormente titulado Joyas de doctrina biblica ahora viene en formato nuevo. Es un texto de estudio ideal para grupos o para enriquecimiento personal que sigue despues del libro Lecciones de doctrina biblica, tomo 1 (que anteriormente se publico bajo el titulo Trece lecciones de doctrina biblica).

    Bosquejo al principio de cada leccion.
    Nuevo y practico tamao que facilita el estudio.
    Abundantes preguntas al terminar cada leccion. Examenes al final.

    This volume, previously titled Joyas de doctrina biblica (Gems of Bible Doctrine) is now available in a new format. It is a study book, ideal for groups or for personal enrichment. It is a follow-up volume to the book Lecciones de doctrina biblica, tomo 1 (which was previously published under the title of Trece lecciones de doctrina biblica).

    There is an overview at the beginning of each lesson.
    It is now in a new and practical size that facilitates the study.
    There are abundant questions at the end of each lesson and final exams.

    Continue Reading Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)

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  • Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)


    Miles de estudiantes de la Biblia se han beneficiado de este utilisimo libro en el transcurso de varios aos. Cubre los temas basicos de la enseanza cristiana con una presentacion clara y facil de seguir.
    Este libro esta diseado especialmente para impartir clases a los nuevos convertidos: en el encontrara el estudio fundamental que le contestara muchas preguntas. Es adecuado tambien para ser usado como libro de texto, para evangelizar al que esta interesado en el cristianismo neotestamentario.
    Cada leccion viene bosquejada, a fin de facilitar el estudio, e incluye preguntas y examenes.

    Over many years now thousands of students of the Bible have benefited from this highly useful book. It covers the themes of basic Christian teaching in a way that is clear and easy to follow.
    This book is designed especially for classes of new converts: in it you will find a fundamental study that will answer many of your questions. It is also appropriate to be used as a textbook to evangelize for those who are interested in New Testament Christianity.
    Each lesson comes outlined in a way that makes for an easier study and it includes questions and exams to go along with the lessons. Continue Reading Lecciones De Doctrina Biblica (Student/Study Guide)

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